Friday, January 06, 2006

A Dozon Roses

I am watching this amazing ballet set to Beethoven's 7th Symphoney on some random art channel. It's gorgeous-not only the music (love the 7th) but also the choreography. Lots of attitude positions and flexed feet, I love it. I took dance for a long time (not long enough for any gracefulness to stick though) and enjoy watching it still.

Serena and I babysat Cordelia tonight and it was so much fun, kids can be so adorable.

(OK, changed channels because it was opera and the next artsy channel is an old concert of Simon and Garfunkel...mmm!)

Anyway, Cordelia is adorable and we taught her to say the following words: blog and boo. She also took a liking to Serena's sidekick and Diet Coke which was exciting.

Interesting conversation on the ride back after eating way too much food at Mike's American Grill. (Somehow I turned uber talkative tonight.) It's amazing how so many little things can turn into what seem to be clues and how much they can all be analyzed. Also wondering how people act around different groups and which parts of themselves do they bring out around those different people. What do other groups of friends think about current groups and how do people appear from the outside, looking in. For example, if I were to hang out with my high school group of friends they would probably be in shock from how much I've changed. I'm still sarcastic and funny, but I'm a lot more talkative and outwardly confident and they would probably be surprised at how much I flirt (haha). But would I try to downplay any of that? Would I try to act more like the "high school Scarlet" around them? And what would they think about my more recent groups of friends who have probably made an impact on the type of person I am now? Or, if someone from five years ago looked at my Fotki, what conclusions would they possibly make about how I am now?

I find this fascinating.

P.S. In case you haven't noticed, every title is a song. I suggest you google them because they are all really good. Especially this one, my favorite Braid song.

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Serena said...

Cordelia was fun. I'm proud of the words we taught her. : )

Intriguing questions you pose about the way we interact with different groups of people. I'd like to say I'm the same, but I know I definitely get more shy or more political around certain groups of friends. As for how I was years different and yet so the same.