Sunday, April 30, 2006

Waltz Of Flowers

Pink Flower
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#52- Black Sabbath- "Paranoid"

Blink 182

#53- "Enema Of The State"
#54- "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket"
#55- "Dude Ranch"
#56- "Cheshire Cat"
#57- "Buddha"

#58- Bloc Party- "Silent Alarm"
#59- Bloc Party- "Silent Alarm Remixed"
#60- Blue Merle- "Burning In The Sun" (Free from BN)
#61- Blondie/Pat Benatar- "Back To Back Hits"
#62- James Blunt- "Back To Bedlam"
#63- Blur- "The Best Of"
#64- Blur- self titled
#65- Andrea Bocelli- "Andrea" (Free from BN)
#66- Bon Jovi- "One Wild Night-Live" (not in case=/)
#67- Bon Jovi- "Bounce"

Braid (I've seen them live)

#68- "Movie Music Vol. One"
#69- "Movie Music Vol. Two"
#70- "Frame & Canvas"
#71- "Frankie Welfare Age Five"
#72- "Lucky To Be Alive"

#73- The Bravery- Self titled
#74- Brazilian Girls- self titled
#75- Bright Eyes- "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning"
#76- British Sea Power- "The Decline Of British Sea Power"
#77- Burning Airlines- "Mission Control"
#78- Bush- "Sixteen Stone"
#79- Bush- "Razorblade Suitcase"

Note: There are obviously some missing but I'll just add them to the list either as I find them or at the end.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Late At Night

I was up at 3am to see the 'roommates' off and then again at 7am when I had one of my recently common "Oh my God I can't breath and this coughing sucks" moments. Can a moment last an hour or so? Regardless, I was up for awhile coughing but too tired to get up for water so I decided to turn my alarm off because I figured I needed the sleep anyway. I had a lot of dreams, too, which is always fun. I was still too tired to get up to write down my dreams so I chose two to remember and tried to ingrain them in my brain. Funny though that the only one I actually managed to remember was the one where some lip-locking was involved*. Go figure!

I am taping the past to O.C.s for Anna right now which really isn't a problem because i definitely don't mind rewatching the past two episodes. It's weird when Marissa starts calling Volchek (sp) Kevin. He is not supposed to have a first name. Speaking of first and last names, I hate it when people get mine mixed up. Sure, Rose is a first name but when have you ever heard the last name Scarlet? So obviously Scarlet is my first name. And not Charlotte. Don't ever call me Charlotte. SCARLET!

*Not the "OMG, Hott" kind but more the "Hmm, Awkward but different" kind.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Hugs Froms Boys

Seth and Summer are back! Everything is right in the world.

I am up to Braid in my CD listening. I have a ton to add to the list but I didn't feel like bringing those CDs back to work with me so I'll add them later. I love Braid. I'm not sure where they would rank in my all-time favorite band list (and just thinking about making that list stresses me out) but I love them so. Here, let me try to list my favorite bands and then put them in order.

Favorite Bands (in no particular order):
*Smashing Pumpkins
*Foo Fighters
*Hey Mercedes
*Arab Strap
*Death Cab For Cutie
*The Beatles
*...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
*Jimmy Eat World

But then what about those bands I don't really listen to anymore but loved at one time so they still hold a special place.

Bands I Love(d):

How does one does one attempt to make a Top Bands List Of All Time!? And I probably forgot someone in the list, too, but it's ass early in the day so don't hold it against me.

Here is an easier list...

Bands I Hate:
*Dave Matthews Band

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Like Eating Glass

I always get so jealous when other people lose their voice and get that totally hot scratchy, hoarse, "I have a Hot Voice" thing. I love the way my voice sounds when it's on its way out. Of course now that I am experiencing Hot Voice, I'm having trouble hiding the grimaces of pain that have come along with it. Hot Voice is totally nullified by coughing, sneezing, sore throats, and tissues. I keep thinking about that scene in Friends when Phoebe gets Hot Voice and is excited by how sexy her songs sound but then she starts coughing and hacking and it's obviously so not sexy. (I will admit to singing along to XM last night on my way to Fredericksburg and it sounded mighty hot.)

I left my CDs from yesterday at home so I'll have to update that later. But to end the suspense, Blink-182 was up next. Thanks for guessing:)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What's In You?

