Thursday, July 30, 2009

That Smell

Down The Road
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I took this on my way from Bealeton back to Reston, VA. It smelled like cow. Gross!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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This makes me want to go get bangs again.

I'm looking through old pics to try to decide on a haircut. I'm torn between keeping it long and getting bangs or cutting it shoulder length. and no bangs.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Water & A Seat

Room For Two More
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I went to the pool today to read for awhile. Nothing beats reading while dangling your legs in the pool.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The View* is talking about splitting group checks and how some people always get screwed and some people are always cheap. I tend to get screwed. Actually, I take that back. There are certain groups of people where, if I am the one adding up the check, I know I'm going to be paying for more than what I had. My close** friends never stiff me, but some of my acquaintances suck at life. One time I looked at my check (which was supposed to be me and one of those said close friends) and realized that there was food on the bill, yet I had not ordered any food. Upon asking the waitress and a few other people, apparently one of those sucky people had "paid on another bill", which was supposed to make up for the fact that they ordered food. Our waitress took some of it off, but I knew she'd end up getting in trouble so I just paid it. I was pissed.

The best way to do it is to have your own check, or to pay as you go, but sometimes you just don't want to worry about it until the end. Another time I can remember was me, my sister, and two close friends and since we all trusted each other, we were on one bill. Well, then other people came and joined up and apparently their drinks were on our bill. Yup, once again I got screwed and paid more than I should have. (Oh and yes, that same a-hole was there both times. Coincidence?) It's like I get punished for staying until the end. Next time I'm out with that same person I'm going to make sure I leave before he does.

On The View, Whoopie had an interesting suggestion. She said that before everyone even orders, they should put $20 in. Then, if people can't find something that's covered with that, then they either put more in or order something else. it's easier to divvy up with food, but it's the drinks that make things messy. I like it when I'm the only one drinking a certain type or beer because then it's easy to tell what I owe. "Oh, those six Sam Adams? Those are mine." hahahah, six. I love it.


*Shut up
**At first I typed "clothes" hahahaha!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


This way I can watch it (and cry) any time I want!

Under The Moonlight

In addition to thinking Robert Pattinson is hot and loving Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I'm also excited whenever they show New Moon news. Go watch the trailer...and don't make fun of me. You're probably ugly.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Rush Of Blood To The Head

I remember watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and thinking, "Damn, he's hott! And that accent! I love it!"

Robert Pattinson. He's hott. He's always been hott. Now he is extremely popular and a part of the Twilight saga so people like to say he's gross...but they're wrong, he's hott. I'm going on blogger record with this.

I think Robert Pattinson is HOTTTTT!!!!!!

And it's not because I want him to suck my blood*. It's because he is a delicious man. I'm sick of people grouping me with the teeny-boppers who love Twilight** and are in a fantastical mindset and think that RP is actually a vampire. I am 29. I am normal. And denying he is hott is ridiclous.

That is all.


*My neck, yes. And that's only for foreplay purposes.
**Although I do love Twilight...and what's wrong with that??

Friday, July 03, 2009

Well Read

Tonight at work I made an announcement for our DVD sale and said,

"Why read the book when you can watch the movie??...."

This man approached me after I had explained the sale and said, "You shouldn't say that with children in the building...they don't want to read as it is." I couldn't tell if he was joking. I think I was hoping he was joking because it was such a ridiculous statement. I said to him, "Um, I disagree." and then I smiled because while he was a total douche bag, I didn't want to deal with getting into a debate with him.

Two things:

1) Why knock movies? In my opinion, saying that movies can't be as worthy as books is like saying music is not as worthy as a book and that is just NOT TRUE.

2) Did this man really think that my one sentence was going to cause every child in the building to throw down their books and stage a protest against reading?

When I was little I used to save my allowance to buy books. I read because I enjoyed it and not because some stranger told me it was cool. This man was a tool and I hope his grandchildren are illiterate*.

*Not really. But I do hope they become filmmakers**.
**I'm having an imagination problem lately. Like, where my imagination is on fire! Nick was playing me music earlier and I created an entire horror movie in my head. <3!