Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dream Sequence

I had one of those dreams last night that makes waking up even more painful than usual. The type of dream that you can only wish was reality and all day long you can remember how things felt, or smelled, or tasted.

My alarm goes off at 5am and I wake up to reset it for 90 minutes later so I can wake up after a full REM cycle. (Hey, Glamour said so!) It's just a little experiment I'm doing to see if I'm less tired throughout the day. It ends up confusing me though because the alarm goes off and I immediately started the "ughhhhhhhhh" groan that equals waking up for me. Then I stare at my alarm clock for a minute trying to remember what day it is and why I have to get up so damn early before I remember the experiment and reset it and fall back asleep. 630am hasn't been any less painful so far though so I'm not sure about this "90 minute sleep cycle" thing.

Back to the dream, though. I should have written about this earlier in the day because now the details are fading from my memory. I can remember the end though because the damn alarm went off right when he got into my car and we were soaking wet from the rain. Working backwards in my now muddled memories I can remember two cars, a ski slope, a paper bag of groceries, and a stuffed animal.

Unfortunately I can not remember the sequence of events or the involvement of the items. If you have any guesses, please make them. And next time I'm in the middle of an awesome dream I'm going back to sleep and work will just have to wait. I don't do exciting things that end with getting into a car with a hott guy while awake. I'd like to thank my subconscious, at least, for having a life.


Unknown said...

Hahaha. I truly adore this post! You know I can make all kinds of guesses and even assign names to anonymous some of the characters alluded to. For now I'll refrain and simply send wishes that your real life soon catches up to your dream life ; )

Ant said...

Umm, you went shopping at the top of Mont Blanc, drove down the ski slope, accidentally knocked over, killed and stuffed a furry animal on the way down...

It all ended happily and the hot guy was just your valet parking attendant...