Thursday, March 08, 2007

Barely Listening

I keep sitting down at my laptop, with iTunes open, ready to make a new mix CD and it's just not happening. Partly because I can't stop listening to #9 and #10 of Pilot Speed's Into The West album, but also because my concentration levels are apparently just broken.

I watched Heroes the other night when I got home after a gazillion hour day so I essentially have no idea what happened in the episode. Last night, Steven told me to rewatch it, but I couldn't because I was busy not paying attention to Lost. Even Gilmore Girls on Tuesday didn't fully sink in (!!).

Last night I had really involved, long dreams. At one point I had to take a little puppy on a walk for him to relieve himself. (Luckily, it wasn't a poop-scoop area.) So we go outside and he answers Nature's call and then we head back in, with me being very careful not to step in anything smelly. However, we get back into the school (did I mention I was working at a school?) and apparently someone else had tracked in some smelly dog crap causing it to stink so badly that I almost vomited in a hallway trashcan, ew!

In looking up what dogs mean in dreams, I have gathered that they can represent friendships, which is interesting. As "man's best friend," they can be a symbol of that relationship, but I have yet to find an entry online for "dream dictionary dog poop," so I'm giving up on that one. I just hope it doesn't mean someone's shitting on me-figuratively and not literally, gross.

Like I said, it was a long and involved dream, but the puppy part was the most pronounced. The other parts were more like continuations of my day, or really, continuations of how I would want my day to be:)



Cheryl said...

Sounds like a bit of spring fever. I think we all need vacations.

Serena said...

Heroes was good! I'm glad I paid attention. Still need to watch GG.