Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Having to get up at 430am yesterday after a weekend of minimal sleep was beyond difficult. After a blurred work day, I got home at about 430pm and proceeded to pass out until 8. Now, I rarely take naps so this was completely foreign to me. And to then be able to fall asleep again later for a full night's sleep? Wow. This was one tired girl.

So yes, the weekend was a success. I entered it cautiously optimistic, but a little apprehensive about how we would all work together. We had a majority rule set in place to cut down on opinionated fights, but we didn't need to use it very many times and even then it wasn't a big deal. My biggest moment of needing to take a deep breath occurred Friday night/Saturday morning at about 5am when I was the only one trying to sleep and everyone else was laughing at what felt like cruel levels to my exhausted ears. I didn't say anything, though, since I was in the minority for wanting to sleep. And it worked out since the next night everyone was so tired they slept completely soundly, which allowed for everyone to get some much needed rest.

I'm proud and excited for the mini film we created! It cracks me up everytime I see it and I just hope it has the same effect on Saturday when it is screened at the Byrd Theatre on Cary St. in Richmond, VA. That said, I hope anyone in the area, or not in the area, comes at 330pm to see:

Heroic Solutions: A Superhero Training Module, Level 1

more info to come...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Exit Music (For A Film)

It's 11:42 on Saturday night and I'm sitting in The Village in Richmond with Serena while she alternates editing with drinking mass amounts of delicious iced coffee. On two hours sleep (not even), the six of us (Me, Serena, Allie, Terra, Tice, and Ben) set out to create our 4-7 minute superhero masterpiece.

Last night, at The Camel, which served as the starting spot for the 48 Hour Film Festival, we drew our genre fate and left at 7pm with the following information:

1. We had 48 hours to make a Superhero film.
2. A pencil had to be in it.
3. The required character was named Cliff/Claudia Foust and is a historian*.
4. Somewhere in the film the following line had to be said, uttered, shouted, or whatevered, "I was thinking the same thing."

We spent all day in the disgusting 90+ degree heat running back and forth between shoot locations and the hotel. At one point three of us were wearing superhero capes made out of astro-turf while Serena filmed and later on in the day you could have found Ben as our villian mugging Allie the victim.

It was a long, effing day. I am beyond exhausted and earlier, after a super-filling dinner at Sticky Rice, I couldn't keep my eyes open and actually took a nap in the hotel room...with everyone else there. Anyone who knows me will realize how tired I was if I actually slept in front of people. Waking up with burning, watering eyes was awesome and I'm pretty sure I look as though I've just come off a week long stint of uppers.

But we're at Iced Coffee Mecca now and we're not leaving before 2am (when they close) so Serena can get as much editing done as she can. Tomorrow is hopefully a less-filled day, but will be a tad stressful as we need to complete our film and turn it in by 7pm.

If we ever get it on youtube or something, I will be sure to post the link. Otherwise, you should come to the screening of our film to be held 4 August 2007 at the Byrd Theatre on Cary Street in Richmond, VA.


*First text was to Ali, our resident Historian.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Learn To Hate

My head was killing me for much of the night. It was the type of pain that reminded me of the self-diagnosed tension headaches I was getting a few months ago almost daily. I know what it's from. It's because I have so much on my mind. My head literally hurts from thinking too much.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Point Of View

So we're down to the Top 10! I would say this is when it gets good, but So You Think You Can Dance has been amazing for weeks now. Tonight they changed things up a lot as they had each dancer perform the same Wade Robson solo as well as a dance with a new partner. So, thoughts:

Lauren and Pasha dancing hip hop to "Fuego" by Pitbull:

Awesome beginning! I love how they're movements were so on the music. I think they did a great job and the choreography was hella good. What fun! My only problem with the hip hop routines is usually they're outfits, which can come off as too comical sometimes.

Solo #1: Jaimie:

She is obviously good. I agreed later on with Nigel when he said he didn't get her emotion from the dance. I think maybe that she looked so different in this dance that it was liking watching someone new and not the Jaimie we've been seeing all of these weeks. Because, she did a good job, but it wasn't memorable.

