Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hey Ya!

Everyone seems to be making 2006 Wrap Up posts and "Best of..." lists, but I'm just not feeling it yet. Maybe it's the nerd in me, but I tend to consider later August/early September to be the 'new year'. And I can never remember what albums came out in a particular year or what movies I saw so lists are quite difficult. How was 2006 for me? I dunno, I aged a year and had a spring, summer, and winter...big whoop! Nothing out of the ordinary to report. Just the same ol' stuff-not that it's bad, it's just the same, right? No babies, engagements, new cars, or new addresses for me. When I think back to what 2006 meant to me, all I can come up with is, "Oh yeah, I turned 26." I'm not news is good news, eh?

Friday, December 29, 2006

A Classic Arts Showcase

What I need to do is stop looking up composers on Wikipedia.

And despite homosexuality and the fact that he is so not alive, I have such a music-crush on this man. And seriously, don't get all gross on me...I said MUSIC-crush.

I want to go to Russia like whoa.

And the Czech Republic, but I will not speak Russian there. My friend told me that is a bad idea. Not that I know Russian (or do I...).


Thursday, December 28, 2006


I began this week with a miserable (yet awesome in another way) schedule of only two shifts for the week. I was to work Sunday and then not again until Saturday. Well, somehow I am now working five out of the seven days with Monday (Christmas, of course) and today being my days off. I'm wondering if I'm so sleepy because I was in the mindset of having all week off...See, last night, on my drive home from dinner with Ali and Allie, I was seriously struggling to stay awake. I even fell asleep while watching Cars once I got home at about 9:30ish. That is VERY weird for me because I usually get my second wind around 9pm. I did end up waking up about an hour later and watched 90210 for awhile (Dylan-be still my heart!), but this morning I could not get up. This is partly to be blamed on my cell phone that died and therefore never woke me up for the set time, but who am I kidding, I woke up and put the TV on so I knew what time it was. I don't know why I was so sleepy this morning, it's like I'm a highschooler again.

Not much going on other than my weird sleep habits. Steven and Serena are still away and Ali is working a lot this week. I'll make a Christmas update post soon, I promise.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I'm not a big Godfather of Soul fan so when I did my routine check of, I gasped more when I saw this link:

"British PM Tony Blair in plane scare"

I'd like to thank the baby Jesus* it was just a scare and not a crash. Besides, I still have to take a moment and think "Is it James BROWN or James TAYLOR?" It can get a tad embarassing to head towards the wrong section when working in the music department. Ooops!


*Thank you, Will Ferrell.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Xmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

Merry Christmas!!!!

I'm online downloading iTunes 7 for my new iPod. I only have dial up so I'll be here for awhile, unfortunately. Headed out at about 2pm for Ashburn. Not much else to report...will be back later.


P.S. I gave Ali Nintendogz and it is The cutest thing ever.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

None But Shining Hours

First of all, I haven't done anything with the most recent Photo Contest because well, I just haven't had time. And when working with dial up and photos, time is needed. I'll get to it ASAP, I promise.

Second of all, I apologize for my lack of commenting out there. I'm still on the old blogger and it's making it a biatch to comment on places with the new blogger. Add that to DIAL UP and you can see why I give up when waiting for comment boxes to load.

Third of all (because two seems too short), bitches and hoes at work were pissing me off today. Mofos better not try to tell me what to do tomorrow...


Thursday, December 21, 2006

A List Actress

Since this is my blog and I can blatantly brag as much as I want to, I thought I would go ahead and present the following:

That's right...I'm awesome. And smrt. Go ahead and tell me so in the comments.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Birthday


Top 7.5 Reasons Why Ali Is The Coolest:

7.5. She loves din...
7. She isn't afraid to say what she's thinking...ever.
6. She's as good a "big sister" and she is a "little sister".
5. She has great taste in clothes.
4. She's the absolute best road trip buddy ever.
3. She gets all of my obscure references in conversation.
2. She's smarter than you.
1. She's hott!!

But really, Ali is the best sister ever and I'm so glad she's mine. Happiest of birthdays to her and welcome to your 20s;)


Monday, December 18, 2006


Happy Birthday, Brad Pitt, Ant, Katie Holmes, and Christina Aguilera!

And also...happy day to me:


I'm about to head out to my 5th day at Barnes and Noble and while five days in a row at any other job is normal, five at The Barn just kinda sucks. Luckily (!?*), it's been hella busy so the time goes by a bit more quickly, but that doesn't help when my feet and legs hurt** and my tired self can't control the snarkiness and inappropriate facial expressions***.

