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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time Is Running Out

New game here at SVR. Many of you might not realize but every post title comes from a song and almost every band used is listed on the right hand side. So, each post I make, try to guess which band it's from! Just place your guess in the comments and it would be more fun not to cheat but since I am google's #1 fan I would certainly understand using it:)

Next order of business:

HOW THE HELL IS IT ALMOST APRIL!? (How the hell is it April of 2006?) I have a lot I meant to get done but time just keep whooshing by. ("whooshing"? really?)

1. I was supposed to have learned the Russian alphabet by January 1st 2004 or something to then move on to learning the language.
2. I was supposed to start writing my symphony by 2003. Just start it! Even just 1 note on a page and I would have started.
3. I keep meaning to rent an oboe. I REALLY (desparately) want a bassoon but since they're uber expensive I was going to start with renting an oboe. I need to learn all the band instruments and all I have left are oboe, trombone, percussion (ugh, maybe I'll skip that)...I consider all saxes the same and all other brass the same so those are covered.
4. My novel has not been started.
5. My screenplay is still in the outline stage.

Ok really, why keep this list going. So there are a lot of things I want to be doing but unless I get my dream job (see below), I will have to be content with what I am getting done now.

Dream Job:
1000-1100am Check email/read blogs
1100-1200pm Make mix CDs
1200-130pm Lunch/Reading books, magazines, etc.
130-200pm Check email/read blogs
200-400pm Work on designated "hobby" (A rotation of activities including the list of activites above)
400-430pm Actual work for whatever company is paying me.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Classic Arts Showcase

I geek out a lot. A LOT. Dvorak comes on the radio and I gasp. I find a new score I can order from Barnes and Noble and it makes my day. My clarinet reed suddenly gives me back my dark, rich sound and I'm golden.

Last night I had a moment. I'm almost embarassed by how geeky I got last night during my orchestra rehearsal. Our concert is this Sunday so we're in crunch time right now trying to iron out the difficult parts and play through pieces. It always amazes me how it seems like there are sections we've never played before but I guess that's what happens when you practice different parts on different weeks. Also, my transposing ability is starting to scare me. I don't even have to think while I play, I see a Bb and play an A, I see a section of arpeggios and I don't even have to write out the notes above it, I just know what to play.

We're playing Beethoven's 7th Symphony on Sunday and while I'm excited to be adding this piece to my repertoire, I had kind of been wishing we were playing something else, like Dvorak's 7th or anything by Tchaikovsky, my love. But last night after tearing through the first movement we started the second and seriously, it took my breath away. I turned into the biggest classical music dork on the face of the earth and and was trying hard not to turn into a burbling idiot over my amazement for this movement. It is exquisite and while me saying this is not something new to anyone familiar with classical music, it was a moment of realization for me as hearing it from a CD had never done it justice for me. Sitting among the strings while they passed around the melody at barely audible volumes was awesome. And finally, when the clarinets (me) got to enter and add to the loudest of louds it was so beautiful. I LOVE being a part of an orchestra and playing gorgeous pieces of music, it's like a high, seriously.

I hesitated to write about this as declaring my love for the second movement of Beethoven's 7th is like a pop fan declaring their love for the current #1 single. I haven't found a gem or anything and I'm certainly not writing what hasn't already been written before but that's okay. It's okay to like what is popular or already deemed "good". I hate it when people give me crap for loving Dvorak's New World Symphony, like enjoying something that is well-known and liked by the masses is going to cause my credibility as a musician to be tarnished. Don't forget, I'm the dork who gasps when a Dvorak string quartet comes on the radio and I also try to guess who the composer is while listening to a piece.

And how's Peanuts cartoon:

Beethoven Liked GIrls
Originally uploaded by scarls17.

Monday, March 27, 2006

We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes

scarlet sexy
Originally uploaded by scarls17.
Thanks for voting!

Champagne From A Paper Cup

I am in a much better mood now. I just don't like coming in and feeling like I did something wrong or like people are going to try to tell me how to do something. I prefer to be perfect. And if I can't be perfect, then I want the opportunity to give my reasons why I was not perfect. (Reasons, excuses, whatever!) But the day is starting to (finally) roll on and I'm about to start the daily countdown to 430. I actually really love Mondays. I've already started my week of getting up at 630am on Sunday to open up at Barnes and Noble so the shock of getting up early isn't as strong as it is for normal Monday-Fridayers. Also, Mondays tend to fly by for me and before I know it it's time to leave for the day. And what do I do on Monday evenings? NOTHING. Not A Damn Thing. It's awesome.

This weekend had its highs and lows:

Friday; Wine Week at Smith & Wollensky which resulted in my lovely audioblog, many drunk emails (damn, email phone!), and even a drunk dial. I've literally never had so much wine in my life. My previous experience with wine has been that from a box at college parties and my free sample at Olive Garden. I liked the wine (especially sparkling) but don't think I'll be ordering it now except for twice a year at Wine Week. I'll be posting my pictures from Friday ASAP. And I can't exactly say it was my first time being drunk in the middle of the day in DC (ahem, Kegs and Eggs 2004, 2005).

Friday night was also the S's Sleepover. Originally, the whole point of staying there was so I could be there to sing* for Steven's mattress the next day while he was at work. Mattress plans shifted but sleeping plans did not and the three of us enjoyed pizza, 40 Year Old Virgin and a good night's sleep. Wait, scratch that last one. I have problems getting a good night's sleep when other people are in the room. It took me a long time to fall asleep yet I was exhausted from all of the wine so I kept having that 'dream' of falling but I thought it was my heart stopping. It was a little terrifying. I did finally fall asleep and probably did my fair share of snoring** (damn allergies!) but woke up many times throughout the night until finally giving up and grabbing my crossword puzzles to work on in the wee hours of the morning.