Solo #2: Domonic:

He looks a little bit like he's tied to a bungee cord and keeps bouncing around because of that. Again, he does a good job, but this is the Top 10 so of course everyone is going to do well. I like him, though.

Sabra and Kameron dancing contemporary to "Amazing Grace" by Crystal Lewis:

I think Sabra is awesome, but I'm worried she's going to get on my nerves soon. Quit squealing! Okay, this dance, of course, is gorgeous. It's slow, but at the same time not boring and it was so fluid that it was an ease to watch. I think it would have been interesting to see them in something ballroom.

Solo #3: Sarah:

I really Sarah because she's so gangsta and then she comes out and dances incredibly in all of the other styles. I also like that she just seems bigger than some of the other scrawny girls on stage. It's the gangsta thing.

Solo #4: Pasha:

I bet he was terrified to have to dance this solo since he's a ballroom guy. He does an okay job, but it's obvious he doesn't have the moves and extension in his arsenal. He also looked a little confused at the end. But I still like him. Go Russians!

Lacey and Danny dancing the samba to Hip Hip Chin Chin by Club Des Belugas:

Oh, Dmitry! Hott. This dance is SO sexay. I really like Lacey because she's got a little bit of dirty whore in her and I think it's great. And Danny did really well, too, and I want him to stay for sure now. He showed that he's not just out there doing well what he we already know he does well-does that make sense? Wow...this dance=Wow!

Solo #5: Lauren:

I think Lauren is really good and, like Nigel points out, she dances with the music quite well. This is so tough because I want EVERYONE to keep making it! Lauren seems like she would be a lot of fun to hang out with. She's so giggly!

Solo #6: Neil:

Wow, he sure can jump and leap! I think he has one of the best solos, but something about it doesn't make it stand out as much as it should. Hmmm.

Solo #7: Sabra:

I like that she connected with the audience in the begining, but honestly, otherwise it was just another solo for me. I know the judges said it was awesome, but it was still just another dance to me. Maybe I'm trying to find something negative about Sabra since everything else is so positive?

Solo #8: Kameron:

I am really beginning to know this song pretty well:) I can see what they mean about his lack of extension, but I think he puts a lot into his dancing. He, too, connected with the audience a little more than the others. And he has hott hair.

Jaimie and Dominic dancing the Viennese Waltz:

YUCK! I HATE THIS STYLE OF DANCING! At least the choreographer changed it up a little and added some much needed flair...too bad the judges hated it. I guess they were a little too cheesey in their roles, but as a viewer, I appreciated that because the viennese waltz usually is like another commercial break to me. At least this time I watched it.

Solo #9: Lacey:

Good enough. Nothing spectacular. Honestly, I'm a little sick of watching the same dance for the 9th time!

Solo #10: Danny:

See, now he stood out. It's obviously how technically good he is after watching his perform this solo. AND he connects with the audience. Good job, Danny!

Sarah and Neil dancing the disco:

Seems like Sarah is always getting these upbeat dances. I think they did an awesome job and the dance was smokin'! I am liking Neil and his Used-Car Salesman look. I think it works for him and especially in this dance. Sarah also has a good performance expression-she smiles, but it's believable and not just there because she knows she should.

Who should get kicked off?

Jaimie and Dominic? Or Kameron. Oh, I don't know!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I Put A Spell On You

I'm on page 173. I can't turn the pages fast enough when I finally get a chance to sit down with it, but these moments seem to be few and far between. Work and sleep (the little I'm getting) are getting in the way of my Harry Potter reading.

Last night I was a dumbass and went to wikipedia to check on Hermione's birthday, not even thinking that, of course, it had been updated with Book 7 information. So I saw a spoiler, dammit! Then I emailed Anna and didn't make it clear I was not done and she accidently told me something, too. But it's okay because I think it makes for better reading for me. I would rather read with some ease and enjoy it, rather than wondering the whole time who might die.

The Midnight Madness Party at Barnes and Noble on Friday was just that...Madness! I somehow ended up as the greeter for the store and directed everyone as they came in. This was both good and bad as I was happy to show off my shirt, but can also be kind of shy when it comes to crowd control. I'm good with greeting, but telling people where to go? Awkward!

