Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk

Actually, that's a lie. I don't really like wine. Well, unless it's sparkling, but who cares about my drinking preferances because in just 24 hours, Wine Week is upon us once again!

To say that I am excited is a huge understatement. I can practically taste the many glasses that I will consume tomorrow along with just a smidge of food that, even though delicious, gets in the way of the wine.

But until then, it's back to work on this project...


CBK said...

"Than sober and clear."

Sweet title!

Pink Is Neat said...

don't drink so much you fall asleep in the car, only to be awoken by justin timberlake's "sexyback."

I may join you guys, it depends on what time I get to work tomorrow and how much stuff we need to get done.

Either way, I'm going to need a drink afterwards.

Ant said...

This might be the stupidest British-based question I've ever asked but...

What is Wine Week?

Miss Scarlet said...

CBK- Oh yeah, love him.

Pink is neat- Yeah, I so need a drink after the stress of this project.

Ant- Haha, it's not a stupid question. It's basically just that we're going to this restaurant and for $10 we get served wine for like 2 hours. It's supposed to be a 'tasting', but they give you full glasses!

Kristabella said...

As a huge wine lover (aka wino) I would like to get an advance invitation for this Wine Week celebration next year. It is so right up my alley.

Six years in Northern Cali made me quite the wine snob.