I am moving right along in my plan of listening to all of my CDs. So far I haven't gotten any "OH MY GOD YOU OWN THAT?!" but I'm only on "Bl" so there is time for the outcries of surprise. Today though we hit upon my first metal CD: Black Label Society. I blame Slash for my odd love of metal and previous love of metal guys. Slash was quite the object of my affection in first grade and yes, my mom allowed me to own Appetite For Destruction because she's the best mom ever. This is also why my kids will not be censored from things as I never was and turned out quite fine but that's another blog topic. Back to Slash and his hot 'fro-like hair, his cigaratte always dangling precariously from his mouth while he played, and his playing itself! Need I only remind you of his solo for "November Rain" to explain why I loved him so.

Anyway, while Guns and Roses definitely isn't the hardest rocking back out there (especially now, have you seen Axl lately? I used to tell people he was my uncle!), they hold a special place in my heart. "Heavy metal" is weird though because I always expect it to be really hard but a lot of it comes across as almost comical: Judas Priest? Ozzy Osbourne? Van Halen? etc. I guess I often am imagining death metal or black metal (both of which I don't really know the difference) which sound much darker and "scarier".

So yeah, right now I'm at work listening to Black Label Society. Kind of surreal. And just to warn you all, Cradle of Filth terrifies me and I might cheat and keep the volume super low once I get to that part of the alphabet. Guess what band comes after Black Lable Society!

#47- Belle & Sebastian "If You're Feeling Sinister"
#48- The Birthday Party- "Hits" (Song called "Mr. Clarinet" Oh yeah!)
#49- Bis- "Music For A Stranger World'
#50- Frank Black and the Catholics- s/t
#51- Black Label Society- "Mafia"

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'll Take You On

I'm so behind! Some of these CD listens are from last Thursday (wasn't at work on Friday and had phone duty on Monday).

Arcade Fire:
#30- "Funeral"
#31- "Arcade Fire" EP?

#32- Armik- "Mar De Suenos" (Free from Barnes and Noble)
#33- Arctic Monkeys- "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" (crap, I can't spell)

At The Drive-In:
#34- "The Station Is Non-Operationable"
#35- "At The Drive-In"
#36- "Relationship Of Command

#37- Audioslave "Out Of Exile"
#38- Autolux- "Future Perfect"

The Beatles:
#39- "Abbey Road" (my friend wrote my name there!)
#40- "Magical Mystery Tour"
#41- "Let It Be"
#42- "Rubber Soul"
#43- "Revolver"
#44- "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (where my IM name comes from!)

#45- Beck- "Midnite Vultures"
#46- Belle & Sebastian- "The Life Pursuit"

When I'm not listening to all of my CD's I'm fighting an entire corporation. Ok, it's not that exciting but I'm fighting a bill and once I win, I'll tell you about it.


Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Night Nothing

There are few things I really dread. Here are some:

1. When I have to make a phone call and be "adult" and mean. (Some would say I dread all phone calls but I don't really. I especially hate phone calls where I have the potential to sound stupid. Or when I have to be "adult"?)
2. Covering phones at work. We are "in between receptionists" so about eight of us have to rotate with sitting at the front desk. It's pretty much my worst nightmare of having constant phone calls and walk-ins and half are not in the language I know (which is fine, just that I can't understand them and I feel bad and frustrated.)
2.a. People constantly walking by and talking to me. Unnecessary talking is one of my pet peeves.

2.b. Having to run around and ask 49230 people 4932049320432.34 questions because I don't know how things go down here.

3. Paying large bills
3.a. Paying large bills that aren't my fault and shouldn't be mine at all

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Good Grief

The same day I decide (again) to quit Barnes and Noble I decide to instead work 1 or 2 nights there. BUT this is after getting HORRIBLE news and then AWESOME news (unrelated to each other). Really though, after figuring out it is costing me $12 in gas just for getting to and from Barnes and Noble, I shouldn't work there at all. And working nights makes me so sleepy. Ideally I should quit BN and give clarinet lessons. Ideally.

OMG, Please think uber positive thoughts and I might have a super exciting announcement* to make soon!

* Uhhhhh, super exciting to me, at least

Thursday, April 20, 2006

An Honest Mistake

Or, Why I should keep my mouth shut at work:

I just educated some of my coworkers on what today is and no, I am not talking about it being National High Five Day. I thought I was the last person to be educated on 420 when I was told by my college roommate circa 1998. Oh but no, apparently the (real) adults in my office have been living a lie, not knowing that today's date is synonymous with bong hits and Sublime.