Being armed with a water gun for the evening helped. It was neverending fun to squirt people and then turn away while holding back the laughter as the unassuming victims looked all around to figure out from where the water had come. I also had fun giving the teens and kids a hard time, "So you want the dark mark painted on your face? Your bad!? That's terrible!"

It was an enjoyable evening, though, surprisingly. I was beyond exhausted by 230am when we finally clocked out, though.

Happy reading! Don't ruin it for me!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Same Old Song And Dance

So we're down to 10 dancers and it happened before I could even blog about last week's dances! So, since the pairs are splitting up, I'll analyze each individually:

Danny- He is soooooo good, but there is something about him that is too smooth. I love to watch him dance, but I tend to not care much more about him. As I can say about 80% of the dancers, he sometimes doesnt' stand out enough. Dancing alone, unfortunately, won't bring it. Props for being tall, though.

Dominic- I like him, but I wouldn't fight to keep him there. I think he will leave soon if he's in the bottom three. Although, now that he won't be paired with Sabra, maybe he will stand out more. And actually, his jokes in the interviews annoy me a little. A crush on Cat Deely? Boorrring.

Jaimie- Yes, she has good lines. Yes, she's a good dancer. But would someone please shut her up??

Kameron- I really like him and maybe it's because he has that red mohawk:) I want him to stay around longer. He's one of my favorites, I think. I wonder how he'll do with another partner. Like, imagine him with Jaimie dancing hip hop-WEIRD!

Lacey- Hearing about her smelly weave was kinda gross. She's a great dancer and also really stands out. I can actually see her winning if she continues to get good dances.

Lauren- I know some people don't like her, but I don't mind her. She looks tiny when she danced her solo, which kind of surprised me. Is she shorter than "5'3"" Jaimie? She also danced to Christina Aguilera, which resulted in bonus points from me. Can she make it to the end? I don't think so. She needs to stand out more.

Neil- I think he's cute and very animated. He also has incredible jumps and spins. I liked their Mia Michael's contemporary last week. I loved when they looked bouncey-if that makes any sense. I tend to like the guys who dance contemporary or jazz as their main styles. Like last year, when I wanted Travis to beat Benji.

Pasha- A hott Russian. Huzzah! He's a great dancer and partner, but I worry for when he has to dance his solo. Ballroom dancer solos suck.

Sabra- I love Sabra! She's funny and personable and dances everything well. I take it as a good sign with these dancers when I forget what their regular dance style is. Can Sabra make it to the end? Ummm, I think so, but she needs to continue having awesome choreography!

Sarah- The 80s dance was awesome. I don't much care for her solos, though. I have been impressed with her dancing in the other styles. She wore earrings I own last week! Cool. I'm not sure if she can make it to the end.

I am already looking forward to next week when they will be paird up differently!!!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Micro Cuts

What a long day. I've been up since 430am and by the grace of iced coffee (see #2), I've been on the go since then.

1) I was on and off the phone with Kyle from Elliott in the Morning at 6am, 6:20am, 6:55am, and then 7:10am. I was prepared to state the following:
a) I have their promotional CD from 1999/2000 and I remember the day I bought it.
b) I bought Origin Of Symmetry when it was still an import.
c) I even have Hullabaloo!
d) My grandfather was a Freemason (shhhh!!!!) and I am obsessed with all things Scottish
It didn't work out, despite Brendan and I sitting in his car on our break, while Ali listened from home, but it's okay. I believe with all my being that I deserve it and it'll happen sometime. And Kyle was a total boo about it all. Good guy.

2) Sometimes I want to tap my vein and insert iced coffee that most direct way. Today, with my partner in coffee crime, I had 2.5 venti iced coffees. One at noon with lunch, one at 2 on my break, and 1/2 of the last one we ended up sharing after work while in my car.

3) I had a "Say it, bitch" moment today. This woman came in and said, "You know what I want", meaning to reserve a copy of Harry Potter. I said, "I'm going to make you say it." I thought I was being funny, but the look on her face told me otherwise so I entered her information into the computer and smiled and sent her on her unfunny way.

4) I couldn't find out if it would cost to send the phone numbers from my old phone to my new phone via bluetooth, and I am too cheap to pay Verizon to do it for me, so I just wrote down all 150+ contacts. Five pages. It was major.