The rest of Saturday was spent passed out on my bed at home and then in Culpeper with my sister at the used bookstore and taking pictures. We got honked at once and...barked at once. The barking was odd. It wasn't in a "You're ugly!" kind of way like you would associate with barking. I think this guy really thought it was a good come on tool.

Saturday night I felt like Sigourney Weaver in Alien when it comes out of her stomach. I don't know what it was and no, it wasn't THAT, but I felt like death and didn't want to move. So, I didn't. I watched Hostage and fell asleep early.

Sunday isn't worth mentioning except for Grey's Anatomy which, even though it was a repeat, I enjoyed tremendously.

And now it's Monday and 4.5 hours to go!

*That was a typo, it should say "sign" but it was too funny to change. "Scarlet, can you come sing to my mattress? It gets lonely."
**Just kidding, girls don't snore.

Fucking Little Bastards

First of all, the title of this post is from an Arab Strap song.

Today is one of those days where people should just stay away from me. How do I know?

Things That Have Angered Me This Morning:

1. Someone put someone else's folder in my box downstairs. I got pissed because now I don't want to go return it.
2. Excel was stupid and made things in italics that I didn't want in italics.
3. Stupid forwards in my work email. WHO STILL SENDS FORWARDS!?
4. Some plans fell and I threw them.

I'll try to make a better post later. For now, I'm in a wretched mood.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Before I continue regaling you all with the stories from my Czech Republic days, which by the way were picked up by Prague-Blogs, I have a few other things to take care of.

1. Questions

-Neil made more of a command than a question and sadly, I don't even have anything to embellish and put out there that could in anyway be called steamy. Sure, I could totally make something up but what if my secret admirer reads it and then stops admiring me because he thinkgs I'm having steaminess with someone else? I can't risk this.

-CBK asked how I'm liking Idlewild and if there is any indication that I am anjoying a band it is that I will be ordering more of their CDs this weekend during my BN Music shift. I love anything Scottish;)

-Pam asked what my favorite list is and I sheepishly am reminded that my list making has been practically nonexistant on this blog so far. I don't so much make lists of things to do as I make lists of favorites. Favorite movies, favorite actors, favorite songs. And there it is, my favorite list: Top 100 Songs Of All Time (in no particular order), a masterpiece I worked on a few years ago. Do you know how hard it is to weed out 20-some years of songs to narrow it down to the Top 100 Songs Of All Time (in no particular order)?? I need to update this list but it's a daunting task. One I am not ready for right now.

-Mindi asked who I would switch lives with for a day, and why. This is a tough one. Do I say Tony Blair's wife? Tony Blair? Tough choice. Do I say I want to be whomever is boning Brad Pitt or Clive Owen? Is being Angelina Jolie/Cameron Diaz for a day worth it? Is this the type of day where I would get to take home all money made while being this person? If so, maybe I need to think of the future and say I want to be Paris Hlton or Steve Jobs of something. Oh, I've got it. Maybe I'll be one of the google creators for a day. I could be nerdy, rich, and awesome! (Basically how I am now but adding in the rich part.)

Thanks for the questions, boos! I am now going to (try to) stay up past my bedtime because I am taking tomorrow off from work to go to a wine tasting shindig in DC. If I'm sloshed enough maybe I'll grace the blog world with my presence via my internet phone. But probably not because that would be nerdy. Yeah.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Real Story

It only aired once.

The E! True Hollywood Story: I Was A Czech Princess. It was 1993 and we were still used to putting 'oslovakias' after our Czechs. Mom got me a fake so I was able to enter the pageant scene as a 13 year old but no one would have cared had they known. Everyone loves the little American girl with the royal Eastern European blood. I had a tough time with the language though which made the interview portion of the evening a bit tough but I just learned the Czech words for “world peace” and I was golden. Talent was probably my highest scoring part of the competition as no one could touch my rendition of The Moldeau on the electric guitar. I debated going acoustic but the second solo really pulls at the heartstrings and nothing but electric can do it justice.

My first season of Czech pageantry started off well but ended in a spiral of drunken debauchery and steamy nights with pageant officials but what else is a good E! True Hollywood Story about? Really, I blame my royal duties for causing me to lose a grip on things. I was alternating weekends of polo with the Queen Mum and learning dance routines for the final number of the Miss Czech show. I was at fashion shows in Milan on a Friday and back in Prague for bathing suit fittings the next morning. It all got to be too much so when Miss South Moravian offered me what looked like candy, I couldn’t say no (sorry, Mrs. Reagan). One pill turned into quite a few washed down with quite a few more pilsners. And what comes with being numb to the world? Well, for me it apparently was sleeping with a certain Hollywood actor/pageant host. I guess that’s where E! comes in.

I was starting to become bitter about my royal blood. I mean, it was hardly any at all and it was causing so many problems. It wasn’t my fault the entire Czech royal family was killed in a freak family portrait accident and that they found out I had like, 8% royal blood. I thought it would be fun to be a Czech princess. How can anything involving a tiara be bad? Well, it was. But I guess my royal duties aren’t what these Hollywood Stories are made of or they’d be called E! True Royalty Stories, right?

So by then I was 14 (yet everyone thought I was turning 19) and having quite the illicit affair with Joe La-…maybe I should give him a fake name-Byron. Byron and I were happy but now that I look back I can’t really be sure if it was the romance or the pills. Doesn’t really matter though because everything was about to come crashing down. The pageant, the tiara, Byron. I thought Miss South Moravian was my friend but she was so the Tonya Harding of the Miss Czech Pageant. (to be continued)

The Bronze Medal

I feel like I've made it. I've finally arrived. I'm in the cool club.