And the worst part is, I kept blushing while I told them, afraid they would think I am a participant in the day (I'm not). Then I felt the need to clarify that I only knew because, "I went to college."

"I went to college"? Is that my "I carried a watermelon"?

Idiot! What point was I trying to make...that I spent four years around people who actually get excited for it to be April 20th? That everyone at college smokes pot and since I went to college I did too? I should have just stuck to my sources:

"I know this because I was a biology major and concern myself with all things related to botany. I have never known, nor do I plan in the future to know, anyone who who even knows what marijuana is.

Haha, Happy High Five Day*.

*Why did I say "haha"? Now I'm afraid you're all going to think I'm a pothead. I'm soooooo not. At.All. I don't even smoke cigarettes! I should just erase this whole post.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Coming Back For More

OH HOLY HELL ALIAS WAS SO AWESOME TONIGHT. I knew this was going to happen, too. We'd go for a couple of months with no Alias and would have gotten used to it. Then it comes back on for it's run to the end and it's going to be so incredibly awesome that now I'll be sad for it to end. Don't speak ill of Alias. It's awesome.

And CDs from today:

19. American Analog Set- "The Golden Band"

The following are by Trail of Dead:

20. "The Secret Of Elena's Tomb"
21. "Worlds Apart EP"
22. "Madonna"
23. "Worlds Apart"
24. "Relative Ways/Homage EP"
25. self titled

The following are by Arab Strap:

26. "Monday At The Hug And Pint"
27. "Philophobia"
28. "Last Romance"
29. "Elephant Shoe"

Tomorrow is my Friday because I'm taking the real Friday off. I need help deciding what to do. Oh and the point of most of these adventures are for picture taking:

1. Go to DC during the day
a. Go early and get out of town early*
b. Go later so I am heading out of town in the early evening**
2. Go to Richmond***
3. Go somewhere else (Where?)
4. Stay home


*I don't want to get stuck in any kind of Friday rush hour so basically I'd have to get there ASS early and out of town very early
**This weekend's lameness of not going out isn't by choice or because of orchestra things
***Don't think friends are available (how sad) but traffic issues are no problem

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Science Vs. Luck

Tom Cruise is after me. He's reached his high level of scientology and now he is going to come after me and offer me a life without colds and the ability to speak to aliens.

It all started when I predicted Katie Holmes delivery day:

email evidence

(Names, besides my own, have been erased as well as anything else too embarassing. I left the original e-mail intact so please refrain from making fun of my Brad Pitt comment. Yes, I do think he's really hott and yes, I am looking forward to his next movie. The important part is that I PREDICTED THE BIRTH OF TOMKITTEN!)

In addition to my gmail evidence, I also told my coworker, Robin, that I bet she would have the baby today. If I need to, I'll get her on tape supporting this. We talked for awhile today about scientology and how crazy it all is. How Tom Cruise apparently talked to an alien and there are reports that aliens live in a part of the ocean near California. We cracked up with our theories.

Ok but THEN I checked online during my break at orchestra and guess what the child's name is...Suri. In Hebrew this means 'princess' and is Persian it means...

Red Rose

I KNOW! Freaky! Ok and for those a few steps behind let me remind you that my name is Scarlet Rose...aka

Red Rose

I have alerted my mom, Ali (sister), Serena, Steven, and Anna that if I go missing they are to find Tom Cruise and make him give me back. I don't want to be a scientologist. I don't want to worship clams and not have colds anymore. It's just weird.

Real People

Day #2 of CD listening.

ALL albums:
10."ALL Live"
11. "Allroy For Prez"
12. "Guilty"
13. "Breaking Things"
14. "Mass Nerder"
15. "Problematic"
16. "Allroy Saves"

17. Ashton Allen "Dewdrops": I got this CD for free from Barnes and Noble
18. American Analog Set "From Our Living Room To Yours": good band/cd but not the best for a sleepy afternoon.

And here is proof I'm doing this: LastFM

Monday, April 17, 2006

Someday You Will Be Loved

I caught up on four of my fashion magazines today: W, Elle, Bazaar and Vogue and got my fix of "What's in" lists and fashion photography. I must give a shout out to W for a beautiful cover with Meryl Streep and Lindsay Lohan. Such a gorgeous, simple shot.