However, I am facing the day with excitement brought my two new items. Christmas gifts were exchanged last night and while I was stupid and forgot part of mine, I got some pretty cool stuff from my boos****. Today I'm wearing a Scottish charm bracelet from Allie that not only jingles, but has tons of shiny things for people to make comments on and from Serena-a book that says "cunt" on the front. OMG, so excited. The parts of the gift that I wish I could take to work with me are the ones containing alcohol percentages. *sigh*

Oh! I'm late. Have a good Monday and email me so I'm not totally bored and cut off from the world while there:)


***Seriously-my nemisis. I tend to make disgusting looks when people start talking about "Plan" and how much we've sold. I'm sorry, but when we've sold more in one day than I make in an entire year, it's difficult to be excited. And these people who get excited over selling a lot of memberships? It kind of scares me. I've been taking Barnes and Noble down from the inside for years now.
****The Clopen messed me up. I should have the part I forgot ready after Tuesday.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

How Do You Slow This Thing Down?

WEIRD dream last night and it's one I could have sworn I've had before. When I was little I was freaked out by the claim that if a person had a dream more than once, it would come true. You can imagine my mindset after dreaming twice about a tornado that caused my family to have to evacuate and I had to pack everything I needed in a small white suitcase*. Last night, though, I'm pretty sure I dreamt for the second time about having to board a yellow school bus that then began its journey underwater. On my second journey into the murky, shrimp-filled water** I remembered to shut my window all the way and even questioned about our navigational abilities. I was told we had nothing special on the cheese-wagon and they were pretty much just winging it to get us to our destination safely. I woke up before the dream was over, I guess, but I know I was looking forward to reaching some magical place under water. Weird...maybe Spongebob was going to be there. I'm not even going to try to look this up in the ol' dream dictionary.


*Which was more terrifying? Having to escape a tornado or having to pack lightly?
**Gross, I know! I pointed this out to the other passengers.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Even though I'm bordering on exhaustion*, I was a little disappointed at my lack of plans for the evening. I hesitate to say that since it's partly my own damn fault and I also don't want to make the sick or the relaxing feel badly about it**. I guess I feel like I'm wasting one of the rare weekend nights when I don't have to open the next morning at BN. I always have to leave the parties or nights out to make my long drive home in order to be coherent for the next day. It sucks being an old woman=/ A boring, lame, poor-as-fuck old woman.

OK, Now...something funny. Come on, I can do it. Did anything funny happen today? Today I spent 8 hours saying and doing the same thing over and no it had nothing to do with Sting and tantric anything. Ew! There was one funny moment when a little girl who was maybe 5 years old pointed to a CD and said to her mom, "There's your boyfriend, mommy!" The mom looked at the CD and said, "Um, no, honey. That's Rod Stewart." Things to wonder here:

+Does mom indeed have a boyfriend and does the dad know?
+Does mom's boyfriend look like Rod Stewart? Yabbo.

That's all I've got. I'll try to do better tomorrow.


*It's my blog and I'll exaggerate if I want to!
**Not that they would or should. I'm just covering my bases here. You know how sometimes things written online can be read way wrong? Yeah, exactly.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I hope I'm not alone in this, but I think the OC(k) effing rules tonight. I was worried about the weird "What If..." episode, but I think they're doing a nice job with it. And where continuity is concerned, they get an A+.

+Jimmy Cooper (love)
+Summer's a biatch...and kinda dumb.


+Slutty McSlutermom (mon?)
+"In Alt World I'm a boy!"
+"How very Agent Bauer of you."
+No Pancakes:(
+"The Homeless Of Newport...Go. Or Something"
+"I'm starting to get suspicious."
+"Whatever It is."

Happy Chrismukkah!

***Update After Scenes From Next Week***


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

In Concert

My little middle school band boos did so well on their concert tonight! I guess I'm not able to write too much about it all since I don't want to write about work stuff like that. I will say two things, though:

1. The entire auditorium applauded for me. OMG. And I didn't know what to do because I hate it when people stand when they're not supposed to. So I just sat straighter and smiled in an appreciative way.

2. Some kids suck at life. I won't name names, though, but I can't stand the ones who do something mischievous and then look around for their peers' reactions. LAME! I was thisclose to taking a kid's sticks away until I reminded myself that I'm not their teacher anymore.


