Friday, March 30, 2007

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

After All These Years

I found my yearbook from 1990. I was in 5th grade. The following are the messages my friends left for me:

  • "Scarlet. Your* pretty and nice to meet you your were really coal this year and hope to see you that way next year and your in my class hope to see you soon your friend Marsha"
  • "Skillet, Skittles, Scarlet, or who ever you are you are really, nice, funny, (sord of) wierd, wacky, stupid, and pretty all at once but what the heck your my friend and I hope your in my class next year and I hope you meet a cute boy and I hope you can skate better, faster, and backwards really good, then maybe just maybe you'll get better at racing me and you might beat me but I doubt it very, very, very, very seriously but o well who care best wishes in every thing you do."
  • "Scarlet, Hope you have a nice summer and meet a boyfriend that is your type. Your friend, Patty. P.S. See you next year."
  • "So have a great summer and finally meet a boy. Bye, Bye, your best friend. Tonka Tonya or Tuna whoever. T.W."
  • "Skillet, I'll miss you this summer everything I ever say nasty to you or about you I never mean. Stephanie."
  • "Hi, Have a great summer get a cute one! Kisha"
  • "Scarlet- You are one of my first G/T students and I've enjoyed having you in class. Mrs. Brockel**"
  • Harold. Love, Harold***"
  • Hi, Scarlet Rose, This is Ali you know you'er**** sister. I hope you get a boy."
Wow. I left the boring ones out. But a lot of people hoped I would have a "cool summer."

SVR...I mean, Skittles.

*Just assume [sic]s for all of these, ok?
**I just put that one so you'd know I was smrt.
***What? Oh, and he wanted me. He called once and asked if I'd go out with him. I said, "In your dreams." and he said, "I'm dreaming!" So I said, "Well then wake up!"
****I think she signed this years later because when I was in 5th grade grade she was about 3. And seriously, even though she got the "'re" backwards, at least she knew it was to be a contraction, which is more than my 5th grade friends could say...

Big Man With A Gun

The other day, when on the phone with my sister, I said, "Are you okay? You sound distracted. Does someone have a gun to your head and you're trying to let me know to send help!?" She said no, she was fine and not to send help, but from there I decided that we needed to decide on our own code in case the situation of a big man with a fun ever arises. Or woman, whatever. I'm not sexist when it comes to crazies with guns.

Yesterday I called her again and before we hung up I said we should practice and pretend like it was one of those terrifying situations. At first, instead of deciding on what we would say, we just jumped into the role-playing*:

Scarlet: "Okay, well, I'll talk to you later!"

Ali: "...Okay. I'll talk to you...llaaaattteeerrrrrrrr."

Scarlet: "Oh No! Does someone have a gun to your head!?"

Ali: "Scarlet, if someone has a gun to my head, I'm not going to be able to answer that."

Scarlet: "Oh."

So we tried again. This time we switched roles**:

Ali: "Bye!"

Scarlet: "Bye! I'm going to go take a nap now."

Ali: "Scarlet, that doesn't flow very well. The guy with the gun is going to know you're trying to let me know what's going on."

Scarlet: "Oh, true, but I was just trying to think of something that you would know I'd never do."

Ali: "Good thinking. Let's modify that. Try again..."

Scarlet: "Bye, Ali!"

Ali (now she's the one with the imaginary gun to her head, in case you lost track): "Bye! Enjoy this amazing and beautiful spring weather!"

Scarlet: *dials 911 because no way in hell would either of us utter the above sentence.* "Haha, wouldn't it be funny if then the gunman adds on, 'Yeah, it's so nice outside!' I wish I could be outside enjoying the warmth."

Ali: "Well, he's a crazed gunman, of course he'd like spring."

So, we're set. If I ever call Ali, or she calls me, and one of us mentions the "nice warm spring weather" we will know to call 911. Hmmm, this will only work until June and then we'll modify it to "this nice 100 degree weather!"


