Sunday, August 27, 2006

Understanding In A Car Crash

It was just a fender bender...I feel the need to clarify since I used that song for my title. What qualifies it to "rear-ended", though?

If it wasn't obvious already, I got rear-ended tonight when the woman behind me thought I had pulled out, but I most definitely had not. I can't imagine being in a worse accident because this was scary enough. In that split second it was incredibly loud and I was so confused as to what happened. Everything in my car flew. Backwards AND forwards somehow. CDs were everywhere. The change in my "emergency coffee" drawer flew out. My headband came off of my head.

Then we had to exchange information. Quite difficult to have good penmanship while shaking.

If I understood anything about cars I would tell you how my car is. The bumper is not happy, but the rest of it is fine. I'm VERY proud of my Elantra for staying strong. I've heard those horror stories about cars that just crumple when another car even looks at them so I was glad to see my car hold up to the impact.

My worry-happy self though is pushing away the "Am I dizzy?" and "Does my head hurt?" thoughts. Tomorrow's a big day and I've got bigger things to think setting my three alarms for 545am!


Anonymous said...

:( I'm glad your car held up pretty well under pressure.

You'll be wundebar tomorrow!


lala said...

oh no!! but at least you and the elantra are okay.

and tomorrow is a BigDay. You will be great...they're just stupid 12 and 13 year olds, any way. what do they know?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you got in an accident like three days after my car got all scraped up! (Although, mine doesn't qualify as an accident, and your's in DEF. worse!) I'm really glad you're ok though.

Good luck tomorrow!!!

KassyK said...
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KassyK said...

I am so glad that you are ok and your car as well for the most part. I have been in two accidents and they were terrifying but thankfully no one was hurt...yet the fear that happens and the shock runs deep. Good luck tomorrow!!

Ant said...

Blimey - glad you're ok. Exactly the kind of stress you don't need before tomorrow!

At least being rear-ended means its entirely her fault, but you should check out any twinges anyway - my sister still has to go to physio for a niggle in her back, years after being in an accident...

rooroo said...

phew, glad you are ok!

good luck at school today!

Anonymous said...

glad you are ok too! i hate that accident bump, scares the shit out of me, even if it is a fender bender... been there :( feel yo pain!

Unknown said...

You and the Elantra are like magnets for people hitting you. Of course (like everyone else), glad you're ok.

(and yay for morning emails)

minijonb said...

just glad you're ok.

i've been in one fender bender like this when someone ran right into the back of my car because they "thought" i had already pulled forward. senile people should drive large suv's.

minijonb said...

typo in my last comment... "should" should most definitely be "shouldn't"

dara said...

Eh, what can you do? It happens to the best of us. Although, sadly, my worst accidents have just involved me, sleep deprivation, parking lots, and poles.

Once though, I was driving my dad's car behind a pregnant woman in a minivan, and at at a stop sign, she rolled her car back into mine because she turned around to yell at her kids. Even though I was completely in shock -- and shaking -- I wanted to kill her and her demon spawn, especially when she started yelling at me for stopping too close behind her.

Miss Scarlet said...

S- Thanks, boo.

Lala- Yes, I'm so proud of my Elantra:)

Cindy- Yeah, I've been hit TWICE now since I got my new car, sheesh!

Kassyk- Yeah, since then I've been super cautious...even though the hit wasn't my fault.

Ant- Yeah, I'm sore tonight...if it gets worse or stays I'll have it checked out. "niggle"-I like that!

Rooroo- THANKS! It went well:)

Arebelsong- Surisly. I can't imagine being in a bad accident and DO NOT want to find out what it's like.

Serena- Shhh! What morning emails??;)

Minijonb- She was in a Ford Focus, I think. SCARY thought if she had been in a huge SUV. oh man!

Dara- Yeah, I don't understand increasing following distance when NOT moving, sheesh!

Beakerz said...

Jesus! I just read this! Oh no. At least you're ok, right?

Did you sue that bastard for riding your bumper too close? Please tell me you at least called the police.

From now on, I call the police and I go to the hospital, but then again...i've been too many accidents