Like any good magazine reader, I read my horoscope in all of them. Now, while I find astrology interesting and fun, I certainly don't live my life by it. But when all four talk about career advancement I like to take the "hmmm" approach. "Well, maybe so. I AM starting that new project at work" which leads nicely into reading the other part of the blurb, "Right now you need the support of someone who knows you well."

Well, damn. Who is that going to be? Family doesn't count. They have to be there and know me well. It is a part of their job, determined by our fine genetics. What about they all know me well? I'm not sure I can answer that. I'm not sure they can answer that either. I guess each one knows me well in different ways which is how friendships should be. (?) But does anyone know me WELL in all areas? Imagine the power of the person who could know me so well he will know when I'm lying or when I'm being sarcastic but don't really mean it. That's a lot of power for one person to have! To follow up all of my "Just kidding"s with "No you aren't"s. To know the true puppy dog face from the comical one.

And this isn't some "Oh my gosh, I need a boyfriend" post. Not at all. I only used "he" in the examples above because what's better than someone saying, "No you aren't" and then making out. I mean really, most situations could be improved by some good ol' MO (with a good partner, of course. Not just anyone-that would get weird.)

(And someone who knows me well would know that I added that last part in an attempt to make this post more humorous and not some weird, heartfelt "I'm a wussy girl" kind of things.)

Crap, Now you know all of my secrets.

Secret Agent Man

Beware Of Female Spies
Originally uploaded by scarls17.

Time To Waste

Day 1 of listening to all of my CDs*:

1. !!!- "Louden Up Now": love this CD, fun and a good way to start the day!
2. +/-- "You Are Here": another good morning CD.
3. Add N To (X)- "Loud Like Nature": 3 for 3 on morning CDs! This one is awesome and so just...different.
4. Christina Aguilera- "Stripped": NOT IN THE CASE! OK, this is where I'm going to go crazy because things will get out of order or I'll realize how many CDs I need to find and return to their homes.
5. Alkaline Trio- "Crimson": I've seen them live. I'm not as into them now but their songs are funny and catchy.
6. Alkaline Trio- "Maybe I'll Catch Fire": More of the same...good stuff.
7. Alkaline Trio- "Good Mourning": I didn't realize I had so many Alkaline Trio Cds!
8. Alkaline Trio- "From Here To Infirmary": Their best CD in my opinion
9. ALL- "Allroy Sez": Love ALL!

*Update throughout the day.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Rites Of Spring

I am placing a moratorium on CD purchases. After, of course, my four CDs I ordered this week come in and I have picked them up (as well as the two from Scotland). New Releases are also not included. Oh and CDs purchased at any upcoming shows are allowed because it is directly supporting a band and they are often cheaper than from a store.

It's just that buying new music is never ending. The process is always the same:

1. I like a band
2. I listen to that band endlessly until I just can't get enough and have to find something else of theirs
3. I buy all of their older CDs
4. I buy any side projects, solo projects, comps the band might be on
5. I find a similar artist to the band in Step 1
6. Lather, Rinse, REPEAT!

Over and over. I mean, think about it: Death Cab For Cutie-American Analog Set- Postal Service, etc.; Belle and Sebastian-Arab Strap-Snow Patrol-Sons and Daughters, etc. Just on and on, these incestuous bands working by themselves, with their bands, with other bands, and just creating so many albums and I have to have them all!

So I need to put a little stop to it for awhile. Part of this has been brought upon by my recent acceptance that I need to buy a new iPod. What good are 10,000 songs if I don't have them with me always? Able to listen to anything, whenever I want. So, since I will most likely be shelling out $400+ in the near future (17th? I forget), I need to reel it in somewhere else.

I'm not sure how long this will last but remind me, ok? And in the meantime I'm going to try something. Starting at "A" I'm going to listen to every CD I own* (mostly while at work). This will probably last for a shorter time than the moratorium though so don't expect to hear much about Zwan.

*Not soundtracks or classical...those aren't in the same alphabetical order.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Night I Lost My Head

So less than 12 hours after making a semi-crazy, but exciting, purchase of two CDs from Scotland, my mother, my own flesh and blood, the woman who birthed and raised me, suggested I:

1. sell my guitars and bass
2. throw my CDs away

Does the woman know me at all?