*Although, is it role-playing if we're playing ourselves?
**Well, I was still Scarlet and she was still Ali.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Best Thing In Town

Not that the majority of Blog Land will know any of these people, but since I talked about it before, I figured I should follow through and post the results of my Work Superlatives. And I swear on Brad Pitt that I didn't alter any of the outcomes. Nor did I stack any votes. So, without further adieu:


Guy: Shane (Honorable mentions: Brendan, Steven*)

Girl: Scarlet (Honorable mentions: Osa)

Best Dressed:

Guy: Chad (Honorable mentions: Calvin, Steven)

Girl: Scarlet (Honorable mentions: Allison, Lisa, Rebecca)

Best Eyes:

Guy: Chad (Honorable mentions: Gregory, Steven, Shane)

Girl: Scarlet (Honorable mentions: Katie, Melanie)

Best Hair:

Guy: Brendan (Honorable mentions: Bradley, Steven)

Girl: Scarlet (Honorable mentions: Jessica, Rachel)

Most Likely To Succeed:

Guy: Steven (Honorable mention: Chris)

Girl: Katie (Honorable mention: Lisa)

Most Likely To Be Famous:

Guy: Bradley (Honorable mentions: Brendan, Robin)

Girl: Lisa (Honorable mention: Scarlet)

Class Clown:

Guy: Robin (Honorable mention: Shane)

Girl: Serena (Honorable mention: Monique)

Most Talkative:

Guy: Robin (Honorable mentions: Geoff, Chris)

Girl: Katie (Honorable mention: Scarlet)

Most Likely To Hook Up/Date: TIED



Most Serious:

Guy: Ben (Honorable mentions: Robin, Geoff)

Girl: Lauren (Honorable mention: Sunjin, Roderica)

*I'm only not linking to him because I'm not sure if he'd want me to. He's hott though, trust me:)

Monday, March 26, 2007


Dear GAP,

I'm worried about the safari that you vomited up for this season's clothes. I haven't seen that much khaki since well, never. It's too much! Does anyone wear safari clothes every day? No, I didn't think so. How about some color? Black, please? I'd even take more white*.

And I have recently been very pleased with your jeans. They are fitting so well, BUT you don't stock any. Or wait, you don't stock anything other than a Size 0 short. Who wears that? Babies? I don't understand how you can stock so few of them. It's weird.

But what's weirder and way more perplexing is the fact that all you ever have left are the teeny tiny sizes. It seems to me like your buyer needs to check his/her numbers because if you are consistently running out of normal sizes, way before clearance sales, then you need to adjust what you start with.

So, Gap, shape up, please. I still like you, but my feelings are going to be up for grabs pretty soon.



Saturday, March 24, 2007

Death Rattle

Alternate Title: Why I Will Never Be Bulimic

Alternate Title: What It's Like To Have The Devil In Your Stomach

Alternate Title: How Many Different Ways Can You Say "Vomit"?

****Do not read on if you don't like to read about vomiting. I did a lot of that yesterday and I plan on telling you all about it. You're welcome in advance.****

I had to pull over twice on my way home last night. Once at a rest stop that I screeched into and had my door open before I was even stopped and again, just a mile from my house. I was so thirsty that I just had to take sips of water, even though I knew it would cause me to throw up. I thought my head was going to explode. Or dry out or something. I felt like death.

Moving backwards, I got potato skins and ginger ale at Fridays with Ali and Serena because I thought I was feeling better. This, of course, caused the previously described reaction and I'm pretty sure the other girl in the TGIF bathroom thought I was bulimic. I should have known better since after my nap at Ali's and the water I couldn't help but gulp down left me extremely nauseous even after vomiting once again. But by that point in the day, after not being able to keep any food or water down, I was beyond starving despite knowing I would end up ralphing.

I also threw up at the bar we went to for happy hour. I know it sounds ludicrous for us to have gone somewhere for happy hour when I was so sick, but I didn't want to ruin people's days and Ali ended up coming to get me anyway so I had to wait for her. Before happy hour, I stood outside Starbucks for awhile, ready to climb in the trashcan I was using. I felt like death.

I think before that was the end of our Wine Week lunch at Smith & Wollensky where I left my mark and began my afternoon of vomiting. It was a lot of fun up until that point. Me, Serena, and R met up with Joyce, her husband, and his colleagues at a hott* table in the corner. I think my favorites were the sparkling and the Riesling and my least favorites were the reds that supposedly taste like butter or something. I never did taste that. I had the steak sandwich, which was pretty good and the amazing fries . Oh yeah, and the calamari. BLEECHHHHHHHHH! Damn you, calamari! I blame you for releasing the devil in my body that caused me to feel sick for the next 12 hours**.


