Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Best Thing In Town

Not that the majority of Blog Land will know any of these people, but since I talked about it before, I figured I should follow through and post the results of my Work Superlatives. And I swear on Brad Pitt that I didn't alter any of the outcomes. Nor did I stack any votes. So, without further adieu:


Guy: Shane (Honorable mentions: Brendan, Steven*)

Girl: Scarlet (Honorable mentions: Osa)

Best Dressed:

Guy: Chad (Honorable mentions: Calvin, Steven)

Girl: Scarlet (Honorable mentions: Allison, Lisa, Rebecca)

Best Eyes:

Guy: Chad (Honorable mentions: Gregory, Steven, Shane)

Girl: Scarlet (Honorable mentions: Katie, Melanie)

Best Hair:

Guy: Brendan (Honorable mentions: Bradley, Steven)

Girl: Scarlet (Honorable mentions: Jessica, Rachel)

Most Likely To Succeed:

Guy: Steven (Honorable mention: Chris)

Girl: Katie (Honorable mention: Lisa)

Most Likely To Be Famous:

Guy: Bradley (Honorable mentions: Brendan, Robin)

Girl: Lisa (Honorable mention: Scarlet)

Class Clown:

Guy: Robin (Honorable mention: Shane)

Girl: Serena (Honorable mention: Monique)

Most Talkative:

Guy: Robin (Honorable mentions: Geoff, Chris)

Girl: Katie (Honorable mention: Scarlet)

Most Likely To Hook Up/Date: TIED



Most Serious:

Guy: Ben (Honorable mentions: Robin, Geoff)

Girl: Lauren (Honorable mention: Sunjin, Roderica)

*I'm only not linking to him because I'm not sure if he'd want me to. He's hott though, trust me:)


Pam said...

You ARE the hottest!
; )


Ant said...

Scooped all the important ones then... :o)


Miss Scarlet said...

Pam- Haha, thanks!

Ant- Of course. They knew how to vote;)

Courtney said...

hrm, seems a little rigged to me :p

Casino Games said...

And how in that case to act?