Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Despite all of my school-inspired stories, my job was merely temporary and now, nine weeks after it started, I'm done. Today was my last day as the band substitute for [Insert Name Here] middlle school in [Town], VA.

I had really been looking forward to and counting down to my last day for a few weeks. I've been really tired and, as a long-term sub, I couldn't take a day off or I would lose my higher rate of pay which was NOT an option. And also, with an end in sight, it was hard to keep the momentum going. I was working in an arc* that ended October 31st which, yes, was the end of their 9 weeks, but in band class, with a concert coming up, is not a time to be ending and winding down. And kids aren't stupid. They treat subs differently and after a week or two we all got over that, but once my time was coming to a close a month and a half later, they resorted to their past behavior. I expected it so I was not taken by surprise. But knowing that I would be (ready?) handing over the baton today/tomorrow to their regular teacher, the last week or so was trying as my momentum was waning. What I'm trying to say is that while the past two months have been great and I've learned a lot, I was ready for it all to be over.

But then all those stupid kids were really adorable and gave me gifts and cards and hugs and some even made me pinky swear I would visit. Those 6th graders don't know any other band teacher so for them, it's a big change to get the 'regular' teacher back tomorrow. I'm going to miss a lot of those little boos.

I'm also going to miss my paycheck because now I feel semi-unemployed and am going to be freaking out soon once my bills start coming. I'm pissed at Barnes and Noble for being complete wankers who aren't giving me what I need.

Things I will not miss:

+Being at work by 715am.
+Announcements which make me deaf. (Does one really need to yell into the intercom system??)
+Drills (fires, bomb threats, intruder threats, tornado threats, etc. They're good bc they take up class time, but bad because it's like, "DO NOT TALK!!!!!!!" which is like fighting a war with a rubber gun.)
+Having no windows in my room/office.
+7th graders who have boyfriends in high school. (That's just wrong.)
+The crappy copy machines and the Copy Nazi
+Not being able to use sarcasm as much as I would like to.
+Not being able to say crap.

*When I was in Mr. Gredler's 9th grade World History honors class, I told him that the word "arch" is stupid and I would never use it. Just a side story for today.


Needtsza said...

awww...sorry that it's over, but'll get one soon enough =)

Serena said...

I'm proud of you. I know you rocked that job, and you completely amazed me at your ability to discipline those little asswipes.

veeda said...

I can't believe you were a band subsitute teacher.

Anonymous said...

I used to say crap in front of the kids all the time. They get over it...

And 7th graders with high school boyfriends is DISGUSTING

spencer said...

Sorry it's over but it sounds like it was fun - and trust me having a job that's fun is all the world - or so I've heard.