Thursday, March 01, 2007

Please Please Man

Apparently, all chivalrous men were absent from the metro yesterday morning between 7am and 7:50am. I boarded my train, on my way to Gallery Place for an 8am meeting, set up with my iPod and Express (I see you, i66,) although I don't know why I bothered since reading of any kind while moving makes me want to vomit.

About halfway there, as the train was getting more and more crowded, I started getting warmer and warmer. This was, I believe, an unfortunate side effect of having a pre-cold, as I feel fine, but am having the annoying side effects of the shivers followed closely by overheating. And what follows overheating? Well, as myself, and many others on my train found out, it is followed by coughing. And not just any coughing, but that annoying kind where it feels like there is a feather stuck in one's throat. Some would call this a "tickle*."

So great, I'm stuck next to the window feeling like it's 100 degrees and I'm coughing. And just like laughing, when I cough, my eyes almost automatically start to water. If I had just gotten misty, much like what happened after the series finale of The O.C.**, then I would have been fine, but for some reason, I was practically crying! This, of course, was embarrassing for me so I was practically hiding behind my hair, looking like the loner girl from English 11 who never talked to anyone and not only hid behind her hair, but probably ate it, too.

I had no tissues, nor did I have a mirror to check out the damage the crying was doing to my makeup. And did anyone offer me a handkerchief? A tissue? No. They did not. And I know you had them...what else would you put in those useless little pockets on the front of your suits?

It's okay, though. I guess we're all in our own little zones while on the metro and I can't blame you. Who would want to help the weird (hott) girl crying by the window. *sigh*


*Not me. That word bothers me.



Serena said...

Welcome to the joys of the often cruel metro during rush hour. Sigh. Sadly, I can't say I would have offered you a tissue (if you were a stranger near me): (1) I probably wouldn't have had one and (2) I probably would have edged away from you thinking you had cooties. Maybe I'll now offer the next metro sneezer/cougher a tissue.

Miss Scarlet said...

Yeah, I wouldn't offer either. I was trying to get my mind off the fact that I was coughing by imagining some hott, chivalrous man coming to my rescue.

Serena said...

Now there's a thought! If only.

DC Celine said...

Metro heat always makes me sick. Ugh.

Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- Haha, hey, you never know!

DCCeline- I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Vanessa said...

Metro makes me feel ill too. I have to face forward and can only read for small amounts of time. BTW, there are very few chivalrous men on Metro, or even in DC for that matter. I still can't get over how rude the men are when they're riding the trains. At least you were going to Chinatown. I <3 Chinatown. Makes me want mini burgers from Matchbox. Mmmmm......

P.S. I can't believe you were in the city yesterday and I didn't even know it! I would have made you stop by and say hello. :o(

P.P.S. The trains in Paris have windows that you can open which is really nice because it gets the air circulating. And some of the lines have trains whose (sp?) doors have to be opened by the rider. This is nice because if it's cold outside you don't get blasted every time the train stops.

Ant said...

Crazy guys - it could be used as an "in" for a conversation too. Though I find that's why women tend to be suspicious if I offer my seat...