Now, to be fair to her since I don't hold her temporary lunacy against her, she didn't exactly say to me: "Scarlet, you should sell your instruments and throw away all of your CDs" but she may as well have. See, today my sister sold her drums so she's in this spring cleaning mood and apparently thinks everyone else is, too. And I am. Just the other day I moved my winter coats to the back of my closet and brought the jean jacket and rain coat to the front. I reorganized my shoes so the flips flops are more easily accessible at the expense of clunky boots I won't be wearing for a few more months. But apparently, her idea of spring cleaning was to sell those items I have spent hard earned money on and to throw away things I consider a part of an invaluable collection.

And I didn't even cry. I have this "problem" where when I'm confronted in anyway way, I cry. Everyone in my family makes fun of me and knows it's going to happen. It's quite ridicilous but I can't help it. Tonight though, I was so shocked by the audacity of the suggestion that I stayed strong and didn't shed a tear. I equated her suggestion to asking a dentist to give up his toothpicks. Ok ok, I meant to say tools but toothpick came out and once I said the mistaken word I had to go with it! You can't backtrack while arguing. It's almost as bad as crying.

Anyway, so she mentioned my guitars and bass but I knew right away what she was going to say. She tried to use my quest for a bassoon against me: "If you sold your guitars/bass you could put it towards a bassoon." This is true, yes, BUT those instruments aren't going to get enough money to warrant not having them anymore. Sure, I don't play them right now but the point it, I could. I took lessons on them and I like them. If I had hours a day to waste then I most certainly would be playing them. But I bought them myself and I'm not selling them.

Then she smoothly asked, "Once a CD is on an iPod, can the CD be thrown away?" First of all, I didn't point out the difference between iPods and iTunes and the fact that actually yes, all of my CDs are on an external harddrive. But if we're talking iPods here then really, I should point out that my iPod is in line at the pearly gates of iHeaven, waiting for whomever meets new iSouls to be let in. My poor, beautiful iPod works no more and with it being tax-time, and my crappy leap to a new tax bracket and subsequent need to pay VA/USA more than I'm comfortable with right now, I don't have the money to fix or replace it. And what about liner notes? I like liner notes and look forward to album artwork. To suggest I "throw away" these things almost makes my jaw drop. I'm the CD buyer who used to not want to throw away the clear, sticky security thing from the top of the CD. (Thankfully, I've moved past that weirdness now.)

Normally, I wouldn't care so much about these nonchalant suggestions but a chord was struck with the mention of the bassoon. I have my "Bassoonplea" presentaion ready and waiting but now I don't know when to present it. My hope is that m dad takes pity on my pleas and loans me $4000 but after the "sell"/"throw away" suggestions I'm feeling like the timing is off. You probably all think I'm crazy now, too. It's been one of those days where all senses are on edge and even laying on my bed in the dark didn't help. Uhh, not that I did that, though. The O.C. helped-thank goodness. How can I even think about my in-danger CDs and instruments as well as my lack of bassoon when Seth was a wanker and lied to Summer about not loving her anymore! And scenes from next week!? Anna! Teresa! Baby! I like Anna but not if she's going to keep Seth and Summer apart. I need a TV couple to live vicariously through and Rory and Logan aren't going to work right now.


I Must Soon Quit The Scene

I have a problem.

I'm about to buy two CDs from the UK because I MUST HAVE THEM. This is a problem not only because CDs from the UK are expensive but because I also have a list of four or five other CDs I MUST HAVE NOW and want to order tonight. This wouldn't be so bad if I did this occasionally but it's an on-going problem. I find something I like and I have to have everything. Usually it happens with bands I love and I do everything I can to get my hands on everything they've done (except bootlegs/some imports-that's an expensive game I can't be playing). I've also done it with actors though (every Brad Pitt movie? Check!) and entire subjects (you should see how many books I own on classical music).

So, I have the page with my shopping cart ready. I'm going back and forth on whether to order these CDs. Normally I'd just do it but I'm also currently trying to figure out how to get/borrow/steal/sell my body for $4000 to buy a bassoon (worth $11,000!). I already told myself that if I cut out Starbucks (except when really needed) and extraneous eating out that I don't have to cut out CD purchases but 2 CDs for this much? (roughly the price of 4 or 5 bought at Best Buy) is that sane?

I need them though. I do. What if they stop making them and I can no longer get them?! I have to have everything they've done.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Boy With The Arab Strap

I get a little giddy when I'm about to see a band I really love. After listening to their music over and over and knowing their songs inside and out, I really look forward to seeing it live. Hearing them without album production, seeing them play their instruments, getting to hear them talk and revealing a little more of their personality.