Someone found my blog by googling "The Cutting Edge 2"!

In other, very related news...I am at such a loss for what to blog about. Topics not up for contention:
1. "Real" job
2. Matters of the heart (of which there aren't many but I can't write about them here)
3. Politics
4. Religion

Let's do that thing where you ask me questions. Go ahead...ask away. Anything and everything*, it will be fun!

* I reserve the right to make funny answers for questions that make me uncomfortable

Monday, March 20, 2006

Serve The Servents

As promised, here are the game's results:

Roo Roo:

Old 97 would be between (if I owned them) Ol' Dirty Bastard (RIP) and Our Lady Peace (seen them live).


98 Degrees-I can't believe I don't own this CD! I do own Nick Lachey's SoulO (hey, you've gotta support (then) Mr. Jessica Simpson) This would go between (and I'm spelling out numbers for this) New End Original (seen live) and No Doubt.


Dog's Eye View between The Descendents and The Donnas!

The New Radicals would actually go between New End Originals and 98 Degrees if I owned that CD but I don't so it's also next to No Doubt.

Roo Roo (2):

Cake (yay!) is located between (oh this is good!) Ryan Cabrera and Cakewalk (I've never listened to that, I think I found it).

Bloodhound Gang (don't own) would be found between Blondie and Blur!



She Wants Revenge fits nicely in between Sensefield (I've seen them live) and The Shins.

MORE MORE MORE! You name a band and I'll say who is around them. We need to get a really weird/embarassing one.

Electric Village

On par with small talk and its relationship to all things hell-like, you know what else just drives me crazy? Obvious jokes. You know the ones:

"Leftovers, eh? You gonna share with me? Hehehe!"

"Oh you went to Starbucks and didn't get me something? OHhh man! Next time you better get me something!"

"Bet you're enjoying this weather, huh?"

"Frankly, my dear..."

What I want to respond with is:

"Share with you? Maybe if we both go back in time and you pay for half."

"Why would I get you something? Our work relationship isn't even worth the nasty-ass, burnt drip coffee in the kitchen here. You think I'm going to spend $4 on you?"

"Enjoying this weather? Is this you're idea of a joke because we all know I prefer cold weather and spring is starting? Because man-oh-man, you are the FIRST person to remind me that it's warm outside. Let me make an appropriate gesture so you know how I really feel."

"Gone With The Wind!? WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!"

It can be downright painful sometimes. I am not afraid of silence and I don't get why some people feel the need to fill the beauty of it with small talk and obvious jokes. If you really want to fill the silence, sing a showtune or something. Now THAT would be funny!

Welcome To The Monkey House

So here's the thing: I own A LOT of CDs. Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie realized how many pairs she has and does that math and wonders if she will end up the old woman in the shoe? Well, I think CDs are my shoes.

Junior/Senior year of college I was getting into all different kinds of music so I was totally keep the local CD store (RIP, Blue Dog) in business. Almost as bad as buying new CDs is my constant habit of getting into new bands. The problem is that when I find a new band I like, I feel like I have to own all of their CDs. It can get quite pricey.

Once I moved to Richmond and was dirt poor, my CD buying slowed way down even though Plan 9, with its dangerous used section, was within walking distance.

What shifted no-cd-buying to lots-of-cd-buying was getting my 'real' job while still keeping my part time gig at the Barnes and Noble music department. I pretty much am "paid" to find new music for 8 hours a week. It's horrible! I can't stop ordering CDs!

But I digress...the reason I brought my crack CD habit up was because last night I put them all away (which took 4 EVA!) and kept laughing at the hilarity of which CDs ended up to each other in my alphabetizing.

SOOOOOO, a game: You name a band and I'll a) say if I own it and b) tell you who is next to them no matter who it is. For example, if you said "Slayer" then I would say, "yes, I own that and it's next to Jessica Simpson!" hahahah!

Come on, play!

Sunday, March 19, 2006


"So, hope you enjoy Mozart's Requiem"

Steven: "Yeah, it's about death"

Had a good evening with Steven tonight going to Fredericksburg to see the UMW orchestra perform Mozart's Requiem. It was fun to take him to F'burg for the first time but he's lucky we both have early engagements tomorrow or else I would have made him go to Spirits. Next time, buddy. Next time.

Sorry for the boringness but I'm beat..night!


Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Drifters 1

I've always wanted to be "that girl"...the one who up and moves to somewhere exciting. The one who isn't tied to one place. I declared after college that I would be living in New York City by the time I was 25. Well, I'm 26 now and about as far away from NYC as I could be. Now I want to live in Connecticut so I get the best of both worlds: cute town and only a train ride from the city. But really, what is the likelihood of me packing my things and heading north? About as likely as me moving back to Richmond which is always in the back of my mind. I often wonder why I am not living in the city where both of my siblings live, where my best friend from college just moved to, where my previous circle of friends all live. Where a one-bedroom apartment costs just $500 a month.

Why do I continue to live where I have to commute just to go to the mall or see my friends? Where I can't even let myself think about getting a place of my own on my current salary. Where I have to make a big plan just to go out after work because backtracking home is stupid.

When I moved from Richmond back home it was for a few reasons. First of all, I didn't have a "real" job and I just couldn't rationalize staying there to work at Barnes and Noble. I didn't want to sign another lease when I wasn't at a "9-5 job with benefits". Also, even though we all hung out a lot, things were weird with my group of friends there. Often I found myself driving to Fredericksburg or DC to meet up with Vanessa because it seemed like my options in RVA just weren't there. It's really hard to have 'real' weekends when half the group works at an establishment that often requires Friday and Saturday night shifts. So that was another thing, if I was always driving north, why not live up north? My last two weeks down there though made me question my decision. I vowed to go out every night of those last 14 days and even though it was exhausting, I did it. I hung out with everyone and had a grand time. It almost makes me cry to think of my one good friend apologizing for not hanging out more before and saying he would miss me.

