Thursday, January 05, 2006

Killing A Camera

Photo Contest #3

1. This time, you may enter as many photos as you want.
2. You must give your photo(s) a title.
3. All photos entered will be placed on my Fotki site.
4. The winner will be determined by three blind judges. The judges won't be blind, no, no that would be silly...but you won't know them and they won't know you. They will probably be people like, my coworkers, or my mom, maybe my pimp if he's free.
5. Photos will not only be judged on interpretation of theme but also on technique and overall appearance of the photo.
6. All entries are due to me (via email preferably ) by 19 January 2005 at midnight. I will then post the pictures online Friday and the winners will be announced shortly after that.
7. The theme for Photo Contest #3 is....SECRETIVE!

Feel free to ask me questions.



Serena said...

I've mentioned I'm excited about this, right? I would love it if some of our Internet peeps participated : )

Miss Scarlet said...

ME TOOO!!!!!! Anyone should enter!