Time Is Running Out

Who's bright idea was it to turn my final exam in just under the wire? To hit send just minutes before the due date. Was that my idea? Well, yes and no. I had every intention of completing the cunting thing last week when I had a few days off, but really, when you have an entire day ahead of you do you often think, "Ooooh, maybe I'll write that big final exam!" So yeah, last week passed and then the weekend passed (although, I worked so that's a good excuse, right?) and then it was Monday and I had the day off. Perfect time to work on my assignment. Oh wait, what mom? You want to go shopping? OK, sure. And then, of course, shopping turned into my day of driving all over creation. So then it was Tuesday and I was working at Barnes and Noble all day. I did think about working on my final while at work, but once I got home all I wanted to do was check my email and watch TiVoed Gilmore Girls from ABC Family. And then it was 8pm and I decided that watched the rerun of Gilmore Girls on CW was essential. And then it was 9pm and I don't remember what I did, but there's a slight chance I wrote my cover page then. 10pm came and went as I was wiping up all the drool from seeing Brad Pitt on Barbara Walters' special. Holy hell is he hott! 11pm and my brother stopped by so I took the opportunity to take a break from my work. And then Gwen Stefani was on Letterman so I had to watch that. Part of me wanted to just go to sleep and get up and write the entire thing, but I felt like that was pushing the ol' luck a little bit. I decided that I needed to get at least half done before I went to sleep. Then, of course, I rationalized that I was too sleepy to get any good work done anyway so I fudged my math a little to decide that I was 2/5 done which is almost half and good enough reason for me to go to sleep.

Anyway, the point is, I didn't get up as early as I planned to this morning and even then spent some of my morning emailing and watching Today while rereading the exam questions. It's a wonder I finished the damn thing, but I did. I finished and emailed that bitch off plenty of minutes before the due date.

Rock on.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thanks For All The Pepperoni

In the past couple of months I've gotten into this weird trend of being dared to eat strange and random things. While this sort of gives me flashbacks to elementary school when the mean girl said I had to put taco sauce on my salad and then eat it, it is also leaving me confused because today I realized, "Wait a second, I am the one daring myself to eat these weird things." Am I just bored or am I trying to entertain my friends by becoming a freak show?

At Serena's birthday party in November, I was setting up my cheese/pepperoni platter and marshmallow platter* when I got the bright idea to make a marshmallow and pepperoni sandwich. Steven was there and, per his usual role, encouraged me to eat this interesting** concoction while he took pictures.

Now that I think about it, pepperoni and Steven were involved one other time when he and I went to Charlottesville to see Rogue Wave. We went to some restaurant where I convinced him that we needed to order everything so when I realized we had both pepperoni and honey mustard on our table, I knew it was a mixture to be tasted. He again took pictures. Actually, I lied. I guess he didn't capture the actual eating of the honey mustardoni, but that photo does show the "after" part of dinner.

Probably the instance I am least proud of occurred Saturday at work when I was on my lunch break. Steven*** was just getting off of work and sat down at the table with me as he regrouped before heading home. Lately the managers have been bringing in candy for us and leaving it in big glass bowls in the breakroom. It's nice of them, but if it's their effort to make me not hate the place, it wont work. Anyway, while helping ourselves to some kisses****, I noticed there was one in there without a wrapper. Immediately I thought back to the Halloweens of yore when my mom would remind me over and over about not eating any of the suspicious candy especially those pieces without wrappers. Well, for some reason, I decided that eating the unwrapped piece of candy would make for great entertainment and once I said the idea outloud, Steven encouraged me to do it. So, I did. This was a few days ago, though, and I'm still alive so I'm feeling okay about it. Except that it was kind of gross. Not the taste-it tasted great.

This weird freak eating is not a trend I want to continue. I don't want it to become my "thing." I guess I just need to be extra careful when Steven and pepperoni are around.


*Seperate platters. And shut up about my choice of platters, ok? I also made MINIBAGELPIZZAS!
**I'm not going to say disgusting because in theory marshmallows-GOOD....pepperoni-GOOD, so together? Should be good, right?
***Seriously, I am now going to blame him for any future tastings or cases of food poisoning. He is a bad influence.
****HERSHEYS! Jeez, that's how rumors get started, people.

