Thursday, March 15, 2007

Marching Theme

Beware the Ides of March, eh? I'm just sad I missed Pi Day. I was so busy sneezing I didn't realize such a great, mathematical day was upon us. Einstein's birthday and the literal day of Pi (3.14). As a self-described math lover, I am disappointed in myself.

There are more important things for today, though: If I am supposed to beware the Ides of March, then what am I avoiding or being afraid of today? Besides having to work, I can't think of anything else (well, besides pollen!) so I went to my horoscope for the answers:

Excitement is growing even more than it was before. You've got a vision, and you're absolutely on target to make it a reality. Everyone who hears your plans is convinced of the worthiness of your goal.
Sounds positive to me, but I am unsure what my vision is about. And this 'goal' they speak of? Besides finding weekend plans and winning the lottery I never play, I can't think of any. So what about my Singles Love Horoscope...those are always fun:
Those who are capable of appreciating an independent spirit, a unique mind and an unusual allure are drawn to you with a massive magnetic force now. Share your inspiration and feel the admiration.
Hahaha, maybe people should beware of me. I'm like a magnet, apparently.


Serena said...

Now you've got me wanting to check my horoscope.

Dara said...

My horoscope was sufficiently forboding today: "Be careful in conversations today -- you will need to use your empathy."

So, this ides of March, I must beware of being a jerk. Go figure.

Ant said...

Ooh, you're totally a magnet... Rowrl! :o)

I think I said before though, I really want someone to write a love horoscope along the lines of: "You smell and everyone hates you. Please start chewing some gum. Not that it'll matter, cos your love-making skills require vast improvement and until that's sorted, the future looks bleak..."

I should totally start writing these things...

DC Celine said...

I'm sorry I missed the Ides of March. Oh well, will just have to wait til lil' sis' birthday on the Ides of May.

Cheryl said...

So did you feel the inspiration?

Cristi said...

Horoscopes are about as vague as The Secret.

Some jerk at the gym thought Pi day had something to do with dessert. Then again, he was an Irish meathead who couldn't wait to go out for St. Patty's day and get hammered. Needless to say, I kicked his ass on the stairclimber. He stared at mine. Pig.

I celebrated Pi day with my students as they took a standardized math exam. I laughed at one kid who exclaimed "Pi is sexy" while another girl memorized about 100 decimal digits.

Nice blog. Found you through Lynn's links.