Friday, July 03, 2009

Well Read

Tonight at work I made an announcement for our DVD sale and said,

"Why read the book when you can watch the movie??...."

This man approached me after I had explained the sale and said, "You shouldn't say that with children in the building...they don't want to read as it is." I couldn't tell if he was joking. I think I was hoping he was joking because it was such a ridiculous statement. I said to him, "Um, I disagree." and then I smiled because while he was a total douche bag, I didn't want to deal with getting into a debate with him.

Two things:

1) Why knock movies? In my opinion, saying that movies can't be as worthy as books is like saying music is not as worthy as a book and that is just NOT TRUE.

2) Did this man really think that my one sentence was going to cause every child in the building to throw down their books and stage a protest against reading?

When I was little I used to save my allowance to buy books. I read because I enjoyed it and not because some stranger told me it was cool. This man was a tool and I hope his grandchildren are illiterate*.

*Not really. But I do hope they become filmmakers**.
**I'm having an imagination problem lately. Like, where my imagination is on fire! Nick was playing me music earlier and I created an entire horror movie in my head. <3!



AVIUM said...

Seriously, that guy is dumb, just stupid uptight people that want to criticize everything.

Silly customers.

speener said...

And just exactly what were you going to do about it? I could see if you owned the place, but if I recall you work for one of the big ones. Wouldn't he be better served writing the corporate office?

Sounds like he thinks highly of himself and likes hearing himself talk.