Monday, December 11, 2006


When I was little, and my mom would take us out shopping or out to do some other activity, my dad would always comment that we had "gone from one end of Virginia to the other."* Bless his heart, but at the time he didn't understand our need to get out of the small area we lived in. Shopping primarily at Peebles and KMart** just was NOT going to cut it and now, like 15 years later, I'm so glad my mom always took us all over the place. For someone who really hasn't been to many places***, I would consider myself pretty worldly as a result of my mom being so cool when I was younger...not that she isn't still cool. Because she is. She's cooler than your mom.

Anyway, today I feel like I relived the idea of going "from one end of Virginia to the other." I drove about 150 miles today yet was never more than 1 hour from my house. Without giving away my exact location (even though the map I had planned would have been really cool), here are some of the things I saw today:

-The big skate.
-Legal Sea Food
-Dolly Madison Highway
-Barnes and Noble in Fairfax
-My alma mater
-My current mater (hahahahaha)
-The Flying Circus
-Sign that indicated how close I was to Richmond, VA.
-Sign that indicated how close I was to Washington, DC.
-A Senator
-An ultimate frisbee player (vomit)
-A Civil War site


*Direct quote.
**This is even pre-WalMart!
***I've been from Puerto Rico up to Montreal, but only as far West as Pittsburgh and as far East as I've swam out in the Atlantic, which really isn't far because I get scared when I can't feel the bottom of the ocean. Although, I also get scared when I can feel the bottom because ew.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Damn TV Show making me stressed and then relieved and then about to cry.

Let's blame it on me being tired, but HOLY HELL I love The Amazing Race and I'm so happy with who won. Ali, we need to apply ASAP.

NOW...PHOTO CONTEST- you effers better get those entries in by tomorrow afternoon!


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Long Way To Go

I have to leave for work in about 10 minutes. 330 to midnight- quite possibly the worst shift available. Goodbye, Saturday night. What makes it even better (/sarcasm/) is that I get to go back tomorrow morning at 9am. Thanks, guys!

Meanwhile, I'm watching Mission Impossible: 3, which is confirming the fact that one day I will climb out the top of an elevator.


P.S. Yes, this is a pity blog. Please leave some.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

English Fire


My crush on Tony Blair is slightly out of control. I just clapped when The View was interrupted for an ABC News Special Report. So what if my just-washed hair is going to end up frizzy because I'm waiting too long to dry what if I need to get a start on all of that work due tonight in class. Tony Blair is on TV! Press conferences with Tony Blair are second only to watching British Parliament on those boring news channels. Oh, but Tony Blair? Not boring. He's hilarious. I'm sure he won't be funny today as that would be inappropriate, but I'm still going to be glued to my TV until this thing is over. And before you slam me or make fun of me for this, hey, at least I'm watching, right?


*Ladies don't discuss politics and I also don't want to see it in the comments!


It's weird to substitute teach. For many reasons. Mostly because you never know what you are getting into. I was lucky enough to book a 9 week sub job at the beginning of the school year so after about two days I knew what I was getting into each day. I learned names, which helps immensely. A couple weeks ago I subbed for an elementary school music class and when those wiggly Kindergartners came in, I was praying to God for some enlightenment of names. "Boys and girls!" doesn't get the attention you would like when three of them are sliding across the floor. And I wasn't ready for the tearful "I miss my mommy!" to which I responded, "I do, too."

It is also weird to sub because I am in control of my own schedule for the most part and when those jobs pop up and you see "Accept" or "Decline", the thought of the unknown can sometimes take over and force my hand to click "Decline." Yesterday one of the jobs that popped up included a description that included "changing diapers"..."Decline." More props to the ones who would take that job, but I couldn't handle it. I would probably end the day wiggling on the floor crying, "I miss my mommy!"

And the sub anxiety is fierce. Showing up to work where you have no idea what the day will hold for you is slightly terrifying. And maybe my recent education classes are not helping that cause. Not so much that I know more about the classes I'm going into, but that I feel like I should be doing more than the 19-year old Scarlet did as a sub. Yes, that's right...I subbed when I was 19 and in one of my favorite stories, my first day subbing they had me take a class on a field trip. It was like a kid leading the kids. I'm still not sure how or why they let me do that.

Tomorrow I'm subbing at my old high school for my 10th grade english teacher. I wonder if they'll treat me like a student when I go into the office. It never fails to happen whenever I have gone in there since graduating. Maybe I'll wear my "Class of '98" shirt tomorrow.