And I'm not going to lie, I get really "girl" about it all, too. I can't help but get crushes on most anyone standing on the stage singing and playing their heart out. It's like getting a crush on passion and music and focusing it on the body that is bringing it to me. And yeah, often times band members just so happen to be really hott (Is it a requirement or something?) I'm ok with being "girl" about it, though, because first and foremost I am a HUGE fan of the music. I know it inside and out and I live it so me getting a "crush" on a band isn't as lame as it sounds.

That said...last night I saw Arab Strap at the Iota with Serena. I was more than ecstatic when this all fell into place and oh how the stars were aligned for me to get to go to this show on my one free week night. Most anyone who knows me at all should be aware of the fact that I am slightly obsessed with anything Scottish. (And if there's an extra word in the previous sentence it is "slightly.") Some things I love about it are stupid superficial things like "Oh I love the accent!" but others are more solid like the fact that I have the document from when my great-great-great-grandfather came over here from there (William Pringle, thank-you-very-much!) But anyway, lately I've pretty much immersed myself in music coming out of Scotland and Arab Strap is definitely one of their finest.

The thing I love about Arab Strap is...well, a few things. One, they're men not boys; Two, they have super thick accents which come out in many of their songs; Three, they say cunt* a lot in their songs; Four, their songs all effing depressing but amazing.

The show was really good and they actually played longer than I thought they would The acoustic set at the end was a nice surprise especially since it included "The Shy Retirer" which is a favorite of mine. I liked the Iota because it was small and Serena and I were able to hang out inside before the show. We got there super early to ensure we'd get a ticket and while we could have arrived later, it worked out quite nicely as we got to watch Arab Strap's sound check and enjoy a couple of drinks while the bands were around. (Note: I tried REALLY hard at this point to "look Scottish**" and hott and approachable***.)

The opening band was better than I expected and at least interesting because they had a violin, toy piano, and french horn player. The singer reminded me a lot of Conrad Keely of Trail of Dead actually. This is when we made our way up front because why the Hell would I go to a show to stand in back? It pained me not to be able to take pictures but I very discretely caught a few with my phone. It's hard to explain what a good show is like without sounding like a complete pretentious tool so I'm hesitating with what to say. It's like a combination of not being able to stand still, wanting to sing along (but NOT!), watching their fingers on the guitar to really hear the solos, seeing the emotions in their faces while singing, hearing old parts of the song in new ways, deciding I have to pick up the guitar again, wondering how someone can turn life into lyrics, deciding I'm dropping everything and following them on tour, concluding that being "that girl" for a night with a band member really wouldn't be that bad, etc.

We chatted with Malcolm Middleton for a moment after the show which seals the deal on my love for a band. Personality + music = Love. It's weird because I get so incredibly into bands but I really don't think I'm ever "that girl" (the other "that girl", the one who was next to us at the show and acted like the music was orgasmic or something and her sole purpose on earth was to bob her head to their music and yell out lame things to the band.) I'm just passionate about it all and I can only hope that's how I'm perceived. So thanks, Arab Strap. You put on a fine show last night and I'm glad you get to go home in just a day (OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE ME TO SCOTLAND WITH YOU!!!!)

Come back for my next post which will be "Words Of Wisdom Straight From The Lyrics Of Arab Strap"!

*Get over it, it's just a word.
**I'm not really sure how one "looks Scottish" but if you know, please share.
***I always daydream at shows about the band coming up to me and saying something like, "We can tell you are a true fan and a cool person. Come hang out with us" or "Oh my gosh, I must kiss you!" but then I remind myself of a few things: 1) They have families back home, 2) They can't read my mind and 3) If I were in a band would I think it okay to go up to someone and say that/kiss them?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spare Me The Details

We had a lot of lag time between rehearsing and playing at my concert tonight. Usually I don't look forward to these down times because since my sister isn't in the group anymore I don't really have anyone to talk to. I don't have anything to say to the highschoolers and some of the older people are just blah. Last weekend, though, I happened to be standing near the french horns and they let me in on all of their inside jokes. This week I hung out with them again as well as the flutes. It was a good time (although being at home would have been better after working all day) but I kept talking. Like, talking a lot. I don't do that often with groups like that. But I just wouldn't shut up and kept contributing to the conversations. These people now know about my obsession with Channel 113 on XM Radio and that I buy the musical scores to the pieces we play so I can study them. I told them about my funny daydream of the maestro falling ill and me stepping up onto the podium to take over and saving the day. I talked about my classes and what I do my projects on (I barely even talk about school when I'm AT school!). I told people how I want a bassoon "almost more than my own life" but that one didn't go over well because the flutes weren't too up on sarcasm/exaggeration.