*Hott because we were sitting there.
**I know you're probably thinking I got sick from the wine, but I didn't. I never get sick and I didn't even have enough to get sick. And if you want me to get all detaily about the barfing, I will, and then you will believe me that it was from the food.

Danger Of The Water

Never have I been so excited to keep water down.

More later...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk

Actually, that's a lie. I don't really like wine. Well, unless it's sparkling, but who cares about my drinking preferances because in just 24 hours, Wine Week is upon us once again!

To say that I am excited is a huge understatement. I can practically taste the many glasses that I will consume tomorrow along with just a smidge of food that, even though delicious, gets in the way of the wine.

But until then, it's back to work on this project...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Body Is A Cage

I know it's my subconsious at work, but the moment I have to do something, I decide it's time to do everything else. Do you know how badly I want to make mix CDs right now? It's all I can think about. (Okay, not all I can think about. I'm also thinking a lot about boys. That's right-boys. I mean, men. Ew, no. Guys-there we go.) And my clarinet? I'm super motivated to practice and perfect my orchestra pieces, which never happens. The practice part, I mean. Perfection comes naturally;) Along with practicing the clarinet, I'm ready to tackle the bassoon again and hey, I should probably pick up the guitar and bass while I'm at it.

I haven't even announced Superlative winners! I was (am) so excited about this, but it's been moved to the backburner as much as I hate to say it. What is more important to me: making a Special Education Resource Notebook or printing up something flashy to announce who won what Superlative. Hmmmmm, take a guess.

I have three camera sitting around just begging to be used. I have pro Fotki and Flickr accounts gathering dust and the sky is so bright* and lovely for photographs. The other day I decided to go out with themes for the day to take pictures of. Things like: patterns, flowers, faces, etc. What fun!

But no fun until this effing project is postmarked and in the mail on Friday. So until then, except for the random blog, I will be pushing my fun stuff to the side to finish this project. (Have I mentioned I hate school? Always have. Always will.)

Oh but the moment this project is in the mail? Do you know where I'll be? ON MY WAY TO WINE WEEK! OHhhhhhhh yeah. And we're doing some happy hour shiznit afterwards and if you know what's good for you, you'll join us. If you don't know me, email me for my # and if you do know me, I'll see you there.


*Still not happy about spring. Still hate spring. Achoo. Hate.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tomorrow Is Already Here

I'm a little stressed. If I wasn't so apathetic about it all, I would say I am beyond stressed, but until I'm giving up sleep, it ain't no thang. Meanwhile, in between frantic researching, writing, and creating*, I am counting down to a couple of things.

1. Wed when my sister and I have hair appointments and will probably go out to lunch. I had to miss my last appointment because my job sucks so not only am I in desperate need of a trim, but I'm ready for a change. Well, a slight change. I briefly entertained the thought of going shoulder length, but for the time being I am staying long. "The time being" will probably last as long as this cool weather. Once it starts to get warm I'll be wanting it shorter.

2. Friday. OH MY GOD, Wine Week is upon us once again. I couldn't go last time because I was busy teaching crazy middle schoolers how to play instruments, but my first experience was amazing so I'm really looking forward to it. This year we're going to work through the exhaustion that comes from being wine drunk by 2 in the afternoon so we can then enjoy happy hour and maybe even regular hour;)

3. This is a longer-term thing to look forward to, but in the end of April my cousin is getting married and Ali and I are going. We're going to have an amazing time on Bald Head Island, NC and I'm so going to hook her up with the booze. (I'm hoping to hook up with some boos...hehe.)

Okay, back to work I go. This damn project is due in just a few days...


*Soon to be glittering. I'm so going to glitter up this project. Seriously

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Last night, as I tucked in under my blanket on Serena's couch, wearing my clothes from the day, yet on my own pillow, I said, "See, it's a good thing I never take things out of my car."