5) I also had an "I own it!" moment today when this man asked for the magazine "V". There is a magazine by that name, but we don't carry it. Then he said, "David Beckham and his wife are on it this month" and despite my wanting to point out that her name is Victoria and she's hilarious, I told him that actually, they are on "W" this month. He doubted my magazine knowledge, but I schooled him and said that I get that one in the mail and had already read it. And I'm pretty sure I said, "It's totally hott."

6) Someone told me I should be a lawyer because of my ability to find a loophole in any rule. "They said no flip flops in cafe, which means we can wear flip flops out here!" I also referred to myself as the ultimate rule-bender today.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sleeping On The Roof

I think I broke my body. Not its bones or anything, but lately I have felt totally off in my sleeping.

Last Friday I got, at most, three hours of sleep before work, which left me one flesh-bite away from being a zombie. After barely making it home without falling asleep, I did just that and crashed in my bed for about an hour before going to a low-key crab fest with Ali and Nathaniel.

Sunday was fairly normal, sleep wise, but I ended up getting to bed way too late for my Monday morning wake up time of 430am.

Needless to say, Monday was a rough bitch. I came home Monday and ended up falling asleep again. I am okay with taking a nap on a day when I get less than four hours of sleep.

But Tuesday was my day off and I 'accidently'* slept until about 9:30am when Ali called me with something important. Thinking I had gotten enough sleep to begin my day, I did just that...until about 3pm when all I wanted to do was 'rest my eyes'. Instead of heading to my room to take a nap (do I look weak?), I went in there for a more comfortable place to read Harry Potter 6. That lasted for just a few pages until I found myself shutting the book and turning over. An hour and a half later my phone rang and I realized I had been dreaming.

Who is this weird napping girl and what happened to Scarlet? The only thing I can tell myself is that yes, my sleep schedule is a bit off and on more than a few nights a week, I do not get enough shut eye. And I know my body and if it's too tired, I am more susceptible to feeling under the weather, but too much sleep is not good, either. I don't want to turn into a lazy blob, but I also want to make sure my body is getting enough rest. Why has this turned into such a fine line? haha:)


*Turned my alarm off and fell back asleep, oops!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Newest addition to my TiVo's Season Pass list?

Victoria Beckham: Coming To America !

Yes, that is right. The show you probably loved to ridicule even before it had aired. Well, I love it. No, it's not intellectually stimulating, but what TV is supposed to be? Especially summer TV.

Top 7.5 Reasons Why I Will Watch This Show:
7.5. She has a pup...
7. I am a sucker for reality shows about rich, beautiful people. (Laguna Beach, The Hills, Newlyweds, etc.)
6. Her assistant is funny: "He's not ugly....I"m really nervous!"
5. The little differences between USA and England are interesting: "What's an intersection?"
4. The accents are hott. And she is funny.
3. The fashion! Not to mention her awesome sunglasses.
2. It reminds me of Newlyweds in a way and I loved that show.
1. David Beckham is hott.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Endless Entertainment

Magazines In My Queue To Read:

  • W- With Posh and Becks on the cover. I already looked at the pics. He is beyond sexay.
  • Blender- I'm a sucker for their writing, it makes me laugh.
  • AP- Not sure why I bought this. It was like a cry from the me from four years ago.
  • Domino- Another magazine to mark up of things I want, but won't be buying.
  • Elle- One of my absolute favorites and so wonderful for the fashion. Short blurbs that are funny.
  • Bazaar- What's In/What's Out.
  • Paste- Last month's. Love Parker Posey.
  • Glamour- July's! I'm behind. I think I read August's, though.
  • Vogue- Crap, just realized it says "last issue!" that's no good.
  • Self- I think I started getting this once Mademoiselle ended?
  • Guitar Techniques- With Dragonforce. Brendan bought this. I need to learn the solo, that would be hilarious.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ode To No One

Allie wrote about a Chuck Klosterman essay the other day where he says that to be successful a person needs both a nemesis and an archenemy. She invited everyone to blog about the topic and who am I to not take on a challange?

