Saturday, December 05, 2009

I've Never Understood

The following is a list of things I don't understand. It is not a definitive list.

Things I Do Not Understand:

1. Not Owning A Lot Of Clothes.

The other day for an outfit I was wearing I needed a long black shirt with long sleeves. A few days later I needed a black t-shirt that was not too long. Later on in the week I wanted to wear a black tank top under my sweater. That's three different black shirts I needed in one week. Multiply that by other colors and other items of clothes and that equals a lot. So I own a lot of can you not!?

2. Waking Up At The Same Time Every Day

They always recommend that people should wake up at the same time every day in order to get into a rhythm, which is supposed to make a person less tired all of the time. How is this possible unless you're a loser? On Mondays and Tuesdays I have to get up at 530am. Do you really think I want to inflict such pain on myself later on in the week? If I did that on some weekend mornings I wouldn't be getting any sleep! As another example, my dad gets up at 4am for work. If he got up at 4am on the weekends I think his body would revolt.

3. Karoake

On Wednesday I embarrassed myself by attempting to sing "We Belong Together" by Mariah Carey at karaoke. Now, I know I can't sing, but I do know that song and sing it all of the time. But why do I only get the words up on the screen while I sing? It's not the words I usually need, but the melody! It's like singing acapella Star Spangled Banner-that shite is tough! I want notes on the screen. Maybe I'll start printing out the sheet music for any song I plan on singing:)