Monday, January 02, 2006

Jesus Online

Day 2 in the book that will change my life. I am supposed to claim to be Jesus all day but I feel a little weird doing that so instead I will place an accent over the "e" (or is it the "u"?) and speak in Spanish all day as (phonetically:) Hay-Zeus. Soy de Mexico! No quiero trabajar hoy! Pienso que Barnes y Noble es horrible y lo odio! Mi espanol no es bien...

In other's becoming a new pet peeve with people who just don't "get it." Maybe pet peeve is too strong because it doens't cause feelings of hate or extreme dislike but it does incite frustration. As a bad example, it's when I complain to someone about having to work at Barnes and Noble and instead of agreeing with me, they try to find the positive in the situation. They don't "get it" that at that moment I am not looking for the positive, but just need to complain. I have other examples but will maybe keep those to myself for now.

I am disappointed though that my big day off today is cut extremely short by the damned shift at BN. I guess it's good that I won't have to work any other nights this week, or Saturday but it's just feeling very unfair I can't enjoy an entire day off!

(Note: I realize I'm being a wuss about this and that I do get other days off but this is a paid vacation day and I had planned to spend it doing nothing! And it was just quite the shock to find out yesterday that I had to work tonight-I got my days mixed up-probably wishful thinking.)


Serena said...

Sometimes I feel like frustration is my middle name.

Miss Scarlet said...

Frustration is what really can upset me so I know how to spot it.