So what didn't keep me in Richmond (present friends and $$) is I guess what keeps me up here. Would it really be so different though to live down there? I don't see anyone during the week since I'm at orchestra or class most week nights. I don't know, I don't know where I want to be. I think what bothers me is that even though I'm constantly thinking about these things, I know that I can't be signing year-long leases right now. I don't want to finish school and then have to turn down some job in NOVA because I have an apartment 2 hours away.

I'm not sure what triggered all of this. Maybe it was all of the mattress talk, or the weekend plans talk which ended up being difficult somehow. I guess I feel like if I had some apartment then I could invite everyone over. I really want everyone to come over. But from that thought comes the stress of NOVA rent prices which leads to me questioning why I don't live where it's cheaper which leads me to think about where the people who are most important to me are which leads me to think about school which leads me to think about orchestra which leads me get the point.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Say Yes

So I made this mix and I can't stop listening to it:

1. "Hear You Me"- Jimmy Eat World:
This song is also in Cinderella Story which is a movie about text messaging and IMing-loves it! But really, I love Jimmy Eat World.

2. "Birdwatcher"- Malcolm Middleton: "Tonight I'm lonely, tonight I'm blue in the heart" Malcolm Middleton is in the running to be the most depressed man on earth. This is actually one of his upbeat songs.

3. "Endlessly"- Muse:
This should so be my anthem. I can't give up on anything. This song is so obsessive and passionate in its lyrics that I can't help but listen to it over and over in my own obsessive and passionate way.

4. "To Sheila"- Smashing Pumpkins:
This is the song that reminded me why I love The Smashing Pumpkins. I remember buying "Adore" in Wal Mart (ugh) with my mom and instantly knowing that this song was it. Billy Corgan's voice has so much to it, I love him.

5. "Hurt"- Johnny Cash:
I don't mean to be so cliche in my love for this cover but I can't help it. The video makes me misty every time. His warbly voice and Trent Reznor's words is the perfect combination. Honestly, the song is beautiful. Make fun of me, I don't care.

6. "Love's Lost Guarantee"- Rogue Wave:
"Love comes like a Kennedy curse"...this song makes me feel like I'm driving at night at the beach. There is a lightness to the music and singing but the words have a heaviness to them that doesn't let it all float away.

7. "Say Yes"- Elliott Smith:
Great use of cuss words in the song. Seriously. It's just enough and it cuts through pretty melody.

8. "Miss You Love"- Silverchair: My sister has good taste in music and if there is one band we both have a lasting love for, it's Silverchair. The fact that Daniel Johns was writing Frogstomp as a young teen is insane. And to continue to produce what, in my opinion, are outstanding tracks shows what a great gift he has. His songs, especially this one, are so dramatic both in words and instrumentation.

9. "Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying"- Belle & Sebastian: This is like the 'light hearted' part of the mix. I've heard this song a gazillion times since my college roommate was totally in love with Belle & Sebastian. It makes me want to dance as it reminds me of Mousetrap.

10. "Of A Broken Heart"- Zwan:"I'm not impressed with your loneliness" Amen!

11. "More You Understand"- Howie Day:I love to sing along to this one. Hmmm, "And I would fall 1000 miles And you would fall fast to denial"

12. "Hello Daylight"- Arab Strap:
I love Arab Strap. They're from Scotland and they say cunt a lot.

13. "Choking Tara (Creamy Version)"- Guided By Voices: Kind of a random inclusion but I liked it

14. "To Be Alone With You"- Sufjan Stevens:
Another theme song perhaps...well, the first half at least.

15. "One Night Is Not Enough"- Snow Patrol:
I consider them from Scotland, by the way. The regret portion of the evening.

16. "No Surprises"- Radioheaad: The Sophie's Choice of the mix: Trying to decide WHICH Radiohead song to include.

17. "The Sound Of Settling"- Death Cab For Cutie:
Ben Gibbard knows how we do.

18. "Gone"- NSync:
Britney! Go back to Mr. JT!!!!!

19. "Folk Death 95"- Mogwai: How can you beat an instrumental song that says so much. I love this one. I always end up listening to track 19 a few times to hear that big, loud part in the middle.

Anyway, I just have really been enjoying this mix CD. I'm not sure what inspired such a depressing and sad mix because lately it's just been the same old stuff going on. The same "Not enough of ____", "Too many____", "I need ____", "I miss ____" and so on.

(For more song reviews, check out ipodupod!)

More You Understand

I was watching One Tree Hill (shut up) the other night and remarking on how identical my own high school experience was when what do I hear? That Jimmy Eat World would be playing at Tric! The first time I saw Jimmy Eat World the lead singer, Jim Adkins yelled at the audience for crowd surfing onto the stage and hitting his microphone. He had a valid point: Why the hell would anyone crowd surf to Jimmy Eat World? It's like they forgot to turn their iPods off and Strike Anywhere is still on or something. I saw them again two or three times and by then "The Middle" had come out so I was in that group who could say things like, "Have you ever heard of Clarity*?" with utter disgust. The last time I saw them live was at last year's Chili Cook Off (was it last year?) when they played with Cake and other bands I don't remember because who cares when JEW and Cake (who I met, by the way) are there? Anyway, so people are creating circle pits (?!) during Jimmy Eat World's set but I figure I'm safe bc I'm near the front but on the side. Little did I know though that the crowd was about to "Great White" on me! Have you ever had the crowd fall on you? It hurts and it's terrifying. I started screaming like a maniac ("GET OFF!") but after the fact I realized that when I fell I didn't reach back to break my fall (actually, the guy behind me did, thanks dude) but clutched tightly to the camera and poster in my hands. It was frightening but we lived (obviously) and even went on to be hit on by many a drunk guy that afternoon. I was pissed though because it started raining which caused two things:
1) big hair
2) not being able to meet Jimmy Eat World for which I had a special bracelet for

I started this post to talk about the awesome mix I made but I don't want this to get too long so I'll make it a separate one but just remember that I was watching One Tree Hill when I heard a sad song that inspired me to put the mix together...

