Sunday, January 01, 2006

I Just Wanna Live

Excited for the start of 2006 for many reasons (what, 49 days til my birthday?) but the one we will focus on today is this: This Book Will Change Your Life Again!.

365 things to do....365 days in the year. Do the math.

So today is a warm-up day, according to the book. I am to choose from the following tasks in order to change my life:

- Lose one ounce in weight (*I can do this)
-Basejump off a chair (*consider it done)
-Donate your baby teeth to science (don't have those teeth anymore)
-Save the life of an ant (If I find an ant in the middle of winter then I will definitely try to save it's life)
-Tell your deepest secret to the talking clock (talking clock?)
-Go on a one-man protest (*against Barnes and Noble? Might work but I have a feeling I'll have followers)
-Make a small dream come true (broad, and doable)
-Sow one seed of anarchy (*again, BN)
-Dye your hair it's natural color (it already is)
-Watched a different TV channel (*easy)
-Eliminate avocados from your diet (*Um, already done)
- Gamble $1 on a horse (probably won't happen)
-Write the first letter of a novel (*can do)
-Graffiti with pencil (*YES!)
-Join a sect part-time (hmmm)
-Get a microscopic tattoo (ha, I wish, remember that Friends episode?)
-Clear out your belly fluff (*ew, fluff?)
-Sexually harass yourself (pass)

Time to start Day 1. HAPPY NEW YEAR, by the way.


Allie said...

I think we "sexually harassed" enough men last night for it to carry over into today ;-)

Miss Scarlet said...


Serena said...

This book cracks me up! I enjoyed the base jump.

I-66 said...

Happy New Year ;o)

Miss Scarlet said...

Thanks:) You, too!