Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Body Is A Cage

I know it's my subconsious at work, but the moment I have to do something, I decide it's time to do everything else. Do you know how badly I want to make mix CDs right now? It's all I can think about. (Okay, not all I can think about. I'm also thinking a lot about boys. That's right-boys. I mean, men. Ew, no. Guys-there we go.) And my clarinet? I'm super motivated to practice and perfect my orchestra pieces, which never happens. The practice part, I mean. Perfection comes naturally;) Along with practicing the clarinet, I'm ready to tackle the bassoon again and hey, I should probably pick up the guitar and bass while I'm at it.

I haven't even announced Superlative winners! I was (am) so excited about this, but it's been moved to the backburner as much as I hate to say it. What is more important to me: making a Special Education Resource Notebook or printing up something flashy to announce who won what Superlative. Hmmmmm, take a guess.

I have three camera sitting around just begging to be used. I have pro Fotki and Flickr accounts gathering dust and the sky is so bright* and lovely for photographs. The other day I decided to go out with themes for the day to take pictures of. Things like: patterns, flowers, faces, etc. What fun!

But no fun until this effing project is postmarked and in the mail on Friday. So until then, except for the random blog, I will be pushing my fun stuff to the side to finish this project. (Have I mentioned I hate school? Always have. Always will.)

Oh but the moment this project is in the mail? Do you know where I'll be? ON MY WAY TO WINE WEEK! OHhhhhhhh yeah. And we're doing some happy hour shiznit afterwards and if you know what's good for you, you'll join us. If you don't know me, email me for my # and if you do know me, I'll see you there.


*Still not happy about spring. Still hate spring. Achoo. Hate.


Cheryl said...

I always do the same thing when I have things to get done.

Serena said...

I could have written this post, simply changing out some of the hobbies and substituting work for homework. I hear ya, girl.

spencer said...

Hate spring?

I just bought a digital SLR and am loving it. Will need to post some things to Flickr.