Robots Are Great But Are We Ready For Them To Dance On Their Own?

Orchestra rehearsals never cease to amuse me. It used to be the interactions between me and Ali that did it but since she has moved onto to bigger and better things (RMC in Ashland, VA) I have had to find my entertainment elsewhere. We used to make faces at each other when Oboe Girl would mess up and then, instead of playing on, would stop and announce WHY she made the mistake. Ali also used to try to make me laugh when Crazy Percussionist would start laughing at his own jokes. She knew that if I laughed, I would be associated with his craziness.

Last night's rehearsal did not disappoint in the craziness. The cast of characters has altered somewhat as Crazy Bassoon Lady and her father, Crazy Percussionist have not been seen since we started this concert's music. Could it be they aren't in orchestra anymore? Has Sandy Claws answered my prayers and letters? Oh please say it's so!

Added is Stradinot, the current concertmaster who seems to think he is all that and a [whatever that saying is]. He's not, really. Ali is totally better than he is and I wish she wasn't 100 miles away or she would still be in orchestra knocking the socks off of that string section. One of my many orchestra pet peeves is when people practice during the break. It's one thing to work out sections of the music you're having trouble with, but it is not the time or place to whip out your recital pieces which are already perfected and play them loudly. It is obvious you are showing off. Do what I do and just set out your recital piece that looks like the ink jar spilled onto your stand and "work on some fingerings". This way, everyone knows you're good but 1) You aren't being obnoxious and 2) You don't really need to know how to play it because you're silently working on the fingerings.

Another addition is Mrs. Herb who I try to avoid becaue she is married to my middle school band teacher. She plays the French Horn and she isn't terrible but she constantly is talking...and loudly. Last night, during our rehearsal of Beethoven's 7th, she kept talking about when rehearsals start. But not whispering like a normal person trying to multitask during rehearsal, no, she was talking loud enough for Maestro to give her a 'look'.

I never get 'looks' but it is my goal to get Maestro to compliment me for constantly looking up. I can sense when he is going to look up from his score and always quickly memorize the end of the measure to already have my gaze raised when he looks up. I think it would be funny if I freaked him out and he thought I had the pieces all memorized. (Hey, I'm in dorkestra...I'm supposed to be a nerd!)


Monday, March 13, 2006

Plan A

In the time it took my computer to renew its virus protection I read three magazines, ate dinner, and caught up on TiVo.

I am NOT kidding.

See, living in the middle of nowhere has its pros but more often than not, it has many, many cons. Now is not the time to get into them all but the one that affected me the most tonight was my lack of high-speed internet. Please don't ostracize me but I have dial-up. There, I said it. I have slower than molasses, dinosaur-age, makes-me-want-to-kill-myself, dial-up internet. I watched myself age this evening as Norton renewed and updated itself.

But anyway, back to my magazine reading. So as I was reading Entertainment Weekly, or Premiere, or whichever one I was on, I couldn't help but think about how celebrities date so much and just seem to pass* one another on all over Hollywood. (Hello, Wilmar Valderamma or however you spell his name who must be everyone's jumping off point for celebrity dating.) Anyway, the point is, maybe we should take this one time to learn something from them. Maybe what us non-famous people should be doing is just dating everyone we encounter, whether or not we have some interest in them or not. Take your circle of friends and start a rotaton of dating. Nothing too serious, nothing too crazy, just a set up to try people out;) I think it would be very interesting...even if I don't think it will ever happen. It would get quite messy** I guess. I can already see my group of friends getting together and saying who is off-limits and setting ground rules. I guess my idea is at least good for an amusing thought.

*OK, Obviously I don't know what goes on with people's private lives even if I do always occasionally pick up US Weekly. It just seems like everyone dates everyone else.
**Complicated messy.

You're Crazy

Oh, and Katie Holmes will have her baby today. It's L Ron Hubbard's birthday.


Call me crazy but I thought it was a requirement for every prebubescent* girl to play MASH as a kid, so you can see how I was flabbergasted to find out that Serena had never played the magical fortune telling game! I don't think she had even heard of it which really surprised me. I mean, it has its own wikipedia page.

Anyway, so there we were, working** in the Music department of Barnes and Noble, counting down the minutes left in our shifts, when I declared we were going to play Mash. "Play what?" she responded. So after quickly explaining the game we started the hella crazy fun that is MASH.

Now, the beauty of this game is that the participant picks three of her (or his, as I believe I've made SCD play this game in Music, too) top choices for each category and then the "fortune teller" gets to insert one choice. Now, obviously this choice should be the worst option imaginable. If I remember correctly we had such gems as skunks and mice for pets, landfills and Chernobyl for homes, and tricycles and 18-wheelers for vehicles. (Rust always being my color of choice for the fortune receiver.)

Another fun aspect of the game is picking husband choices from the pool of co-workers. Serena was pretty mad that she ended up married to "Little Jack" who is in high school especially since they were going to have 8 kids or something and that's a LOT of S-E-X with the Little Guy. However, in retaliation she entered Creepy Old Guy Coworker as one of my options and, as luck would have it, he and I were to be married. Things looked up a little when she revealed I would be an exotic dancer...a VERY wealthy exotic dancer. Hott! (However, I declared that all 10 of our kids would either be adopted or illegitimate.)

