Saturday, March 03, 2007

After The Laughter

I hate the day after a party or a night out, when everyone is tired and we have to examine the damage on fotki and flickr. Not to mention in person and on IM. Anyway, here are some of my favorite things from last night, which was Ravena's 80s/Porn-themed birthday party:

+Roller skating- That's right. We roller skated. Per Ravena's request about six of us headed to the rink in our 80s gear to get the party started right. I can't believe how many other people seemed to have gotten the 80s memo, though.
+Allie's pink cupcakes- Allie makes the best cupcakes. You should order some from her. Seriously.
+Serena's side ponytail. I was sad when it came down.
+Those awesome chicken things "Spicey!"
+Sleeping sleepover style. "Are we sleeping now or still talking?"
+My off-the-shoulder, Flashdance-style sweatshirt- I've never been so cool in a sweatshirt before.
+Scrunchies- Let's bring those back, ok?
+Ravena's penis shaped shot glass- Wow.
+"What Goes Around" by Mr. JT- Wow, I need to stop singing this song so loudly.
+No bonding.
+Blank, vacant facial expressions for the pictures- So 80s, right?
+Ravena's roommates- One who was into it, but one who definitely was not. Oops!
+My jump-rope belt and accompanying line, "Let's get physical!"- I never got to use it, bust.
+Gibberish- Ali and I spoke in Gibberish for like, 10 minutes. I kept mixing in Spanish, though, which really made it difficult.
+AUF WEIDERSEHEN!- And all of the other German phrases said (yelled). Allie tried to teach me a few, but the connection from my brain to mouth apparently was not working.
+Ali reenacting her fall from the ladder- Hilarious. Pictures later...

Happy Birthday, Vena!



Serena said... to capture the moment. You did it fairly well ; )

Pink Is Neat said...

That's right, you all need to order my cupcakes. Right now.

KassyK said...

That sounds like such a great night out!

Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- Haha, "fairly well"?

Pink is neat- HHahhaa that's some food yum yum.

Kassyk- It was!

Courtney said...


Kristabella said...

OMG! I went to a roller skating party on Saturday night too! How random.

I did not rock the 80s gear, though. But had a blast!