She and I went to a new martini bar in the area last night to check it out. Our official review is that we're definitely going back, but it might be a better place to take a group than to meet someone new. On the way back to her place, my car fell into a crater, and emerged with a flat tire. Because we at first just thought it threw off my alignment, we continued on to her apartment where I was going to cautiously inspect the damage. Well, the damage was that my car wasn't going anywhere for the time being so, the good friend that she is, Serena offered her couch up for the night. (Thank you!)

While I don't exactly drive around with pajamas in my car, I do happen to have a really bad habit of never taking things inside when I get home. So, in my backseat and in various bags I had: a blanket (actually, 2), a pillow, extra knickers*, jeans, t-shirt, new hoodie**, socks, eyeliner***, and a headband. Laziness**** has finally worked out in my favor! I was able to go to work today looking slightly decent and not skank-nasty.

However, I wasn't feeling my hottest, so Superlative Results will be posted later:) Please check back in.

Oh, and no, I didn't go out for St. Patrick's Day. There's a donut on my car and I'm not a big fan of the Irish so I'm at home. It's okay, though. St. Patty's Day means nothing to me if I can't wear my, "I'm Scottish, But Kiss Me Anyway"**** shirt.

SVR (Not Wearing Green)

*Normally I wouldn't talk about my knickers, but I wouldn't want common thought to be that I either went commando today or well,
**I HATE the word "hoodie" and hate to use it, but it's easier sometimes, unfortunately.
**Thank God. Suriously.
***Laziness when getting home, ok!? I'm not a lazy person, I just hate to make multiple trips inside once I'm there so inevitably stuff gets left in my car.
****All you fuckers get to say you're Irish today, so I get to say I'm Scottish, okay?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Marching Theme

Beware the Ides of March, eh? I'm just sad I missed Pi Day. I was so busy sneezing I didn't realize such a great, mathematical day was upon us. Einstein's birthday and the literal day of Pi (3.14). As a self-described math lover, I am disappointed in myself.

There are more important things for today, though: If I am supposed to beware the Ides of March, then what am I avoiding or being afraid of today? Besides having to work, I can't think of anything else (well, besides pollen!) so I went to my horoscope for the answers:

Excitement is growing even more than it was before. You've got a vision, and you're absolutely on target to make it a reality. Everyone who hears your plans is convinced of the worthiness of your goal.
Sounds positive to me, but I am unsure what my vision is about. And this 'goal' they speak of? Besides finding weekend plans and winning the lottery I never play, I can't think of any. So what about my Singles Love Horoscope...those are always fun:
Those who are capable of appreciating an independent spirit, a unique mind and an unusual allure are drawn to you with a massive magnetic force now. Share your inspiration and feel the admiration.
Hahaha, maybe people should beware of me. I'm like a magnet, apparently.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


It's that time of year when everyone starts saying, "Oh, isn't the weather just lovely outside?" and "I wish I wasn't working so I could enjoy this nice spring weather we're having." or the worst, "Oh, the flowers are gorgeous when they start blooming!" Because you know what I think about this time of year? "Oh crap...I ran out of Claritin." and "Eff you, flowers. I hate you and your pollen!"


I just spent $2 at Wawa for one (1) Claritin pill. An expense I can live with since I consider it a slight emergency. I also bought a box of tissues. Do you know how unfortunate it is to be the girl who has to carry a box of tissues around?

I hate spring. A lot.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Best

In an effort to entertain myself and make work more exciting, I set up [Insert Work Name] Superlatives for the cool people to vote on. This, of course, is not company-sponsored so it's on the downlow...well, until now when I'm blogging about it. The categories are as follows:

  • Best Hair
  • Best Eyes
  • Hottest
  • Most Serious
  • Most Talkative
  • Most Likely To Succeed
  • Most Likely To Be Famous
  • Most Likely To Date/Hook Up
  • Class Clown
  • Best Dressed

I'm not asking everyone to vote because I just don't think some of them can handle it. I've already had to take the ballots away from one coworker who mocked me and then failed to follow my "Be Quiet" rule. Tsk tsk. Most people are into it...or at least pretending to be into it because they can tell how excited I am about it.

And I'll be honest with you (although it's probably no surprise), I really want to win Hottest. As the one in charge for this little Superlative game, I am privy to the ballots and know most of the names being written down for this honor. I just hope people aren't voting for me because they know I want to win...

