Sunday, February 22, 2009

All The Pretty Faces

Oscar Fashion:

Miley Cyrus- I love it. It does look like it weighs a ton, though. It's a risky dress because it's so ornate, but also safe because of the silhouette. I always wonder why some people show up so early. How is that planned?

Taraji Henson- Gorgeous hair! I am not the biggest fan of her gown, but I don't hate it. It might be my personal dislike of ivory as a clothing color, and it's probably partly because I can't say I like them all, haha! She is so cute in her interview. I love her!

Vanessa Hudgens- I think she is precious. I can't even see her dress. Good job, E! Okay I see it now and I am not a fan. I love the top and the color (black!), but the bottom is too odd. She said the designer transformed it from a short dress to a long one and I think it was probably better short.

Melissa Leo- I love the burnt orange color, but am not the biggest fan of the cut.

Viola Davis- I feel like this is a dress that probably looks better in person. Because I like it, but I don't. Wow, I'm having bipolar fashion comments tonight.

Heidi Klum- Sometimes I wonder why she's invited to these things. I hate her hair. It makes her look old. I love the massive amount of jewelry she is wearing. I like the dress, though. Red rules.

Amy Adams- In Carolina Herrera, a favorite of mine. How many reports will comment on a redhead wearing red? I love her dress and the necklace is interesting, but it works. She's so pretty!

Amanda Seyfried- I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure that's a dress I vetoed for New Years. Horrible.

Sarah Jessica Parker- It's like because she never gets nominated, she wants to stand out with her dress.

Melissa George- She wore the corset and petticoat, but forgot to put on the dress.

Robert Pattinson- He's hott. And his hair is well-behaved now.

James Franco- Also hott.

Evan Rachel Wood- Another person who shouldn't be invited.

Anne Hathaway- She loves that straight line look, doesn't she? The close up of her dress does it much better justice, I will say.

Marisa Tomei- She reminds me of Jennifer Capriati. Gorgeous dress.

Mickey Rourke- I don't want him to win just because I <3 a="" and="" around="" br="" brad="" by="" crazy.="" dog="" giving="" he="" himself="" his="" little="" neck.="" of="" okay="" penn="" picture="" pitt="" props.="" redeeming="" s="" sean="" think="" wearing="">
Josh Brolin and Diane Lane- I love her.

Queen Latifah- I don't like her. Do you?

Jessica Biel- Her hair is a hott mess.


Penelop Cruz- She's so pretty. I always love her hair.

Kate Winslet- Yay! love the gray/black. I hope she wins!

Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie- Love her green earrings. Love him. I love his little bowtie! Love love love!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today is my birthday! So, in honor of ME, here's a little information about ME:

This is from one of those birthday books.

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Ruling Planet: Uranus, the visionary

Symbol: The Water Carrier

Birth Date Ruler: Saturn, the teacher

Tarot Card: The Star (hope)

Favorable Numbers: 1,8

Lucky Day: Saturday, especially when on 1st or 8th

Lucky Colors: Sky Blue (yuck, although, maybe night time sky blue!?), maroon

Birthstone: Amethyst

People born on 17 February:

+ often figure out early on that the key to success in life is discipline

+ are determined, ambitious people with a clear idea of where they want to go and waht they need to do to get there.

+ have remarkable self-discipline and can give the appearance of invincibility

+ have others who warm to them instantly because they respect their honesty and ability to be true to themselves and their beliefs.

+ have a tough exterior, but are sensitive souls who can be profoundly hurt by the careless words or actions of others.

+ have incredible endurance, intelligence, and stamina.

+ can be isolated, inflexible, and suspicious

+ can be disciplined, determined, and appealing

+ are drawn to people born on 24 Sept and 23 Oct

+ have no problem attracting admirers.

+ are very loyal, caring, and endlesslt fascinating once they find a partner.

+ love to unravel a mystery.

+ are drawn to careers in writing, journalism, or education.

+ are super awesome and gorgeous.

Okay, I added the last one, but it's true, right?


+Title from Kings Of Lean

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rule Breaker

Twitter is, like, wayyy popular right now*. Everyone and their mother is on it. I follow everyone from CNN to Serena to Jimmy Fallon. It's fun to both follow close friends and people who may or may not be famous. Having been on there for awhile now, I have noticed a few very annoying habits, though. I present them to you now and beg you not to do the following:

+ Fictional character twitters** can be fun, but don't go overboard. Having fake 'twitter conversations' about stuff from books or TV shows is not fun for us. Keep it to a minimum. (See the following)

+ Don't use Twitter as an instant messaging service. Or, if you do, use the Direct Message feature. No one wants to read the twitters being sent from you to your friend that mean nothing to us. "@CFB Are you coming over later?" "@Sarah Yes at 9." Now, why was texting not used for that?