I need to go to sleep. Today was long: an (almost) full BN shift and a concert. Whew! Have to thank Steven for the funniest phone call of the weekend. I thought I was in trouble at first the way he started the conversation;)


Friday, April 07, 2006

A Picture You'd Hate To Miss

And can I just say, that while I'm going through all of these pictures, mostly from college, that some just take my breath away because of the memory it captures? Mostly people. Mostly one or two people. I miss them, like whoa.

Something so easily trivialized by others but means a lot to me. Still.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Miss You Love

For the thousands of digital pictures I have, I have just as many prints and I have recently begun the daunting, and seemingly endless, task of scanning each and every one. I not only want to have a backup of those memories but I also want to share them with friends, family, and even strangers on my fotki photography site. Or, if good enough, I'll put them up on flickr as a representation of my favorites.

The problem with scanning all of these pictures is that it turns into a detailed trip down Memory Lane. And what does Memory Lane lead to? Nostalgiaville.

This isn't a "woe is me" "I don't like how things are now" type of thing but I can't help but think back to those times whether they were fun or silly or maybe even frustrating and sad.

-Amazing dance party at Ben and Andy's and leaving in the nick of time.

-Having my room filled with 500 or so cups of water to celebrate Junior Ring Week

-Staying for graduation to be an usher and hanging out with 11 hott guys for a week.

-Getting to go to Puerto Rico for Tropical Ecology

-Carnegie Hall!

Well, luckily the frustrating/sad pictures just aren't there. I think that's a good thing. Some things I don't want to remember.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Where You Come From

Tonight, in my class, I found out that the girl with the hint of an accent who I just thought was pretentious is actually from Scotland*! She moved here three years ago but that is all the information I got because my questions went unanswered as other people talked over me with stupid questions about living in America. It took a lot to remain calm (and normal) and not jump over the desks to pull a Ghost and become this girl from the motherland, er Scotland. If my life were a movie there would have been the quick montage of me in Scotland and then the scene would spiral out of control and with a jolt I would wake up and be back in class. None of that happened though. I stayed in my seat, didn't fall asleep, and bit my tongue from being "that girl" in the class who got all weird about someone being from Scotland.

*Scottish accents don't sound pretentious. It sounds like she's trying not to have an accent so it comes out sounding like Madonna a little.

Dream Sequence

I had one of those dreams last night that makes waking up even more painful than usual. The type of dream that you can only wish was reality and all day long you can remember how things felt, or smelled, or tasted.

My alarm goes off at 5am and I wake up to reset it for 90 minutes later so I can wake up after a full REM cycle. (Hey, Glamour said so!) It's just a little experiment I'm doing to see if I'm less tired throughout the day. It ends up confusing me though because the alarm goes off and I immediately started the "ughhhhhhhhh" groan that equals waking up for me. Then I stare at my alarm clock for a minute trying to remember what day it is and why I have to get up so damn early before I remember the experiment and reset it and fall back asleep. 630am hasn't been any less painful so far though so I'm not sure about this "90 minute sleep cycle" thing.

Back to the dream, though. I should have written about this earlier in the day because now the details are fading from my memory. I can remember the end though because the damn alarm went off right when he got into my car and we were soaking wet from the rain. Working backwards in my now muddled memories I can remember two cars, a ski slope, a paper bag of groceries, and a stuffed animal.

Unfortunately I can not remember the sequence of events or the involvement of the items. If you have any guesses, please make them. And next time I'm in the middle of an awesome dream I'm going back to sleep and work will just have to wait. I don't do exciting things that end with getting into a car with a hott guy while awake. I'd like to thank my subconscious, at least, for having a life.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Movie Clock Star

Have you seen Gettysburg? Or Gods and Generals? Have you ever met the director? Oh wait, I HAVE! Apparently he lives near me (and Robert Duvall) and I am playing in a Filmmakers Festival this weekend for the part commemorating his film, Gods and Generals. I think it's pretty cool! I mean, the people this man has worked with:

Jeff Daniels of Arachnaphobia fame!

Mira (Romy) Sorvino!

Jeremy London OMG Party of Five and MALLRATS!

