Friday, March 02, 2007

Hoes, Money, And Clout

While the morning part of my day is beginning about as poorly as it could...Seriously, does every bill and payment have to hit at once??...the evening portion of the day is sure to be quite swell. Because of *BIRTHDAY SECRETS* I cannot divulge my plans, but rest assurred, it will be fun, hilarious, exciting, and I will come back with a lot of pictures.

I am also looking forward to the weekend as I actually do not work either day. This actually hasn't happened for months so it's an occasion to cherish. Sure, Sunday will be spent in a double run-thru of the musical I'm playing in, but at least it's not work, eh?

Be good today and this weekend, boos.


P.S. Yes, the photo contest pictures were due yesterday, but since I obviously am not going to be able to work on it today, feel free to enter today. And tomorrow and hell, even the next day. I won't be doing much without high speed this weekend, ya know?

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