But really, wish me luck. I hope I don't need it, but as a sub, I need to be prepared.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mr(s). Clarinet

I have signed up to participate in Neil's First Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert. I will be recording a klezmer*-type piece on clarinet. Now, my goal** is to integrate a traditional holiday song and a klezmer piece from a book I have. I don't want to just do the overdone Dreidel, Dreidel. BORING! I have until 20 December*** at the latest to have this done. Please remind me to get this done. I really want to turn in a stellar performance.


*No, I'm not Jewish.
**Famous last words.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bang Out

Warning: This post is about my hair. If you want to read something exciting, I suggest leaving now. With that said, I'd love some feedback.

I get bored with my hair often. I like to change it up as much as I can even though it probably doesn't seem that way since I tend to just wear it the same way. Right now I'm trying to grow it out after having it relatively short for the past couple of years. But in the meantime I'm getting antsy and keep remembering one of my favorite haircuts:Kidding! But really, this is one of my favorites:That's me on the right, of course. That's my sister Ali on the left and she hadn't slept in about 36 hours in this shot. That made for a funny time:) But anyway, it's fun to have cute, flippy hair and it's also a lot easier when it comes to drying it every day. Oh yes, every day because I, despite what you will see in 99% of the pictures of me, have naturally curly hair. Not as curly as Ali's (although the picture above is a bad representation of her hair bc she straightened it that day. She has hott hair. It's super curly and pretty.) ANYWAY...

So, part of me wants to go and get my hair cut shorter and flippy again, but then the other part of me says, "No! Don't do it! You've let it grow out for a year now! Keep it up, sista!" But I'm borrrreeddd with it. So....recently I have been considering getting bangs again.

I can already hear Steve, my hair dude, saying to me gently, "Scarlet, you know you don't have straight hair, right?" But besides that, I have another reason that keeps me from getting bangs sometimes: my forehead is not that big. Tyra Banks right now is thinking, "Girl! You should be glad you don't have a big forehead!" and I am, but if you think about it (and I obviously have), the length of bangs I would get would be shorter than those someone with a larger forehead would get. And the shorter hair is, the more likely it is to curl when faced with the elements (rain, snow, humidity, etc.) I don't want to end up looking like this:
Because, as ADORABLE as I am in this picture, I don't think curly-q bangs are quite the look I'm going for. (Although, please note the coffee cup in front of me. Loves it. This is my 4th birthday when I crawled under the table when they started singing to me.)

Now, I've given the cons to getting bangs so it's time for the pros. Naturally, the hair that would be cut as bangs naturally falls foreward. Right now those pieces are about as long as to my mouth so the chopping wouldn't be too incredibly drastic or upsetting. Another pro is that I tend to bobby pin those pieces to the side anyway so what difference does it make if they're shorter or not? It might be fun to have the option of wearing them as bangs sometimes. Also, my hair grows pretty fast, I think. Those front pieces were cut to the tip of my nose about a month or so ago and have seemed to grow about 1.5 inches already. This is my hair today:
Maybe not the best picture to choose, but that's me second from the right. I think it shows both the length of my hair and my tendency to pin the front to the side. Also, we're all really hott here (Halloween 2006.)

SO, WHAT SHOULD I DO? I'm afraid if I go to just get a trim I'll end up getting it cut much shorter, but are bangs too risky?


P.S. Anyone who actually read this? Thanks.

The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth

Monday, December 04, 2006


I usually just keep Studio 60 on after watching Heroes. I loved it the first few weeks, but since then my attention has started to wander. Tonight, though, I used the "rewind" button on my TiVo to catch that kiss again and then gave full attention to the New Orleans brass version of my favorite Christmas carol, Oh Holy Night. And the declaration? OMG. Good job, guys.

And Heroes? We have to wait until the end of January? That's just cruel. I hope they show Home Alone 2 each week in its place since that's the only acceptable replacement.

And while we're at it...

Real World: Denver- SUCK. These hoes are so boring and done already. (In more ways than one.)

Desperate Housewives- Did that one mom really die? I got confused on Sunday because it was a rerun.

Grey's Anatomy- Still amazing. Meredith doesn't annoy me although I might be the only one to say that.

Gilmore Girls- Still the best thing ever, but if I don't get some Luke/Lorelai interaction soon I'm going to be pissed. If the writers are keeping Lorelai and Christopher together, that's fine, but you can't just cut out these important interactions and again, the coffee! There needs to be more of it. And Marty? Interesting. Very interesting.

