Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am waiting for my second go around of photos to be printed at Ritz. The first ones I sent off to be printed were a big disappointment so I am trying again. I had to give up on having a theme. Oh well!

Now I need to figure out what to be for Halloween. Well, I know what I'm being tomorrow night, but I haven't figured it out yet. The outfit, the makeup, etc. And I have no idea what to be for work.

It's not that I'm being indecisive, it's just that I don't want to spend money or exert a ton of energy once I get home.



Monday, October 27, 2008

House A Home a list? Yes.

+ Friday night I went to a happy hour with Ali and Nathaniel, which was fun. I got proposed to by some random guy. I wasn't even drunk (I swear!). Ali and I kept saying to Nathaniel, "See! See what it's like to be a girl!?" It was fun.

+Saturday I worked and then had to decide what to do. I hate decision time because what I want to do is go home, relax, change, and then see what is going on. But my living location does not allow for that unfortunately. I ended up going to my college homecoming, which turned out to be a lot of fun.

+Yesterday I worked late because we had inventory, but I worked with my Brosephs so it was a good time. We acted like we were 12 and made up funny names like Jack Doff.

+Today I went with my sister to the doctor where she emerged with a wrist brace and instruction to also wrap up her ankle. Poor thing...I told her she looked like she got in a fight ("but you should see the other guy").

+After the doctor we got lunchtime margaritas and fajitas at El Agave in Warrenton.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Classic Arts Showcase

My job is having an employee art show the weekend after this one and I have no idea what to submit.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Fear

Ali and I went to Kings Dominion's Haunt yesterday and had such a blast. Not only was it chilly out (!!!), but everything was decorated for Halloween and, once the sun went down, the entire place transformed into a haunted park. We had been a few years ago, so we knew what to expect, but this time we had a few other scares that weren't on the agenda:

+ While waiting in line for the insane asylum maze, three of the most obnoxious 14 years were in front of us in line. No wait, they were in front of the 16 year old guys who were directly in front of us. The girls were skanky and annoying and, upon beginning the maze, began screaming like the lame girls they are and grabbing onto the guys. We wanted to kill them. They wouldn't begin the maze. They just stood there, screaming. Ali was so annoyed she yelled at them.

+The park was filled with white trash. I thought it would be worse when 90 degrees in August and girls feel it's appropriate to walk around half naked, but no, it might be worse when two out of three people are wearing either a camo/hunting jacket or a college sweatshirt of somewhere it's highly debatable they went. People's fall fashion choices left much to be desired.

+The Drop Zone was closed for the beginning part of the day, but we happened to be walking by right when they were opening it. This is good and bad luck at the same time. Good because the wait is super short, but bad because you're aware that it has not been running all day and you can't help but wonder why. And then they say, "Enjoy the 300 drop at 72 mph!" and you kind of get a little scared and wonder how it will feel to plunge to your death. We also made the mistake of looking up as the seats rose, which I do NOT recommend. Ali was crazier than I was, though, and seemed to not be able to stop looking, despite the added fear it added. We lived, though. (duh)

+While on The Grizzly (Ali's favorite), waiting to go up the first hill, my lapbar released a notch. If you are anything like me, you test your own lapbar and seatbelt before the ride takes off and try to get it as tight as possible. So when your lapbar is suddenly loser, it's terrifying. I was also scared to test it further for fear it would come all the way off and I would just have to hold on for dear life the entire ride. It's tough to hold on, though, when (I am guessing) the cold weather causes the ride to go even faster than normal. What is also terrifying is when halfway through the ride your younger sister yells, "MY LAPBAR RELEASED, TOO!" My eyes were squeezed shut and I just screamed the rest of the ride. Yes, I was thatgirl. It's also very scary for it to be pitch black dark because even during such a short ride, your other senses heighten a little and you're aware of the creaks from the wood that is the only thing keeping you from plunging into a tree or the ground. I thought for a moment that I had overreacted in my fear as we slowly pulled back into the station once the ride was over, but I knew this was not the case when Ali did not ask to ride The Grizzly immediately again.