First, an overview in bulleted form:

•At some point in the past, this person was (arguably) your best friend.
•You have punched this person in the face.
•If invited, you would go to this person's wedding and give him a spice rack, but you would secretly hope that his marriage ends in a bitter, public divorce.
•People who barely know both of you assume you are close friends; people who know both of you intimately suspect that you profoundly dislike each other.
•If your archenemy tried to kill you, this person would attempt to stop him.

•Every time you talk to this person, you lie.
•If you meet someone who has the same first name as this person, you immediately like him less.
•The satisfaction you feel from your own success pales in comparison to the despair you feel at this person's triumphs, even if those triumphs are completely unrelated to your life.
•If this person slept with your girlfriend, she would never be attractive to you again.
•Even if this person's girlfriend was a hateful bitch, you would sleep with her out of spite.

Even though I referred to her as my nemesis in the comment section of Pink1sneat's blog, I know who my archenemy would be. This bitch (RIP) went after my sister when she was 16 and tried to mess up her reputation at our job. The one rule about sisters is that if you mess with one, you mess with the other. Sisters stick together like glue so even though I had been trying to get along with this bitch, once she was blatantly mean to my sister, it was over and I hated her guts. I don't use hate often, but I truly believe I hated this woman. What 32 year old picks on a 16 year old?

The problem arising when trying to label my nemesis is that I do not want to waste mental or physical energy on a person I don't like. Sure, I may bad mouth someone I dislike and make fun of them as a pasttime, but when it comes down to it, you could wipe my mind clean of their presence and I wouldn't know the difference. "So and so, who?" I don't think my nemesis is just someone I don't like, I would think that it is someone actually on my level. The example that comes to mind is someone from band* in high school. I definitely had a friend in band with whom I was incredibly competitive with, yet we were still friends. I didn't wish bad things on her, but I also took pleasure in doing better than her. This is because she served as the bar against which I could judge myself. She was my nemesis in that she was a worthy rival. There are plenty of people in my current and past life who I just don't like for different reasons, but I wouldn't call them my nemesis. It's more like they're in the way and I definitely do not use these people as the bar against which to judge my own actions and accomplishments. That bar would be way too low.


*Cough. Dork.

+Title from Smashing Pumpkins

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Outta Control

Lacey and Kameron dancing the Hustle:

I think they had a lot of good transitions in this dance. Sometimes the dances end up looking like separate moves with no transitions. And holy hell can Lacey do some turns. Wowzers! I liked this dance because it was different. Have we seen The Hustle before?

Shauna and Cedric dancing the Mambo:

Shauna is too good to be held back by Cedric and if she gets kicked off because of her unfortunate partnership, I’m going to be pissed. Personally, I felt like it was incredibly awkward. It seemed like she was leading him instead. Yeah, he did a great job for never having danced something real before, but should he stay while another dancer gets kicked off? No.

Anya and Danny dancing Contemporary:

(I love Tyce.) (Although, I do NOT like his facial hair. Oh my.) OK, nothing can make me love a couple more than watching them dance an awesome contemporary routine. I also think that contemporary is the best kind of dance to showcase the guy more. In the ballroom dances, they sometimes end up just being a partner to the girl. Danny’s leaps are a-mazing. I hope they don’t get hip-hop anymore, because I love them as long as they don’t look ridiculous.

Sara and Pasha dancing for the first time in the style of West Coast Swing:

Oh great, Benji is choreographing this. Go figure that they use the stairs-didn’t Benji constantly dance on those last season? This is a good song choice, but I’m not feeling the dance. I like these two, though, so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt. Oh wait, the end is really picking up! And I like the green/black outfitsJ

***Wow, innuendos.***

Sabra and Dominic dancing Hip Hop:

Apparently this is going to be “hott”J If these two aren’t getting it on, then they are amazing actors. Holy hell was this routine hott!!! And that handstand move they kept building up to was so awesome. This is one of my favorite hop hop dances so far that I’ve seen on this show. That one judge is correct, storytelling makes all the difference.