Oh and if I do win hottest, I've decided that I get to make out with the males nominated for hottest. Win-win, eh?


Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Finish Line

Whew, I am tired. This past week was supposed to be my spring break*, but I ended up being busier than ever with work and the musical I played in. We had rehearsals every night of the week and then performances Friday and Saturday nights and this afternoon.

I'm afraid I don't have anything exciting to report just yet....give me a day or so;)


*yeah yeah, I only have two classes-shut up.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I just want it known that I hate March and one of the reasons is because of March Madness. I loathe college basketball.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Barely Listening

I keep sitting down at my laptop, with iTunes open, ready to make a new mix CD and it's just not happening. Partly because I can't stop listening to #9 and #10 of Pilot Speed's Into The West album, but also because my concentration levels are apparently just broken.

I watched Heroes the other night when I got home after a gazillion hour day so I essentially have no idea what happened in the episode. Last night, Steven told me to rewatch it, but I couldn't because I was busy not paying attention to Lost. Even Gilmore Girls on Tuesday didn't fully sink in (!!).

Last night I had really involved, long dreams. At one point I had to take a little puppy on a walk for him to relieve himself. (Luckily, it wasn't a poop-scoop area.) So we go outside and he answers Nature's call and then we head back in, with me being very careful not to step in anything smelly. However, we get back into the school (did I mention I was working at a school?) and apparently someone else had tracked in some smelly dog crap causing it to stink so badly that I almost vomited in a hallway trashcan, ew!

In looking up what dogs mean in dreams, I have gathered that they can represent friendships, which is interesting. As "man's best friend," they can be a symbol of that relationship, but I have yet to find an entry online for "dream dictionary dog poop," so I'm giving up on that one. I just hope it doesn't mean someone's shitting on me-figuratively and not literally, gross.

Like I said, it was a long and involved dream, but the puppy part was the most pronounced. The other parts were more like continuations of my day, or really, continuations of how I would want my day to be:)


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I don't think I am a nice person, but so often there are these situations where I am just that. Too nice. And nice is such a meek, unactive word. I don't want to be nice. I want to be considerate, yet deliberate. I think that to be described as deliberate can be a great compliment. And considerate, well, that's a given.

It's just that there are these situations I get myself into where I just "okay" it too much and I hate that. What about what I want? What if I don't want to do that or to act that way?

And only semi-related, do I make it easy to be friends with me? I wonder that sometimes. One time, in college, my friend commented that I was the nicest person she knew and was always so easy-going. Now, to those who know me now, please don't laugh. I have definitely become more selfish since then, but in the best way possible, I hope:)

Maybe I should make a more concerted effort to say no more and to be more demanding myself. Anyway....just rambling.



"Happiness is: Someone to love, Something to do, and Something to hope for."

~Immanuel Kant

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Up In Arms

Whew! The past few days have been a blur of work and music. Tonight I had two rehearsals at the same time and managed to go to both. Yeah, that's right...I'm Super Musician. Never mind the fact that I was so tired I couldn't concentrate on the music because being there is half the battle, right?

At this point in my forever long week (How is it not hump day yet???), all I want is a back massage. The problem here is that I don't have the time or money to get a real one, and just don't know who else I can ask for such a service. Back massages, when not completely professional, can be kind of intimate, no? A few times today, the knots in my shoulders almost spoke on their own to ask my male coworkers to help me out. I quieted them down, though, as I didn't want things to get too hott and heavy since yeah, the second any one's hands are on me they just can't help but get out of control. Can't blame them, either. I'm a foxx;) Okay okay, I'm really tired. What am I writing here? Did I really just type "foxx?" This post sounds like I'm drunk and I am so not.

Maybe I'll try this again tomorrow...

Sleepy SVR

Sunday, March 04, 2007


My wrists are killing me. From a combination of sleeping oddly and not getting enough sleep, I have been left with achey joints. I know, I know. I sound like I'm 70 or something, but I know my wrists and they're tired and want to rest.

Rest will not come today, though, as I have a seven hour rehearsal for the musical I'm playing in the pit for: Into The Woods. I think it might be a long week with rehearsal every night from 630/730 til 10/10:30 along with work during the day. Woe is me, right? Haha...I'll stop complaining.