+Not really scary, but more funny was when a girl who was probably 14 grabbed Ali's hand because she was so scared in one of the mazes and wouldn't let go until it was over. Priceless.


Friday, October 17, 2008

All Things Great & Small

Things I Have Found Today:

-My keys for work.

-A roll of film I need to get developed.

-About $4 in change.

-My smaller camera battery charger

-Sand in the bag I took to the beach

-My iPod

-The advance readers copy for Sweet Valley High Double Love, which I'm curious to read to see if they updated it for these times.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weather Report

I rarely have bad days and, when I do, it's usually because I'm really tired or it's too hot. Today was sort of a bad day. It made my angry.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love cold weather. 40 degrees is about ideal for me and that's only because I know if I wish for it to be colder then I'd never see my friends again, but honestly, I LOVE IT TO BE COLD! One of my pet peeves is when people say they love the summer, but then never spend any time in the heat. I hate the summer (but love the beach, go figure) so it's okay that I create false environments of cold with AC. If I could hibernate and just sleep all summer, I would so do that. What bothers me even more is when the heat is overused in the fall and winter. Personally, I love scarves and sweaters. It's so comfortable to bundle up and create warmth from your clothes. Why must we crank up the heat when it's expensive and bad for you!? It baffles me.

Okay okay, maybe you're wondering why I brought this up since it was like 83 degrees today (*shudder*). It was so warm at work today that I spent part of it just standing there, fanning myself. I declared that I would not work under those conditions. (Yes, I was being a bit melodramatic, but I don't work in a place where sweating should ever happen.) It worries me that this trend of having the heat on (and granted, I think it's a mistake it's on now, but I was also angry no one knew how to fix it) will continue as the temperatures drop. When I get dressed in the morning and it's my beloved 40 degrees, I wear sweaters and warm layers. When I get to work it's ridiculous to then have to shed those clothes to be comfortable in a too-warm environment. And you sickly people? Going from extreme temp to extreme temp is going to make you sick.

People probably got annoyed with my today since I complained so much, but it's like having a pebble in your shoe-it's not going to feel better until it's gone and I am not going to be in a better mood until it's not ass-hot at work. It's the 15th of October. It's fall. I want the effing cold weather...NOW! I can't even enjoy the gorgeous changing leaves. GRR!


+Title from American Analog Set

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politican

It's rare you will ever get me to comment on politics. I prefer to follow the Rose mantra of "Ladies don't discuss politics" and really, it's worked out quite well for me. I find that when I do start to talk about politics, I quickly regret it because no one ever changes their mind and it's almost as rare for a political discussion to not get heated. I got angry at a coworker today who said something bad about The White Stripes, but at least where that was concerned, we were not offending each others morals and fundamental beliefs. Substitute McCain in for Jack White and Obama for Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and you can see how invested each side could potentially get when trying to win the debate of "who is the better guitar player?!" So today, like I do with politics, I ended the discussion quickly since I was not going to change my own opinion and neither was my coworker and now we can both enjoy music without hating each other.

But tonight, in honor of the Town Hall Meeting Debate, I am going to blog about politics. Relish this, my friends. It won't happen again.

In the 5th grade I pushed aside my shy tendencies and decided that I wanted to join my friends in the political world of Grace Miller Elementary. I decided to run for Treasurer of the Student Council Association (SCA). I was scared to take this on, but I rest assured in the realization that no adult was ever going to trust a 10 year old with actual money. Basically it was a way to stand out a little more and get out of class every once and awhile, which has always been a goal of mine*.

After declaring myself in the running for Treasurer, I headed home and brainstormed with my mom to figure out my slogan. I'm not sure who thought this up, but I went with: "Rose Knows Money"...get it**? My mom and I then spent all evening making up fake money that said, "Rose Knows Money" where it usually says, "The United States Of America". (Fake money, my friends. I would never deface or waste the real stuff!) The next morning my mom drove me to school early so I could go in all of the classrooms and deliver my slogan money onto my peers' desks. About halfway through this task I started to regret the decision. Why give 1st graders things with words anyway? All they want to do is wiggle and finger paint***.