+ However, if you have a lot of friends and need to tell them what time to come over, then sure, do a mass twitter, but be ready for strangers to show up.

+ Asking a question via Twitter is genius really. Kirstin one time asked via Twitter why a bartender put salt on her napkin before setting her beer down and I think about 8,489 people replied with the answer.

+ Traffic updates are acceptable, but do not overdue it. Reporting congestion on a highway at 8am probably is not twitter worthy.

+ Don't use twitter as a means to up your self confidence. Making eye contact when taking your order does not count as checking you out.

+ Being cryptic is okay sometimes, but being passive aggressive is not. Sometimes you just need to say something and have no one know what it means.

+ Don't advertise.

+ Don't spam.

That is all (for now).


*That was supposed to be in full-on Robin Sparkles "Let's Go To The Mall" voice.
**I don't like the word tweet.

+Title from Ashlee Simpsons

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Coming Of Spring

Everyone keeps saying how "nice this weather is" and it's starting to really irk me. I don't comprehend enjoying unseasonable warmth in the middle of winter. I can see how people enjoy spring, but I do not. I hate sneezing and I hate pastels. Loving temps approaching 100 seems insane to me (unless you're at the beach or pool). I am a hardcore winter girl. Fall is my favorite because it's so pretty, but it's never cold enough when the leaves are changing.

Even though we have many more weeks of cold weather (OR AT LEAST WE BETTER), you warm-weather lovers have me upset already about spring approaching. Like how some people get the winter blues, I get upset when the weather starts to warm up. So, because of this, I have enacted a Birthday* Rule:

There will be no mention of spring until after my birthday week.

Thank you...


*My birthday is 17 Feb!!!!!

Memory Lane

When I was about 13, I helped out at a Girl Scout camp with my mom. For one of the activities, a man dressed up as Robin Hood would have the kids make a passport and then, as they went to the different stations through out the day, they would get stamps for where they went. Since I was there to help the kids, I made one, too. When I went to have "Robin Hood" stamp my passport, he stamped it and then wrote, "To you, my maid Marion" and did some fancy bow towards me. I was beyond embarrassed. I didn't think he was actually Robin Hood. I knew he was an actor, but I thought he was flirting with me. I wouldn't let anyone see my passport, but I do still have it somewhere.

I'm not sure what reminded me of that.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Winner Of The

The Grammys 2009:

+Whitney Houston- Seriously? I sorta hate her. And why is she showing leg? stop.

+Is The Rock trying to pull a Joaquin Phoenix by giving up 'acting' for stand up?

+Mr. JT=<3 (Oh man, he's singing. Please record another album.)

+Coldplay is the new Dave Matthews Band. They're talented, of course, but they're getting the follow- (OMG JAY Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) -ing where people think they're the best thing ever. And they are not. I still like them, but I also know what else is out there. As long as you don't act like they're the greatest ever, we will be fine.

+Does Keith Urban somehow have an Australian/Country accent?

+I'm so bored.

+Any award Radiohead is up for...they should win!

+Taylor Swift is all "Look at me, bitch. I can play an instrument!" Oh didn't they both date Jonas boys?

+I like that Robert Plant/Allison Krauss song, actually. All the old people will be having a boner for it now again, though.

+Not a Jennifer Hudson fan. She's going to make me cry, though.

+Stevie Wonder ate Daft Punk!

+I still have a crush on Tom Delonge. I had the black and white poster of him with the lip ring. Holy hell. Love.

+Oh! A category I care about...Best Rock Album: Coldplay? I thought they said rock. Hehe Just kidding. I'm just bitter The Raconteurs didn't win.

+A lot of my crushes are at The Grammys. Craig Ferguson!

+Kenny Chesney? WHY!?

+Natalie Cole is thisclose to having a wardrobe malfunction.

+Record Of The Year: *snore* what happened?

+Queen Latifah really wants Chicago 2 to happen, eh?

+M.I.A. deserves an award of some kind for performing on her due date.

+you can pay for school, but you can't buy class!

+T.I. must be sad. 366 days in jail coming up mighty soon!


+I know where Dave Grohl's house is. That is all.

+All I can think about is Jack Black, tied to a tree, talking about blow jobs.

