Monday, January 09, 2006

A-List Actress

What if Barnes and Noble is a microcosm for the world?

Ok, stop screaming. It's funny, really. The word "microcosm" entered my thoughts earlier tonight on my drive home and it made me laugh because it's a word my friend in high school seemed to use a lot. She influenced me a lot and while we aren't more than acquaintances now, she was such a large part of my life in high school that she definitely enters my mind now and then.

But I digress. What if Barnes and Noble, and the relationships it breeds, is a microcosm for the world? There are the guys and girls who are always in a relationship. They fall right into them and before we verify they've been on a date, they are exclusive. How and when did that happen? There are the good-time-guys and girls who probably read Cosmo (and the men's equivalent?) for the Kama Sutra section and not the fashion articles like I do. They aren't the ones who always have a steady guy or girl but they are the ones who are out there and (please don't give me details) getting some. There are the ones who seem to look from afar but never dip their toes into the pool for reasons not always obvious. There are the quiet ones on break who unknowingly spark interest and conversation. Are they the same ones looking from afar or maybe they're even in the first group of those who are perpetually attached. The "Prom" king and queen, or those who, with a nod of the head could probably have anyone they wanted. And of course we have the young, the old, the married, and the (hopefully) asexual.

I don't mean for this to be taken seriously (that BN is a microcosm) because relating BN to anything outside of BN is scary and disturbing. And I don't think I named my own group but it is definitely not the perpetually attached or "Prom" queen (although that's just because not everyone has realized my hottness yet.)

Anyway, it was an interesting thought.


Anonymous said...

Ha! The (hopefully) asexual!


Miss Scarlet said...

I'm sure you know who I mean:)

Serena said...

I love this post! I also think that each little world we create for ourselves can be a reflection of the whole. My favorite line..."There are the quiet ones on break who unknowingly spark interest and conversation." Know a few of those ; )

Miss Scarlet said...

And of course it's the less "out there" ones who spark my interest. It's like I want it to be as difficult as possible;)

I-66 said...

Enough types of people there to start a zoo exhibit.

Miss Scarlet said...

You have no idea i66!