What else do I watch?

Why Do I Keep Counting?

I'm going to be honest with you. Voting got cunted up. First, some voters were only seeing 7 of the 8 pictures. But then, once I fixed that for them, it meant that some people were seeing a different photo as #1. I'm 80% sure I got everyone's votes noted correctly, but since I can't be certain, I'm not giving totals here. Oh and second, people ended up voting in different ways. Some people gave each photo a score, some people gave duplicate scores on different photos, and some people just gave scores for their top choices. Needless to say, it's a bit confusing. Not that this takes anything away from the winners. I'll have a better system for the next contest (see below).

1st Place:
By Ali

2nd Place:By Kristabella

3rd Place (Tied):By StevenBy Ali

The other ones can be seen in the Flickr group. Now on to more organized news...this week's contest theme. Let's see...I haven't really thought about this yet. How about the theme be:


Just get your photos to me before Monday 11 December 2006. Email them to me.

Fake Plastic Trees

All entries are in for this past week's Photo Contest. They are all posted in the Flickr group I created. I invite you all to go check them out and then email me your votes. In an effort to not have ties, please give each photo a score from 1 to 8. Therefore, your email to me will look like the following:

Photo 1: 4
Photo 2: 8
Photo 3: 1
Photo 4: 7

8 WILL BE FOR THE PHOTO YOU THINK IS THE BEST! I will add up the scores and the HIGHEST score will be the winner and so on from there.

Anyone can vote on the photos. You did not have to enter the contest in order to vote. Also, if you entered you CAN vote and you must also include your own photo(s) in the voting. And don't feel bad about pulling a Tracy Flick and voting for your own photo for the top spot...I would!

The photos on the page are the order in which you should rank them for the email. I can't rename other people's photos to title them as numbers so you're just going to have to concentrate on this:) The photo on the farthest left of the screen is "Photo #1" and then going from left to right will be Photo #2, Photo #3, etc.

Only one vote per email address will be counted. Cheat if you want to, I don't care.

Oh, just because many of the photos say they're by "scarls17" (that's me) does not mean they are. I just added them to the flickr group myself from my own page.

Any other questions?

Oh, and try to have your votes in by 5ish this afternoon, but if I have no votes by then, I'll extend the deadline;)


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pretty Pink Rose

Someone said to me today, "Scarlet is a weird name, but when it's with Rose it's at least rock and roll."

"Um, thanks?"

Friday, December 01, 2006

An Honest Mistake

who was the last person you..

1. Hung out with? Serena, Ali, Allie, Brendan, Serena, Allie, Conor, Tice for like a minute.

2. Rode in a car with? The last time someone drove me was the Enterprise guy

3. Went to the movies with? Steven

4. Went to the mall with? Ali maybe

5. Talked on the phone to? My mom

8. Kissed you? Ummmm, kissing? What's that?


1. Pierce your nose or tongue? nose, the tiny ones. the tongue one scares me now

2. Be serious or be funny? funny

3. Drink whole or skim milk? skim

4. Die in a fire or get shot? get shot

5. Spend time with your parents or enemies? parents

A N S W E R. T R U T H F U L L Y.

1. Do you like anyone? not sure

2. Sun or moon? moon

3. Winter or Fall? WINTER!!

4. right or left? right

5. 10 acquaintances or two best friends? 2 best friends

6. Sunny or rainy? sunny ((in winter)

7. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? Vanilla

A B O U T . Y O U.

1. What time is it? 6:13

2. Whats your first name? Scarlet

3. Where do you wanna live? Conn.

4. How many kids do you want? 2-4

5. Do you want to get married? Yes

6. where do you want to get married? Scotland

7. Current mood? sleeepy


1. Sang? yes

2. been hugged? yeah

3. Felt stupid? almost

4. missed someone? yeah

5. Danced Crazy? soul train

6. Gotten your hair cut? no, but I'm itching for bangs again

7. Cried? no

. S T U F F .

1. Have you ever been searched by the cops? nope

2. Do you have a Dog? no:{

3. When's the last time you've been sledding? years ago

4. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone? not just maybe alone

5. Do you believe in ghosts? no

6. do you consider yourself creative? yeah

7. Who do you want to be with right now? Ed McMahon

Oh Mother

Dear Mother Nature,

Quit being a psycho woman with hot flashes and give us season-appropriate weather.

Thank you,