Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Take Care

Ali (my sister) just made me the best dinner ever! Chicken fettucine alfredo, brocolli, and caesar salad. It was SO good! (Glad for leftovers!)

Today was obedience day. I did so-so. I didn't interact with many people while at work today and was quite distracted by the intense pain in my shoulder so it wasnt very exciting, book-wise. I managed to write an email to Serena containing no "d"s and also did not accept change uner 30 cents because I paid with exact change at Starbucks. I tried to go 36 mph but that would actually have been reckless driving in this neighborhood and since I'm housesitting, I decided not to break the law too badly.

I didn't feel very changed today but that's probably because I didn't obey everything in the book. But you know what? That goes along with my character...Hate rules.


Serena said...

Tell Ali I work tonight and love homemade pizza ; )

I-66 said...

Where the crap is 36 reckless? I must know so as to effectively stay away.

Miss Scarlet said...

Ali mentioned fish and chips....I'm not sure if she meant for tonight or not but I'll do my best to get her to make something to bring.

i-66- The neighborhood where I am housesitting, the speed limit is like 25 or something.

I-66 said...

do the 20-over-equals-reckless rules not apply to a 25 mph zone?

Miss Scarlet said...

Oh duh, I'm stupid. I was thinking its 10 mph which case I would always be driving recklessly.

Damn book! But really, 36 actually felt like A LOT in that neighborhood (It's a retirement community).