Sunday, March 04, 2007


My wrists are killing me. From a combination of sleeping oddly and not getting enough sleep, I have been left with achey joints. I know, I know. I sound like I'm 70 or something, but I know my wrists and they're tired and want to rest.

Rest will not come today, though, as I have a seven hour rehearsal for the musical I'm playing in the pit for: Into The Woods. I think it might be a long week with rehearsal every night from 630/730 til 10/10:30 along with work during the day. Woe is me, right? Haha...I'll stop complaining.



Needtsza said...

my wrists were killing me for about a month, a few months ago. Not sure how it went away, but try wrapping them with ace-tape. Helped to support my achy tendons.

Good luck in the play

Serena said...

You'll be tired, but I bet playing so much will be awesome.

Ant said...

Right now I have no sympathy at all! :o)

Born Worrier said...

If its any consolation I love musicals so we theatre goers really appreciate all the hard work you put in.

CBK said...

Your wrists really, really need rest. Rest your wrists Really well.

Say that fast, it's fun!

veeda said...

good for you for still playing. I haven't pick up my saxophone since my senior year of high school.