Martin Sheen, that's Mr. President to you!

Anyway, for more information go here.

On Your Wings

OK, new blogging idea for the day. Last Friday I picked up Iron & Wine's album, Our Endless Numbered Days, and it just so happens to be the first one I've popped in to listen to today. So, I'm going to "respond" to each track. Basically, it's early and I'm tired so I can't be original right now. Oh and this isn't some, "How does this song make you FEEL?" crap, it's just random.

1. On Your Wings Right away I get "I Believe I Can Fly! I Believe I Can Touch The Sky" stuck in my head. Great, just great. Maybe as a result of someone confessing to me last night that they might like R Kelley's new song. Hold on, vomiting.

2. Naked As We Came- This is from one of those question books: Would you walk down a crowded city street for 1 million dollars?

3. Cinder And Smoke- I wonder if people hate it when I capitalize words like "and"...I'm changing the grammar rules.

4. Sunset Soon Forgotten- Somehow, anything having to do with a sunset sounds nice. And romantic. I'm always driving and see a sunset and want to take pictures of it but then realize that driving at 55mph (60) isn't the best time to be taking photographs. I have an awesome sunset picture from Puerto Rico. Oh man, I was going to bring pics in to scan today but I forgot.

5. Teeth In The Grass- The first movie I saw in the theatre was Honey I Shrunk The Kids. I was really nervous for some reason and went to the bathroom during the bee part.

6. Love And Some Verses- More people need to write love songs about me. Unrequited love songs. Go for it!

7. Radio War- I miss having a radio show...that was one of my favorite things from college. My senior year Vanessa and I had a Dedication show. Every week, every song was dedicated to someone. Some favorites were: "Always" by Bon Jovi, "Closer" by NIN, "You're Crazy" by Guns and Roses, "Pantera Fans In Love" by Nerf Herder, etc.

8. Each Coming Night- I'm such an old woman now, going to bed at 11. Ok ok, so I've only been doing that for a week or so now but last night I was up until 12 and I am hurting today!

9. Free Until They Cut Me Down- I saw a commercial that the producers of Lost are having a new show. I CANNOT GET INTO ANY MORE SHOWS!

10. Fever Dream- I love this title. I love dreams.

11. Solom, South Georgia- I really like Savannah when we stopped there on our way to Florida. I could never live in the true Deep South though, too warm. Vanessa and I used to joke, up in PA, that we were from the Deep South (VA). I think it was only funny to us.

12. Passing Afternoon- I hope today's passes quickly!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


And adding to my list of shows I am completely obsessed with:

Greys Anatomy

to go along with:

Gilmore Girls
The O.C.

and those are just the ones ON right now.

Damn this episode for making me misty.

Leave The Day Free

The Zach Morris cell phone has haunted me all weekend. You know the type, larger than a small textbook, heavier then your baby brother, more awkward than when Zach himself delivered Mrs. Belding's baby. But I digress...

I had a very low-key weekend. Besides shopping, a three-hour work shift, and orchestra rehearsal and the concert, I didn't do much of anything. It was very nice! I finally got to pop in my Netflix copy of Sweet Valley High the TV show. YES, There was a show! I used to watch it on Saturday mornings but I had forgotten how dated it was:

Todd- He is such a dorky tool! His hair had a big enough flip to skate on and it's no wonder they never show him playing basketball, he's such a buffoon.

Lila- She is supposed to be the richest girl in town who gets anything and everything she wants. Her cell phone though? It made Zach Morris' look like a Razr. It looks like the kind my mom used to buy for my sister when she was about 5.

Jessica- Yabbo, her outfits are SO bad. Suspenders, overalls, white knee socks, etc.

Winston- I LOVE Winston! Nothing bad can be said about W.

Anyway, needless to say SVH is awesome.

Tonight I watched Amelie for the first time. I know, I know, 49543543.5 people have told me for years that I needed to watch this movie. Well, they were right, it's awesome. I love movies that look like each frame could be a photograph, it's a gorgeous effect. Amelie definitely had a Zach Morris phone, too, which made me laugh. This one time, Ali, some (ex)friends, and I went out to dinner for someone's birthday and we all rode there together. Well, the car had one of those true car phones that is huge and hooks into the car in it's very own cradle. Well, Ali took it off and into the restaurant with her. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard as I did when I "called" her and she "answered" that huge phone a la Zach Morris. She's a funny girl, that one.