+Male Pop Vocal: John Mayer! I have a crush on him, too. I want him to talk to TMZ about our love affair. He can leave the Borat suit at home...

+Ladies Love Cool James!

+I can see why people like Sugarland. That was a neat song.

+Gwyneth Paltrow! Love her. She's so cute. And what an awesome dress.


+I was in marching band! I've never said that with excitement until now;)

+Great...and now I can never erase this off my Tivo. Fucking A Radiohead kicks ass!

+Good job, Grammys. The only way to follow up Radiohead is with Justin Timberlake hottness.

+I feel like this is a good night for classical musicians. First you get straight up brass backing up Radiohead and now there's a string section accompanying JT and T.I. I'm lovin' it! (But where are the clarinets?)

+BB King? Love him. Oh my, playing with John Mayer-yum.

+Looooove New Orleans music.

+Best Rap Album: I want Jay Z, of course. But Lil' Wayne is okay, too:) But he smokes lots of pot so I hope they don't take his award away and threaten to arrest him. RIDICULOUS!

+Robert Plant and Allison Kraus- Hope this is the song I like. (it is!) Dude on the guitar is super cool. I love music where I feel like I'm sitting in on a jam-like session. Like I shouldn't be hearing what's going on.

+I would like a wind machine on me daily.

+I also kinda want a corset top now. Not in a weird goth way.

+Someone at work asked me, "Who are these guys?" I said, "Um, he's like, really well known in rock and she's a bluegrass chick." Awkward.

+Bille Joe Armstrong and I have the same birthday (17 FEB!)

+ALBUM OF THE YEAR OH I HOPE IT'S RADIOHEAD!!!!!!! (Johnny Greenwood!) Fuck. Not Radiohead.:( (Although, I'm okay with Robert Plant/Allison Krauss winning because I think it's a good album and different.)


Thursday, February 05, 2009

After All These Years

I had planned to do this on Groundhog Day, but I ended up sneezing 439820432432 times that day and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. Have you ever sneezed that many times? It's horrible. It made my insides hurt. Sneezing is violent! I felt like my diaphragm had gone through it's own version of a 30 Day Shred. I have stopped sneezing, so here ya go.

Oh and first off, yay for the groundhog seeing his shadow. Get back in your hole! Winter wins!

(I was going to use 2 February for this, but maybe it makes more sense to use today's date.)

5 February 2008:

(actually, the 6th)

"This birthday is going to rule. As all birthdays do."

Like today, last year I was planning for my birthday that day. This year I just need to figure out where to have my birthday and we're set.

6 February 2007:

"My day was spent riding what is apparently the fine line between Mama Bear and Flirt Extraordinaire. I oscillated with frightening ease between sincere questions of health and happiness to innuendos and euphemisms."

It's funny to read this and know who I was talking about...before we were good friends.

6 February 2006:

"So now I'm left in this odd limbo stage of not knowing what 'clues' I might possibly need to 'get' and whether or not I can complain about other people and their 'clues'."

I can say with confidence that it is other people who need to get more 'clues' than I do.

6 February 2005:

"1. Need to get Mailtunes together and ready to be overnighted to Anna tomorrow (this requires finding my blank CDs)"

Mailtunes is this thing a few of us did where one person would pick a theme and we would all choose a few songs and submit them. Then, the theme-chooser would compile the songs into mix CDs and would snail mail them back out. It was a lot of fun, but you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to get those mofos in the mail. It would be fun to start it up again with Serena, Ali, and Anna. We were supposed to add new members towards the end. I have a lot of fun mixes from Mailtunes.

6 February 2004:

"4. What's the best thing that's ever happened to you as a result of being bold/risky? Um, When I drove up to DC to see if I could get into the Secret Foo Fighters show with Vanessa and we got in! Oh, and being bold with "feelings" can turn out well too."

That's still one of my favorite nights! Dave Grohl is awesome.

6 February 2003:

(actually the 5th, but is it freaking anyone else out that i have these things back so far??)

"-W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N-
[u talked to on the phone]: Jules
[hugged]: actually, it was Vanessa after Anna's party which is pretty funny bc we never do that "

That makes me laugh because it's so true. Vanessa's one of my best friends ever. Love that girl.

Oh hey, I just realized I started doing this on the 5th and switched to the 6th. It's okay. The 6th is close enough!

6ish February 2002:

"Yes, Have Some."

Apparently that's the first thing I ever blogged? No wait...I remember now. The beginnings of my college blog with my friends was lost forever somehow. I remember the first one was introducing us or something.

Anyway, so that was today (sort of) through the years.