Jaimie and Hok dance the Waltz:

Yay! A story! TOO MUCH DRESS! The second half is much better than the first where it had the dreaded moves with no transitions feel. Okay, they are doing it. They can’t even keep their hands off of each other during the judging. Okay, I admittedly don’t really like the waltz, I think it’s usually boring.

Lauren and Neil dancing Jazz:

(OMG I LOVE WADE!) Wow, I think this choreography was perfection for them as the crazy look works well on him and she’s such a ham. I really enjoyed this and was totally caught up in what was going on and trying to figure out the story. This was one of those dances that I wanted to go on and on. Fun stuff!

So who should get kicked off? My picks would be:



+Title from 50 Cent

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


sparkler Scarlet
Originally uploaded by Serena McClain
I like this photo. Serena took it on the 4th of July. I love the color of the sky.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Saturday, July 07, 2007


And the ol' alarm is set for 5am. Why am I awake? I was walking into my house and texted Serena, "I'm going straight to sleep. Not even checking email" and where am I now? Blogging!? Why??

It was a fun, randomly eventful night with Serena after work. I am not a rested girl, so the fact that it's pushing 130am and I'm up is beyond me. I want to be asleep, but I'm not.

Okay, it's time to shut the laptop and hit the hay.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Blue Tag

Ant tagged me and he rules so, here ya go:

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Well, I was 17 and about to start my senior year of high school. That year I didn't work (my only option was to work at a grocery story and my shy-ass wasn't about to apply somewhere weird). I swam on the swim team and spent most of my time at the pool.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Wow, a year ago I was working at the office job, which was quickly crumbling as everyone freaked out about finding other jobs. I had some job security because of the bookstore, but it was all still kind of weird. It was early August when I found out I got the job to be the long-term band substitute at a local middle school. Hella good opportunity, but also the most difficult 9 weeks of my life maybe.

Five snacks you enjoy

1. vegetables and caesar dressing
2. kettle chips
3. peanut butter M+Ms
4. teddy grahams
5. wheat thins

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to

It's tough to know the lyrics when not listening to the song because 9 times out of 10, I sing the incorrect words anyway. But I do know the words to Green Day's "Basket Case", Fiona Apple's "Paper Bag", Smashing Pumpkins' "Disarm", Foo Fighters' "Everlong", and Eve6's "Inside Out"

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire

1. The boring part of paying off everything and investing.
2. Travel with Ali, starting in Scotland and covering these places, at least: Greece, London, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, etc.
3. Buy a place in New England, VA, and a yacht.
5. Rent out Carnegie Hall whenever the hell I feel like it!

Five bad habits

1. Not finishing little things like putting the cap on things or closing drawers all the way. I'll fold all my clothes but a few.
2. Almost running out of gas all day everyday. Petroleum is the bain of my existence;)
3. Rolling my eyes.
4. Not flossing. I TRY! I really do and I do it 60 of the time.
5. When people ask where I am when en route to them, I always lie. HAhahahah!

Five things you like doing

1. I love to drink beer.
2. I like doing mundane things with Ali because with her, they're automatically awesome.
3. I like to make my mom laugh.
4. I like to think up new slang.
5. I like to mix peas and mashed potatoes.

Five things you would never wear again

1. Overalls
2. Mock turtleneck
3. A white bathing suit
4. A marching band uniform
5. Tube socks.

Five favourite toys

I'm not a big toy person.

1. My puppy jewlery my mom got for me that I have as decorations in my car now.
2. Play do is pretty cool.
3. Ali's DS.
4. DDR!
5. Whatever the "it" toy is during Christmas because my mom always gets it for us.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


If my celebration of America can be judged by length of day, then today was one helluva a party! I've been on the go since about 8am and just got home about 30 minutes ago. I am beyond tired, and yet, can't sleep.


Nevermind that my alarm goes off in about 4.5 hours.

16 hours ago I accidently sprayed perfume in my eye.

3 hours ago I got a text about poodle hair that made me bite my lip so I wouldn't laugh.

12 hours ago I had the best cherry coke I've had in awhile.

4 hours ago I was sitting on a couch in a food coma.

1 hour ago I was on my drive home and looking forward to going to sleep.