We played three rounds each I think and I've got to say our initial results were the best. Besides living in a shack, Serena got a good marriage (neither too young nor too old) and zero kids (as she wanted). I'm to be betrothed to Steven and I believe I ended up being a soundtrack producer. (Good job, S, you're better than Jim and Little Guy! Congrats!)

I love MASH!

*And by prebubescent I meant that I've played this game at all ages. MASH knows no age limits
**"Working" in its most leniant definition

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Worth The Wait

How can a Sunday night get much better than one when The Cutting Edge 2: Going For The Gold is on!? I remember going to the THEATRE on my friend's bithday when I was 12 to see the original Cutting Edge with Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney. I made my dad take me to Jamesway to get a new shirt for the night and I felt SO grown up. Like I was already 13 or something.

I was excited when I got One Tree Hill from Netflex last fall and found out that Moira Kelly plays Lucas' mom! Toe Pick is back!

What is D.B. Sweeney up to?..."Wikipedia?" "imdb?" Hmmm, Nothing too exciting. He should guest star on One Tree Hill. That would be awesome.

Anyway, The Cutting Edge 2 was amazing, of course. They even had a cameo of the famous "Top pick!" line much like Patrick Swayze's bit part in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Oh. Wow. Don't even get me started on how awesome Havana Nights is. Diego Luna-Yes, please!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Danger Zone

Last night I fully realized how dangerous driving is. Let me set the scene:

It's late at night and I'm driving down a dark highway (***Alert: deer and scary killers) and I'm pretty tired (***Alert: falling asleep at the wheel and crashing). I reach over to check out different songs on my new XM radio (***Alert: veering off the road or into incoming traffic). As I settle on station 43 (Thanks, Steven), I hear my phone beep and open it up to check the email (***Alert: swerving, weaving, etc.).

This is how the scene really unfolded:

It's late at night and I'm driving down a dark highway with my eyes peeled for deer and appropriately adjusting my headlights as oncoming traffic approaches. I reach over to check out different songs on my new XM radio but realize that a small, two-way road is not the best place to fiddle with my new technology. As I keep it on station 43, I make myself wait until I am at a red light to check my email on my new phone.

So, safety won out but OH MY GOSH was it hard. Some people need will power to set down the bottle of Jack-I need will power not to check my email.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The End Of The World

Do a google blog search for "Kenny Chesney" and see what comes up.

That's right, MY BLOG! I can't beliece this. And now I've gone and mentioned his lame-ass again which will furthur connect me to him in the google blog search world. To the person who found my blog by this search-I apologize for hating him, but I do hope you come back.

Google Searches I Don't Want Associated With My Blog (but probably will now that I've made this list):

- Kenny Chesney (bust)
- Michael Jackson is a sexy man-beast
- Best singer in the world JoJo
- Ireland
- Creed


While I try to think up something "non-atrocious" to blog about:

My New Cell Phone or Why I Will I Will Save Lives:

I was just checking as I am known to do pretty regularly throughout the day (and by pretty regularly I mean every five minutes or so) and this headline caught my eye: "Teen safe after mom got text messages asking for help". OHH YEAH! MY OBSESSIVE TEXTING WILL ONE DAY SAVE LIVES!

But really, it's not funny that the girl was in that situation but yay for texting!

Note: If you have Verizone, we must text!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Long Way To Go

Check out this horoscope I just got off of MY NEW AWESOME CELL PHONE:

The longer you know someone, the more you love him or her. See someone with new eyes.

I had such a successful night:

-New phone that totally didn't break the bank and my features on the plan are so awesome and not expensive.

-XM Radio-will be hooking it up tomorrow and I was very excited to find out that my brother might be having some stuff on there!

-4 classes-OK, wait...FOUR?! I went into my advisor meeting with the plan of no summer classes and two or three in the fall with nothing on Tuesdays (orchestra). What I came out of my meeting with was one summer class, three fall classes, and two practicum in the fall!!!! AND one class in on Tuesday:( But, after that I just have one more class and then student teaching and then whoa...


Feel Good Inc.

See, not even 24 hours later and I feel fine. No more sneezing (OH PLEASE DON'T JINX MYSELF)! This is what makes me think it was all allergy related because I feel totally fine now...except for the headache but really, when do I NOT have a headache when I have to get up at 6am?).

Tonight is busy busy busy for me as I have to meet with my advisor at 6pm (and hope some classes are still open for my procrastinating arse), go to Best Buy to HOPEFULLY get XM radio installed (Shut up abour Sirius, I HATE Howard Stern), and then walk over to Verizon to get my new, TOTALLY hott phone (and cry if something happens for me not to get it).

Spring Break is turning out to be pretty dull but really, did I expect (or want) anything else? It's not like grad school students go to Cancun...or do they and I just wasn't invited? Whatever, I am totally the coolest one in all of my classes so if there was some trip planned, I sure as hell would have planned it and NOT invited my classmates. Ok, I kid, I'm a kidder...there are some other worthy people in there but I definitely wouldn't be sending out invitations to everyone.

The rest of my day here at work (roughly, no, exactly 33 minutes) will be spent uploading songs onto iTunes. I bet you're thinking, "What kind of job does she have?!" Well, it's really not that exciting but Friday is a Retirement Party and I am in charge of music. At first I was excited about this but quickly realized that my taste and the taste of my coworkers is like honey and calculaters-don't mix very well. So, I am having to upload tons of (*vomit*) country CDs onto my work computer in order to make an appropriate playlist. I'm surprised my baby, er computer, didn't spit out the Kenny Chesney CD after having the taste of such greatness like Smashing Pumpkins and Interpol in it. It's like giving a cheese connoiseur a Kraft American cheese single.