Saturday, March 03, 2007

After The Laughter

I hate the day after a party or a night out, when everyone is tired and we have to examine the damage on fotki and flickr. Not to mention in person and on IM. Anyway, here are some of my favorite things from last night, which was Ravena's 80s/Porn-themed birthday party:

+Roller skating- That's right. We roller skated. Per Ravena's request about six of us headed to the rink in our 80s gear to get the party started right. I can't believe how many other people seemed to have gotten the 80s memo, though.
+Allie's pink cupcakes- Allie makes the best cupcakes. You should order some from her. Seriously.
+Serena's side ponytail. I was sad when it came down.
+Those awesome chicken things "Spicey!"
+Sleeping sleepover style. "Are we sleeping now or still talking?"
+My off-the-shoulder, Flashdance-style sweatshirt- I've never been so cool in a sweatshirt before.
+Scrunchies- Let's bring those back, ok?
+Ravena's penis shaped shot glass- Wow.
+"What Goes Around" by Mr. JT- Wow, I need to stop singing this song so loudly.
+No bonding.
+Blank, vacant facial expressions for the pictures- So 80s, right?
+Ravena's roommates- One who was into it, but one who definitely was not. Oops!
+My jump-rope belt and accompanying line, "Let's get physical!"- I never got to use it, bust.
+Gibberish- Ali and I spoke in Gibberish for like, 10 minutes. I kept mixing in Spanish, though, which really made it difficult.
+AUF WEIDERSEHEN!- And all of the other German phrases said (yelled). Allie tried to teach me a few, but the connection from my brain to mouth apparently was not working.
+Ali reenacting her fall from the ladder- Hilarious. Pictures later...

Happy Birthday, Vena!


Friday, March 02, 2007

Hoes, Money, And Clout

While the morning part of my day is beginning about as poorly as it could...Seriously, does every bill and payment have to hit at once??...the evening portion of the day is sure to be quite swell. Because of *BIRTHDAY SECRETS* I cannot divulge my plans, but rest assurred, it will be fun, hilarious, exciting, and I will come back with a lot of pictures.

I am also looking forward to the weekend as I actually do not work either day. This actually hasn't happened for months so it's an occasion to cherish. Sure, Sunday will be spent in a double run-thru of the musical I'm playing in, but at least it's not work, eh?

Be good today and this weekend, boos.


P.S. Yes, the photo contest pictures were due yesterday, but since I obviously am not going to be able to work on it today, feel free to enter today. And tomorrow and hell, even the next day. I won't be doing much without high speed this weekend, ya know?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Please Please Man

Apparently, all chivalrous men were absent from the metro yesterday morning between 7am and 7:50am. I boarded my train, on my way to Gallery Place for an 8am meeting, set up with my iPod and Express (I see you, i66,) although I don't know why I bothered since reading of any kind while moving makes me want to vomit.

About halfway there, as the train was getting more and more crowded, I started getting warmer and warmer. This was, I believe, an unfortunate side effect of having a pre-cold, as I feel fine, but am having the annoying side effects of the shivers followed closely by overheating. And what follows overheating? Well, as myself, and many others on my train found out, it is followed by coughing. And not just any coughing, but that annoying kind where it feels like there is a feather stuck in one's throat. Some would call this a "tickle*."

So great, I'm stuck next to the window feeling like it's 100 degrees and I'm coughing. And just like laughing, when I cough, my eyes almost automatically start to water. If I had just gotten misty, much like what happened after the series finale of The O.C.**, then I would have been fine, but for some reason, I was practically crying! This, of course, was embarrassing for me so I was practically hiding behind my hair, looking like the loner girl from English 11 who never talked to anyone and not only hid behind her hair, but probably ate it, too.

I had no tissues, nor did I have a mirror to check out the damage the crying was doing to my makeup. And did anyone offer me a handkerchief? A tissue? No. They did not. And I know you had them...what else would you put in those useless little pockets on the front of your suits?

It's okay, though. I guess we're all in our own little zones while on the metro and I can't blame you. Who would want to help the weird (hott) girl crying by the window. *sigh*


*Not me. That word bothers me.