Monday, June 20, 2016

Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards

Since I had to watch Game of Thrones after work last night, I emailed my friend my thoughts as I watched. Here they are...and, duh, spoilers:

I just took a deep breath and pushed play...

  • No one texted telling me not to watch (like when Jon Snow died) so I'm guessing he doesn't die?
  • My boss texted and said she was sooooo sorry she had me close tonight. HAHA! Love that.
  • If they cut the damn opening credits we could have more show, goodgrief it's so long!
  • "Your surrender, not mine." DAMMMNNNNN!!!! Go Dany! (I dont' like calling her that, but it's easier for this!)
  • So the dragons are domesticated now, I see. Riding on flying animals makes me think of Harry Potter:) Honestly, though, she needs a saddle. How does she stay on??
  • DOTHRAKI!!!!!!!! I miss Khal Drogo so much!
  • Wouldn't it be funny if a fireball hit her while on the dragon? Lolz.
  • Whoa cool when greyworm(?) slits their throats! THey love eyeliner.
  • Jon Snow is so hot. Please don't die. BARF RAMSEY! (I know I should write less, but I can't help it.) That actor is doing a really good job lately. JON DO NOT TRY TO BATTLE HIM THAT MAKES ME VERY VERY NERVOUS!
  • I need to email [my sister] and tell her not to get taken by crazy bastards. I don't want to have to battle for her. But I would, of course!
  • "Did you really think that cunt would fight you man to man?" Hehe
  • THis Jon/Sansa conversation makes me nervous. I'm glad they're having it, though. Ok but then Sansa didn't tell him anything! Ahh!
  • I am so into all of their accents.
  • I miss Ygritte.
  • I miss snow, too.
  • Beautiful shot with the one guy and the dead girl's toy and the red sky.
  • "I never demand, but I'm up for anything, really." Teehee! Damn, Yara (?) wants to eff Dany so bad!
  • Dany's outfit here is on fleek.
  • We need to practice our new handshake, by the way.
  • P.S. I love chainmail.
  • I hate this.
  • I can't watch. Wake up and tell me who lives.
  • WTF Ramsey's flags!!! EW! Dead people flags!
  • Like, hi, Rickon. JON NOOO WTf!!!!!!! NO ONE EVEN REMEMBERS YOUR BROTHER!!!!!!!!
  • THis music is killing me. So dramatic, but sparse.
  • I'm not breathing.
  • shit.
  • battle is starting. omg.
  • Horse are beautiful.
  • holy fucking shit!
  • amazing cinematography with the arrows.
  • omg this is like what real battle is. like, shit everywhere. this is so cool. i'm not looking at what i type. i'm glad jon's hair is back.
  • wowowowowow!
  • They need viking shields.
  • whoa mountains of dead people. wow. oh my.
  • um. a lot of jon's side is dying.
  • I don't want the giant to die.
  • Should've listened to sansa!!!!
  • oh wow, this is brutal.
  • jon can't breathe. why. stop
  • omg.
  • i can't breathe.
  • why is there a violin playing?
  • aw the giant:(
  • whoa red head just bit that guy. nice. brutal.
  • LITTLEFINGER! SANSA!!!!! who are these people? I don't know, but I love them. please save jon snow first.
  • oh great, jon snow is tired and is gonna fight ramsey who has been sitting there? Oh great. Won't make me nervous at all.
  • I need more beer.
  • Nervous again that Ramsey isn't dead. I hope sansa kills him.
  • "I'm part of you now." She's gonna have his evil baby, isn't she? That was a theory weeks ago. I don't want that to happen.
  • oh. my. god. (dogs)
  • That smile from Sansa. Damn, girl.
  • OMG THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Book Boos: May

10 The Hunt by Oscar de Muriel. (Audio) I'll be honest, I was a little confused with this one. The description said it was a short story *with* a preview from another novel, but the short story seemed lacking to me. I dunno. It was fine?

9. Jackaby by William Ritter. (Audio) A lot of reviews for this say it's Sherlock plus Doctor Who and, for me, it was fine, but not super exciting. I liked the inclusion of some supernatural and I liked the two main characters, but I was never super drawn into the mystery. I think it was my fault, not the book's. 

8. The Elite by Kiera Cass. (Audio) Quite entertaining, but also has the feeling of just drawing out the story. Not that I minded. I really like America and Maxim and this world they're in. Books one and two are very Bachelor, but as they go on, the contestants are narrowed down and we get to know more about them. Cass does a good job of letting us know Maxim's thought process for keeping so many girls around even though the book is in first person through America's eyes. 

7. The Siren by Kiera Cass. (Audio) I enjoyed the character of the ocean in this book, that was really cool. I liked the characters and plot in this story, but it gets a little repetitive at times. It worked really well as an audio, though! 

6. The One by Kiera Cass. (Audio) My favorite out of the series so far! Even though Mere's waffling on her decisions can get a little annoying, it all makes so much sense that I didn't really mind. If anything, I wanted more of her and Maxim! Mere is a great character, I love how committed to her beliefs she is. 

5. Followed by Frost by Charlie N. Holmberg. (Audio) You know it's a good reading month when I book I raved about on twitter places 5th! This book is so wonderful and reads sort of like a fable. It's about a young woman who is cursed to be as cold as her heart and the journey she takes as she just tries to survive. It's a really special story and I hope you read it!

4. And I Darken by Kiersten White. (ARC) This book is epic. There are some AMAZING characters, especially Lada, the most spitfire female character I have ever read, maybe. A lot gets set up in this book, which is partly why I describe it as being epic. Sometimes backstory and set up like that reads as boring, but definitely not in this book. I enjoyed reading about the characters' childhoods because it gave so much understanding to how they ended up being as teenagers. I can't wait for book two in this series! 

3. The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater. (Print and Audio) I can't say enough that this was a really good reading month because my head literally exploded at the end of this one and it's still 'only' third. I'll be honest, though: I 1) should have reread books 2 and 3 and 2) I kind of feel like I'm back in high school english class wondering if I'm the only one not sure about the ending. Stiefvater writes such beautiful books, though. Man! She just gets better and better. It's a treat. 

2. The Crown's Game by Evelyn Skye. (ARC) This book was on my radar very early on based solely on the cover and I was thrilled to be granted access to an e-ARC. It's the story of two magicians fighting to the death in Russia in order to be the Imperial Enchanter. It has adventure, romance, and magic, that is described so wonderfully that I was reminded of Night Circus at those times. Fun fact: I have a shelf on my bookshelf of Russian books and I'm excited to have this on there, as well. Definitely read this one, y'all! I really really liked it! 

1. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. I already reviewed this right after I finished, when I was still riding the emotional high, but even now, weeks later, I am still completely in love with this book. Like, actively in love. I can't stop listening to the songs that inspired it, I can't stop looking at fan art, I can't stop making fan art, I can't talk about it without gushing, and sometimes, when I get home at night, I just kind of look at the stars because they remind me of the Night Court. Obviously start with book one, A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES, which was my favorite YA book the year it came out, but that was all just a set up for this one, which is truly magical.