Oh, 29 minutes to go!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I don't get sick. The last time I remember really being sick was the summer of 2003 when I had the worst sore throat of my life snd spent the whole time at our 4th of July party concentrating on trying to swallow without crying.

What I do get, are periods of what I call "hyperallergies." It's a period of time, never more than a day, where I just sneeze. Over and over and over...and over. My friend Andrew said once, "Sneezing's not so bad...unless you're Scarlet" and he was so right. I started sneezing tonight on my way to orchestra rehearsal and about an hour and 15 minutes in, I had to leave because I was doing more sneezing than playing. I now have a headache and my teeth hurt from sneezing, even my sides are hurting right now! I'm not sure why this happens and I never really can trace it back to something that maybe I was allergic to (other than the normal things like pollen or mold). But it's so annoying and while tonight is an okay time for me to sit immobile as to not cause a sneezing fit, this usually happens when I am out and end up carrying a box of tissues with me. And really, how attractive can it be to be carrying around a box of tissues? haha!

Haha, and in my online research of allergies, I came across this with my favorite line, "Had it been true, those afflicted by allergies would be the happiest people on earth, and they're not." Ha!



Trying Not To Think About Time

In list form:

1. I'm dizzy today. While part of me is weird and likes the dizzy feeling, I wish it would stop. I think it's from a lack of sleep + too much caffeine.

2. In my staff meeting today, I almost said, "I don't want to help people" just to be different. It's not true, I like to help others (albeit, quietly) but once the group is all into it I just have this need to be opposite from everyone. Luckily I have learned to not voice my obstinate opinions in the workplace. Although someone did bring up my stance on St. Patrick's Day and even though I said it was an inside joke, they made me explain. Even though my reasoning is quite sane (My ancestry is Scottish therefore I am very pro Scottish), I came out of the situation looking like a quirky weirdo. Great. (People here don't "get" me.)

3. I was so close...SO close to having my new phone in my little (dad) hand's last night and then their computers decided to hate me. First of all, computers should all love me and bow down to me as I am one of their biggest fans. Second of all, I WANT MY NEW, HOTT PHONE! Hopefully I will have it tomorrow and then I will email (YES, EMAIL) you all!

4. radio is my new favorite thing. Spoon is on right now. However, this is not going to help me with spending less money on CDs

5. Had spicey tuna rolls last night at Sticky Rice. Holy Hell those were good!

6. Sorry for the crap blog. I'm boring today.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Kicking The Heart Out

I am master of the cryptic post. I may as well reuse one:


However, 2003 was definitely my "Blue Period" so if you happen to read anything else, just read it all with a grain of salt and know that I was poor and kind of unhappy and lonely. It wasn't the greatest time for a few months there. Anyway...

Talking about that really wasn't the point to this blog but I didn't want anyone thinking I was some angst-ridden person;)

I think I get spoiled by the levels of communication I have with some people and then get disappointed when not everyone is like that.


Wish You Were Here

As much as I complain about living out in the boonies, there are some good things about it. I think the best one occurs everytime I pull in my driveway late at night and walk up to the front door. No matter how tired I am or how freezing it is outside...or how disgusting the sludge from the nearby farms smell (haha), I always take a moment to look up towards the sky. I couldn't name a single constellation up there but I am in love with the stars. So, as much as I love cities, I will always appreciate being able to see hundreds of stars in the sky.

So when I was pulling into my neighborhood and saw a shooting star up above, I gasped. In the long list of things I love, shooting stars are very high on the list and I take the opportunity to make a quick wish. They just make me happy. So any crappiness that had built up from my long car ride of thinking instantly vanished when I saw that shooting star.

<3 Shooting Stars

Friday, March 03, 2006

It Came From Japan

Happy Hinamatsuri!

And reasons #43 and #43892 why I am a nerd:

#43: I wrote up on the spare dry erase board in my office interesting things about March 3rd. Did you know that Bizet's Carmen premiered on March 3rd in 1875? Or that Tone-Loc celebrates his 44th birthday today? Elvis was on TV for the first time the 3rd day of March in 1955. And I was so excited to find out that wikipedia has a page all about today! And if they have a page about today, then there must be pages for all the other days! A new dry erase board topic for Every Day Of The Year!

Why does this make me happy?

#43892: Hinamatsuri is a Japanese Doll Festival and I won't get into details about the celebration but it reminded me of when I was younger and decided I wanted to learn Japanese. It wasn't the first time I had expressed an interest in languages. When I was in Kindergarten I told my mom I wanted to learn Chinese but the school laughed at her when she recommended they offer it to us. (Bastards!) Anyway, so when I was like, 14 or so I saw that the PBS station showed Japanese lessons every day at 4pm and I decided to 'take them'. I even bought a notebook for my new 'class' and diligently watched the 30 minute (dry as a bone) program each day. I forget what finally distracted me from my language learning but to this day I can say, "My name is Scarlet" in Japanese.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

You're Crazy

I've never laughed so much in an orchestra as I do now. Ok, I've already messed up because actually, my college orchestra was hilarious and I got in trouble just about every rehearsal for laughing and missing entrances. But I digress, my current orchestra is really effing hilarious. I often can't get through these rehearsals without laughing "out loud" (*groan*) or texting Ali or Serena with something funny that just happened.

The Cast of Characters:

Maestro- I would link to his page but I'm already worried someone will find this and read it. He's a very good conductor and I've learned a lot from his techniques and practice methods. Another thing I have learned from him is that if you're going to get spiced (perspire), a black shirt is ideal as to not distract the orchestra. Also, hair in the eyes is quite annoying to both you and us. Just decrease the time in between trims and we'll all be happier.

