Saturday, March 17, 2007


Last night, as I tucked in under my blanket on Serena's couch, wearing my clothes from the day, yet on my own pillow, I said, "See, it's a good thing I never take things out of my car."

She and I went to a new martini bar in the area last night to check it out. Our official review is that we're definitely going back, but it might be a better place to take a group than to meet someone new. On the way back to her place, my car fell into a crater, and emerged with a flat tire. Because we at first just thought it threw off my alignment, we continued on to her apartment where I was going to cautiously inspect the damage. Well, the damage was that my car wasn't going anywhere for the time being so, the good friend that she is, Serena offered her couch up for the night. (Thank you!)

While I don't exactly drive around with pajamas in my car, I do happen to have a really bad habit of never taking things inside when I get home. So, in my backseat and in various bags I had: a blanket (actually, 2), a pillow, extra knickers*, jeans, t-shirt, new hoodie**, socks, eyeliner***, and a headband. Laziness**** has finally worked out in my favor! I was able to go to work today looking slightly decent and not skank-nasty.

However, I wasn't feeling my hottest, so Superlative Results will be posted later:) Please check back in.

Oh, and no, I didn't go out for St. Patrick's Day. There's a donut on my car and I'm not a big fan of the Irish so I'm at home. It's okay, though. St. Patty's Day means nothing to me if I can't wear my, "I'm Scottish, But Kiss Me Anyway"**** shirt.

SVR (Not Wearing Green)

*Normally I wouldn't talk about my knickers, but I wouldn't want common thought to be that I either went commando today or well,
**I HATE the word "hoodie" and hate to use it, but it's easier sometimes, unfortunately.
**Thank God. Suriously.
***Laziness when getting home, ok!? I'm not a lazy person, I just hate to make multiple trips inside once I'm there so inevitably stuff gets left in my car.
****All you fuckers get to say you're Irish today, so I get to say I'm Scottish, okay?


Sharkbait said...

I am the same way with stuff in my car. I finally took the stuff out of my backseat today, and there were 3 blankets, 2 comforters, 1 winter hat, 1 scarf, 1 sweatshirt...and the list continues... It comes in handy for sure!

PS I am irish and eh to st pattys day.

rooroo said...

what's wrong with the irish?

stephen with a ph said...

I am half scottish...does that count?

Serena said...

Some of us really are at least a quarter Irish with immigrant great grandparents to prove it ; )

Glad we made it to my place and that you were so well equiped!

Ant said...

Everyone is Irish - go back far enough and we're all descended from potatoes somehow...

And more shirts like that should be printed...

Dara said...

Heck, my last name is Scottish enough that it has its own tartan, but I'm a firm believer that anyone that wants to be can be Irish on St. Patrick's Day. No matter what, though, it's about rocking the funny t-shirt.