So I proceeded to hang my posters: "ROSE KNOWS MONEY!" Yes she does! I knew it then and I know it now. Money is good and I know it. That afternoon everyone running for an office got up in front of the entire school and gave a speech. I can't remember my speech, but I'm pretty sure I said, "ROSE KNOWS MONEY!" I was very proud of that slogan. It was also slightly terrifying for me to speak in front of the entire school. The last time I had done that, at the time, was at the 4th grade spelling bee when I lost on the word 'luxurious'****.

I can't remember to whom I lost the election, but I did indeed lose. However, a few years later I realized I had actually won since I ended up joining way cooler clubs and classes during the time I would have spent sitting around not being trusted with the money.

Thanks for reading and, don't forget: ROSE KNOWS MONEY*****


*PSAT, ASVAB...took them all just to get out of class.
**Uhhhh, that's my last name. Please don't stalk me, but if you google it, you'll probably end up stalking the German Christian rock band anyway...or a porn star.
***I know this! Longest day of my life was subbing for 1st grade...And it was only 1/2 a day!
****You try spelling it when you're 9 and under all of that pressure!
**** Donations accepted.

Monday, October 06, 2008


With Halloween quickly approaching I have had two things on my mind*: Halloween costumes and scary movies. While I have my two Halloween costumes set (one for work, one for night), I have not settled on my ultimate scary movie list. The thing is, when I was younger, I could watch anything and nothing phased me. Now that I'm older, I'm a wuss! Being scared out of mind is not going to stop me, though. I'm on the quest to see the best**.

Now my favorite scary movie, as well as an all-time top 10, is Rosemary's Baby. Have you seen it? You must!!! I saw it for the first time in college at a Film Club meeting and instantly fell in love.

I think there's also something to be said about Scream, which I saw in the theatre with my feet up in my chair. It's the classic fear or not knowing who is behind the mask. I love it.

The Ring. I had a conversation with someone at work today about we think some people just don't see it in the same way. When he saw it he was scared shitless. When I saw it, with my sister, I watched it through a slit in my hands. I was terrified.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original and new). The original is almost funny, but is a must for a horror film list. The amount of blood is insane. The newer one, with Jessica Biel, is actually a good remake, in my opinion. It scared me! They went away from the cult-ness of the original, but replaced that with terror.

28 Days Later had me pretty freaked out and I feel like it's a really well-made movie. I still haven't seen 28 Weeks Later, but I hear it's really good.

In the same grouping, I love love love zombie movies. I love how they get you, but they're so damn slow! Ali and I both agree that the new Dawn Of The Dead is hella good.

A few movies I would like to see again since it's been awhile are: Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, etc. I also want to see some of the newer thrasher/scary movies like Saw and Hostel.

So please please please, what are your scary movie recommendations???


*But not only these two things. How weird would that be?
**And be a poet apparently...see?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Well Read

This is a book meme. What follows are six random bookish things about me!

1. If I don't like a book, I don't trudge through it. It's a waste of time for me. Maybe that's why I rarely finished books for school.

2. I prefer to watch the movie before I read the book if possible. That way, I won't be disappointed that they left stuff out and instead will be excited to get even more out of the story!

3. I.Love.Judy.Blume.

4. I hated To Kill A Mockingbird.

5. I have a list of books I want to write the screenplays for.

6. I think bookmarks are stupid and a waste of money.

And the rules are...

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on the blog.
3. Write six random bookish things about yourself.
4. Tag sixish people at the end of your post. (Kristabella and Anna, via email)
5. Let each person know he or she has been tagged.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Red Red Wine

Red Red Wine
Originally uploaded by scarls17
I finally uploaded some pics to Flickr. This is from wine week a few weeks ago.