Crazy Bassoon Lady- I don't care if this bitch reads my blog because I can't stand her and I don't think she likes me either. I knew her in high school and she's still weird. She was married last year but now doesn't have a ring on so I've deduce she either killed her husband or he wised up and left her. She is extremely dramatic, thinks she is God's gift to classical music, and makes certain we all know when her passages are in a high range. She's also extremely irritating and answers her cell phone during practice and laughs really loudly at her dad's bad jokes. Oh and she "lost 50 pounds" but I'm still not sure from where because she has always been thinner than a rail.

Crazy Percussionist- We can't keep a percussion section because CPG drives them all away. He makes really bad, obvious, NOT FUNNY jokes and then laughs at them. Yes, laughs at his own bad jokes. More annoying than that, though, is that when he is told he missed an entrance or play a part incorrectly, he has to have an excuse: "OH well I had to switch mallots!" "OH hehehe, I was at the gong and needed the snare." What he doesn't get is that we don't care. Just play the part.

Oboe Girl- One time my stand partner said, "I'm glad we have you and not're quiet and play your part." I took that asa great compliment because to be contrasted with OG is very kind. OG is probably 17 but still has not gotten an ounce of maturity. Maestro asks her a simple question, "You playing 1st or 2nd?" and she guffaws and spits out, "I didnt realize I would be playing alone there and it came out...Oh wow! 1st part is hard!" And Maestro doesn't skip a beat with, "1st part, thank you." I think she knows I hate her and give her the evil eye from behind because every once and awhile she turns around like she can feel the hatred I'm radiating towards her. My bad!

The Jew- I hope noone is offended by naming this woman "The Jew" but she really is Jewish. This lady is a sweetheart and really loves music but she cracks me up with her questions: "Do we upbow here where it says upbow?" and also that she keeps a pencil tucked into her hair-I love that, it's so eccentric.

i know what you're thinking: Dr. Quinn is in an orchestra? I thought she was busy saving Colorado Springs from Smallpox!! But no, she's in my orchestra. One time she even had to use her medical knowledge to make sure a flute player was okay when she fell off the riser. I wish Sully would stop by though, he's hott.

The Smokers- This couple is cute in a way because you imagine then having romantic smoke breaks together but then gross at the same time when you imagine what everything they own smells like. And she gets on my nerves because she plays the viola like she's sawing a tree. Figures though, from a viola player-the red-headed step child of the orchestra.

The French Horn Section- "Where are we?"

The Real Twins- These girls must be 16 now and have JUST now started venturing into the world of not dressing alike. My stand partner used to make fun of them, it was hilarious because he's like, my dad's age and making fun of teenagers.

The Fake Twins- These two freak me out because one is 15 or so and one is at least 30 yet they are INSEPERABLE! And they are always touching each other's hair. And when they see each other after not seeing each other for a week, they run up to each other and hug. I try to stay away from them.

I guess that's all for now...I could really go on and on about everyone.


Road To Joy

Some lists:

Top 7.5 Things I Complain About:
7.5. Not Enough...
7. School (aka "Disney")
6. Barnes and Noble
5. AM
4. warm weather/Spring/Summer
3. Cunts (aka, annoying people)
2. Living too far away from things
1. Being tired

Top 7.5 Things I Would Do If I Felt I Had The Time:
7.5. Write let...
7. Nap
6. Take 43289049320432 pictures a day
5. Remember Spanish
4. Learn Russian
3. Reread my art history book from college
2. Read my music theory/history books
1. Practice the, really practice. Etudes and scales and that crap to make me good again

So I got my grade from my presentation back last night. How does PERFECTION sound? 20 out of 20!!!!! I am so smart.

I had wanted to write a post about my orchestra and all of the crazies in it but I got paranoid that one of them would find it somehow. Then they would hate me even more. It was going to be funny though, that thing is full of characters.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Clap Your Hands!

Midterm Is Done And Printed And Totally *Awesome!!!!

*OK, I'm not really sure if it's totally awesome because this is only the second lesson plan I have ever written and the first for this class. So, I can't really be sure what she is looking for. But it is 14 pages including all of those handouts and worksheets so at least that makes me feel good. And I finished it 4 hours before the class starts-that's gotta be a record or something! Haha!

This weekend needs to equal a lot of picture taking for me. I am so behind!

Why Am I So Tired

When I started my "real" job last January I really struggled with having to be to work at 8am every single day. For a few months I was also working about 24 hours at my second job and having orchestra rehearsal every Tuesday so I was pretty much a walking zombie for awhile. Staff meetings on Tuesdays were dreaded because I literally could not keep my eyes open when they turned the lights off for presentations. I would constantly drink ice cold water and then take a few bathroom breaks just to stay awake. (I'm sure people thought I was so weird!)

Everyone said I would get used to getting up early but I knew that would never happen and especially not while I was working until midnight a few nights a week. So when I finally cut my hours at the second job I was excited to not be as tired anymore. BUT...that's not what happened. I AM STIL TIRED! Sure, it's not as bad and I don't go through whole days in a haze, but for the majority of my day I am sleepy. I am not a morning person and having to be awake and *gasp* productive at 8am is a struggle for me. And what really gets me are the people who do happily skip into work BEFORE 8am and are bright and cheery and ready to start their day. The people who get to work before me and definitely stay later than me. WHO ARE THESE ALIENS? I honestly do not understand how people can get up so early and be awake and alert all day.

I think for me to get the sleep I require, I would need to go to sleep between 10:00 and 10:30pm every night. That is so not going to fly. I have TV shows to watch (and even with , there isn't enough time from 5pm til 10pm to get everything done) and hobbies to work on and vegging to do. 10pm is never going to happen. But I'm so tired....Why am I so tired?