Thursday, November 01, 2012

Anything Could Happen

I ventured out today to do some exploring of Rhode Island with no real plan except to make it to a brewery tour at 3pm in Westerly. As I set off from Connecticut, I followed to signs to the beach with the intention of taking some pictures and reading either on a bench or in my car, with the cool breeze blowing through. (Side note: I finished my book last night and now I can't decide if I should finish one of the other three I'm in the middle of, or start another one! What are you reading??)

The beach plan didn't work out, though. As I drove down the street that was leading straight to the water, I hit an intersection being manned by cops who were forcing everyone to turn either right or left. I had an awesomely awkward moment of telling the policewoman that I didn't know where I was (Hello, Virginia plates!) and that I didn't know which way to turn. She was of little help and sorta just laughed at me. This also brings up an annoyance of mine: There were three cops at the intersection and not one of them was actually directing traffic. So I stopped and waited and then the same unhelpful policewoman said, "You can go, ma'am!" (Ma'am!?) After two days of being in New England where 60% of the stoplights are still out, my nerves are on extreme edge so I wasn't just going to zip on through the light! Jeez! I just wish one of the cops had waved me on. Is that too much to ask? But I digress...

With that plan totally spoiled, I followed the road up several miles and, on a whim, took a street with BEACH in the name. At this point I was sorta feeling like a jerk. Like those people they show on the news who are dancing behind the news reporter who is out there being blown around as they tell people to stay inside so first responders can help the people who really need it. So yeah, there I was, camera on my passenger seat, rollin' down a street just because BEACH was in the name, looking for water. The problem with tiny roads like the one I ended up is that they're, well, tiny. There's no where to turn around. And then the speed limit was 15mph (15!? I could have walked faster) and all of a sudden another policeman was behind me. The stress!

Don't worry, though, he didn't stop me. I'm not sure what he was doing, but he didn't care what I was up to (which was making a U turn asap!). So, the beach was a bust, which prompted me to move to Phase Two of the day: finding a bar where I could get lunch, drink beer, and read my book until the brewery tour. But alas, this was not meant to be either as the bar I was headed to was not going to be opening until 3pm!

So I considered a movie to pass the time- no matinees

Then I thought I'd drive a little farther to a different bar- no answer when I called

At this point I looked at the time and realized I had an incredibly long time to wait for a brewery tour that was possibly not evening happening. Which sort of brings us to now- me sitting in my sister's living room, blogging and watching 12 Monkeys.

I sorta love days where anything could happen.


+ Title from Ellie Goulding

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

It bothers me when people are terrible at keeping in touch. This isn't 1990 when the only options are telephone calls and letters sent by post. Text messaging, for all of its cons, is a really great way to keep in touch with people. And it's easy!

Imagine there is a string connected to you for each and every friend you have. Sometimes they're pulled tight and you talk daily and know what is going on in that person's life. When it's taut, you know how that person feels and what's going on in his/her life.

Sometimes, though, you go for awhile without checking in with each other and the string gets looser. It's okay, these things happen. It would be exhausting to have tight strings connected to you all of the time.

But you shouldn't forget about the string. It's important to bend down every once and awhile, pick up the string, and give a little yank.

Just imagine how nice it will feel on the other end. That person is going to know that someone out there is thinking about them. That someone cares.

Don't let your strings get too loose.


+ Title from Taylor Swift

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Deadly Kiss

One would think, given my proclivity for love stories, that I wouldn't be so into a book where one of the main characters is prophesied to kill her one true love with her kiss. I typically read a book and spend much of it waiting and hoping for the main character to fall in love. But with The Raven Boys. I was put into a tricky situation because if I hope for Blue, our main female character to fall in love, then I am, in effect, wishing for someone else to die. And let's be honest, Maggie Stiefvater has written some pretty incredible male characters! I can't wish for any of them to die just so I have a love story. That would be selfish.
Luckily, there is way more to The Raven Boys than Blue not being able to kiss anyone. There is a Welsh king, the Aglionby school, and Blue's interesting family (and family friends) to sort out!
In book one (of what will be four), Blue meets and begins hanging out with the Raven Boys: Gansey, Adam, Ronan, and Noah. These are the types of boys she has stayed away from her entire life. Raven Boys are dangerous. Yet Blue finds herself quickly integrated into their circle and they begin searching for the same thing, spending every free moment on the hunt for information.
This was one of my favorite books I have read recently and I highly recommend it for you, too!

+Song title from Kyuss

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Age of Miracles

While I am beyond ecstatic to start Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness, I am going to start Age of Miracles first. I have read so much good buzz on this book and it's outside of my usual genre so I think it will be a good break up between reading a book about vampires (The Hunt) and....a book about ... Vampires.
I also have a queue of about three teen books that are sequels that I am jazzed about and need to get to, too.

So much reading to be done!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

All You Need Is Love

So, I started a new blog. You know, since I write so much here...

I Loved It

Reviews made by me! And I love everything.

+ Song from The Beatles

Thursday, March 15, 2012

In My Life

Ali and I are headed to Providence, RI today. I've been there a few times now and really enjoy it. I love the size of the city and the accessibility, plus there are a lot of things to do. We have a couple of pubs on the agenda and a Mediterranean restaurant for dinner.
Last time we went to Providence we kept an eye out for Emma Watson, but since she now goes to Oxford, we will get to enjoy some other sites. The only other "famous" person we know who goes there is Scout Willis and I don't think I'd recognize her unless Bruce Willis was standing next to her signing autographs of a Die Hard poster.
Over and out!


+Title from The Beatles (Thanks, Providence (the show!))