I guess I'll try that sleep thing again.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Television: On Campus Acting

Yesterday I declared that my life is currently like an episode of Dawson’s Creek. No, I don’t live in a small New England town where I climb through windows to visit my friends and I am not a young adult with melodramatic* problems that leave me using larger than large words with my beyond cute friends. The similarities I see come from both the characters and the situations they go through.
However, as easy as it is to think about situations where life is imitating TV, there are a billion more instances when mine most definitely doesn’t. So which is worse, when life imitates TV? Or when I am upset when it doesn’t.
Example 1: Joey and Pacey

Um, I love Pacey. he’s the hott bad boy with a heart of gold. He is loyal, funny, and always ready for a good time. I loved the season when Joey and Pacey started to get closer and eventually set sail for the summer as a couple. No one understands their relationship and thinks it is completely off the wall, but need I remind you of how the series ended?
Example 2: Conversations
You know classic TV moment where one character says what he/she thinks he/she should say, which then either prolongs the drama and/or complicates the situation? Well, sometimes I can’t help but think about those TV moments when I am in my own situations and am decided what to say (or what not to say, which is more often the case.)
Example 3: Moments
Dawson’s Creek characters always have such perfect moments and really, for brevity’s sake, let’s focus on kissing moments. Now, I have made the first move in my lifetime, but these times are few and far between and usually involve alcohol. But even more often than having made the first move, I have been in those incredibly frustrating situations where I am closer than close with some guy and nothing happens. If we had been on TV we would have made out.
So that’s all for now. Luckily, I am in a good state of mind right now where the non-TV moments aren’t all that upsetting. Let’s keep it that way, ok?


Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunday, July 01, 2007

3's & 7's

In preparation for the upcoming 48 Hour Film Festival that myself and some friends are participating in, Serena, Terra, Lisa, and I headed down to Richmond yesterday evening to do some research on locations.

When we first left Fairfax, I was beyond tired having gotten up at 5am and worked from 7-330, but we had barely started on I66 when I knew it was going to be a fun evening and I would not have to worry about getting too sleepy. With me, Serena, and Terra in my car and Lisa following behind us we were on our way to RVA going the back, scenic way (also known as the way by my house.)

After a quick pit-stop at Sonic for nourishment and some more speed racing down the highway we reached our destination and consolidated into one car for our research. Our plan was basically to hit as many spots on our list of potentials as we could. We made it to the following:

Hollywood Cemetery- Actually, they were closed, but this part of the evening was fun because Lisa spent it slouched down in the backseat;)

The Jefferson Hotel- I love this place. It is gorgeous inside. I close my eyes and can totally imagine myself walking down the grand staircase in my Civil War-era corset and dress.

Byrd/Maymont Parks- We did a lot of driving and walking around here as we checked out the various options for filming including the paddle boats and cemetery. We also came upon a family reunion of sorts where a huge group was taking a family photo. I really wanted to ask if I could jump in for just one shot, but decided against it. I also gave a "look" to a car that almost hit us while we crossed the street.

James River/Scary Bridge- From Maymont we decided we wanted to find the James River and followed the signs to the Texas Beach. This seemed fitting since Serena is from Texas, but we realized later we just didn't hike far enough. Oh wait, HIKE you ask? Yes, we hiked in nature. We went down a steep-ass hill and then crossed a scary bridge thing where I was confused we would die. I texted my sister, "We're at the Texas Beach in case we don't return." We made it back, though.

Skyline Bridge- This isn't the official name of where I took my car load, but it's one of my favorite views and one I make everyone see when they visit Richmond. "Don't look! Look the other way! Do not cheat!" I yelled until I had U-turned and they could see how pretty downtown Richmond really can be when lit up against the darkening sky.

Shockoe Slip/Bottom- I really like cobblestones apparently as I cited them while brainstorming for each of the different genres of movies. Western move..."Cobblestones!" Film Noir..."Cobblestones!"

Church Hill- "Is this it?" "We're going up a hill, right?"

Sticky Rice- What trip to Richmond is complete without the best sushi ever? Vanessa joined up with us and we had what is always to be a good time at one of our favorite restaurants.

The evening was definitely a success. We did what we had gone down to do (location scouting) and even had good time while we were at it! Pictures will hopefully be posted tomorrow.