Sunday, January 08, 2006

Love's Lost Guarantee

It's those songs that I listen to over and over. I don't even put them on repeat because I start it over before it has even begun because I already want to listen to it again. When I want the volume so loud that the song encapsulates me while I drive. I've gone months before even venturing on past a song like this to hear the rest of the album. "Modern World" is one of those songs. "Love's Lost Guarantee" is another.

Love comes like a Kennedy curse

Much like I am not an extreme introvert or an extreme extrovert, there are other "gray areas" to me as well. As soon as I feel a desire to declare myself a loner, I realize that I am not a loner. As much as I enjoy being alone sometimes, there are other times when all I want is companionship. I declare that I don't need definite answers but then I find myself getting annoyed with ambiguity and the unknown. I hate to talk on the phone but then I find myself willing the phone to ring. I don't depend on other's to make me happy but then there's that time when someone can really upset/hurt me.

I mean, I'm glad to have gray areas but sometimes it can be confusing, even to myself.


Serena said...

Love comes like a Kennedy curse. Great line.

I think gray areas make us human. To me, life would so much less interesting and more difficult if we saw everything in black and white.

Miss Scarlet said...

That song's going on my Mailtunes mix. Hope everyone likes it-I'm obsessed with it!

I like gray too and agree it's essential. But for certain situations I'd give anything for black and white.

Serena said...

Knowing what I know I'll just say I know. (ha)

aluminumbradley said...

Awesome song. But I also wanted to comment on the gray. I agree that when you see things in gray you understand them in varying degrees which i think represent more of what they truly are. Black and white situations come and go. All you do is pick a position and feel free to change your mind whenever its convenient. Everyone does it seems.