Thursday, August 17, 2006

Last Dance

So I'm a little late with my So You Think You Can Dance? update from the finale, but I worked from 8am until midnight last night and couldn't imagine staying up even later last night. Anyway, woe is we go, "live"-blogging style because I'm too tired to form paragraphs:

+ Recap-borrrrrrrrring! Donyelle always sounds like she's on something. Like, downers or something. Sorry, Donyelle, but I think you should have given up more personality before. Unless I'm mistaken, I've never been a big Donyelle fan...sorry Cindy and Serena.

+ Ooooh, Top 20! A dance by a group this big ends up looking like those Cheerleading competitions they show on ESPN2 on Saturdays. And I get super annoyed when they aren't synchronized. Ha, It also kind of reminds me of West Side Story, and as much as I love WWS, I can't take it anything seriously that reminds me of the Sharks and Jets.

+ OK, Show advertising...don't care. Norwegian SYTYCD? Moving on...(The beauty of Tivo)

+ Benji's favorite- The mambo with Heidi. Duh! They've danced together 4 eva, of course it's going to be good. This dance is hot, no question. They do get a teeny bit off beat, but it's so fast, who can blame them and it's not like it's to be judged anyway.

+ Heidi and Travis dance their contemporary Mia Michaels routine which I LOVE! And hmmmmm, CELINE DION's song "Calling You", go figure;) Ugh, giving me goosebumps again. GORGEOUS!

+ Mary gives a little gossip about sparks "off the floor"-REOW! With Natalie and Dmitri! OK, They're dancing, yet I can't stop watching his hips... Wow, great dance! That was fun and made me ok that Natalie made it as far as she did. And he's Russian (aka hott).

+ I hate Ciara because I always say her name incorrectly. And she's obviously lip syncing. Although, it sounds crappy so maybe not. OK, get your hair out of your face. Maybe it's there to conceal the fact that she's also the main Pussycat Doll. FAST FORWARDING!

+ Donyelle's favorite and she* chooses her Broadway routine with Benji. The horrible yellow dress is back. This routine is perfect for Benji, but I do not love it for Donyelle. Oh, her hair fell out of the ponytail, bust.

+ Mia introduces Ivan and Alison who will be dancing their totally smokin' contemporary dance to "Why" by Annie Lennox. Wow, Mia wants to bone Ivan now. OK, I kind of want to bone him now after rewatching it. This is the most (excuse the cheesy word) magical dance, I love it so much.

+ Top 20 Cheerleaders Dancers. "Romalama Bang Bang" zombie routine. I think this one is sooooooo great. Everyone gets into character so well that it loses the cheesy feel and is just HOTT.

+ Heidi- I love her. I know a lot of people don't, but I think she's just great. JOAN JETT! Great song choice and hott dress. Bouncy splits are scary. Yabbo!** So weird and anticlimatic when they say she didn't win.

+ Travis dances the Pasa Doble with Heidi as his favorite. The camera angles suck so far and make it look boring. Ummm, it was good and exciting with awesome music, but seemed off. I guess it doesn't matter since it's just exhibition.

+ "I'm Free" by Amber is what Donyelle dances solo to and it's boring me like most of the solos do. And seriously, could one of them please end their solo by NOT doing that weird body wave thing? And also, Cat Deely's "Sorry it's not you" is so weird when compared to how she usually delivers the bad news. As a side note, I wonder why Donyelle had given up dancing.

+ Brian picks Travis and Martha to dance to "Steam Heat" by the Pointer Sisters. Travis is so good! I can't believe he doesn't win. Martha is good in this routine, too, but her bra-top scares me. VETO!

+ Why does Benji cry so much? Who knows! Benji dances something different for his solo which is refreshing. His trademark is obviously that slide thing, but props to him for having a normal ending!

+ Travis solo, biatch! He's one of the few who seems to THINK about his solo music and tries to phrase and hit beats. YUCK WHY DOES HE DO THE WEIRD ENDING!?

+ Fergie. I hate her, but won't deny this song is catchy, even though she is trying to sound exactly like Missy Elliot! And her tartan pants are awesome as well as the UK additions at the end:) I don't get this song, will someone explain it to me? I'm being dead serious.

+ Top 10 doing Broadway. Oh yeah, I watched this last night. I love this song and musical and think they did a good job. When I saw Chicago in NYC, I was exhausted and sort of out of it and didn't really "get" a lot of the musical until I saw the movie version. I was just so tired I couldn't use my imagination for a lot of parts.

+ Dan's highlight is Travis and Benji's Geek Routine which was a good one except for the weird lifts. And the song is called "Gyrate"...I HATE the pelvic thrusts, make it stop.

+ OK, The winner is Benji, we all know that by now. Even though I wanted Travis to win, it's one of those situations where just being in the finals is great because of the exposure. I read today that Benji might pass the Celine Dion gig on to someone else. (I would, too.)

SO sorry that was insanely long!!!!!!!!!

*With producer input? Hehe
**This is sooooooo long already, SURRRRI!


Marissa said...

I live for your SYTYCD recaps! I was literally refreshing all day yesterday to see if you'd posted yet! I totally agree with everything you say, as always. I was so disappointed in Travis's and Heidi's pasa doble, too. Do you think it had something to do with the fact that mere seconds before they danced it, they told Heidi she was NOT American's Favorite Dancer? Who knows. Speaking of, do you think Heidi's a hint jealous that her cousin, Happy Feet, won the title and she didn't? Whatever, I think they probably all have great career options ahead of them, anyway! But yes, I don't understand why Donyelle was still there. In my opinion, I think the final two should have come down to Travis and Allison. Allison gives me chills!!

Miss Scarlet said...

Yeah, good point about Heidi dancing after being told she lost. So not cool. I was impressed they all remembered so many dances to perform in 2 hours!

Love Allison!

Sweet said...

I didn't know who won until just now (yes I'm a little behind!). I knew I picked a winner in Benji boy!

Miss Scarlet said...

Sweet- I hope I didn't spoil it for you!