Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Spy

I spent most of today having an amazing time with old and new friends filming the sequel to a movie a few of us made a many years ago, Readers Advantage. I'll wait while you watch:

Done? Did you love it? What happened to Laura, aka Scarlet? Is Kurt dead?? Did the poisoned books get shelved!? I know that many of you have been wondering for the past eight years what happened in this complex story of espionage. But, lucky for you, the sequel has been filmed and once the editing process is completed, I will let you know here and on twitter about the film's premiere.

Check out my Instagram for a few shots from today's shoot. We had such a fun time and really upped our game on this one. We had real props, increased our cast size, and were even on boat at one point! Awesome Sauce!


+ Title from Pulp

Friday, September 27, 2013

Proust Questionnaire

  1. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Laughing.
  2. What is your greatest fear? Letting people down (including myself). 
  3. What historical figure do you most identify with? Wow, I don't know. There are historical figures who I greatly admire or love, like Grace Kelly, Beethoven, F. Scott Fitzgerald, to name a few, but do I identify with them? Not really. Actually, I'm gonna say Grace Kelly. I read her biography and she seemed like just a regular girl who wanted great things. And got them:) 
  4. Which living person do you most admire? Another tough one, but JK Rowling is pretty kick ass. Incredibly talented and giving!
  5. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Trepidation. 
  6. What is the trait you most deplore in others? Insincerity.
  7. What is your greatest extravagance? Clothes maybe. I love me some clothes. 
  8. On what occasion do you lie? I don't actually like very often, but when I do, it's to protect someone. 
  9. What do you dislike most about your appearance? That my face shows when I'm tired:(
  10. When and where were you the happiest? Can I say Scotland? Even though it hasn't happened yet?
  11. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Can I be a millionaire?
  12. If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be? That we got together for birthdays more often! We used to go out for each and every birthday. It was awesome!
  13. What do you consider your greatest achievement? Playing at Carnegie Hall, duh. 
  14. If you died and came back as a person or thing, what would it be? An actress.
  15. What is your most treasured possession? My instruments. 
  16. What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? Giving up.
  17. Who are your heroes in real life? Tony Blair. Not really, but I love him. 
  18. What is it your most dislike? Wasting my time. 
  19. How would you like to die? At 100 by assassination.
  20. What is your motto? Humor helps!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Television Man

I have this theory about television watching with significant others and it's simple: some shows are better watched with a loved one. Maybe this theory only applies to me, but sometimes I hear about people binge watching a show and I just can't do the same. I need interaction while I watch tv! It's why I'm usually on twitter at the same time and why it takes me forever to catch up on those shows that require full attention.

(And because I love lists...)

  • Breaking Bad- I actually watched the first season live, but fell way, way behind. I just restarted it and awhile episode one is awesome, I just couldn't go on with another episode tonight. It's a downer. It's about a man with terminal cancer who is making meth! I would much rather start the series along with someone and be able to make comments as we go. Like, "he lost his pants!" and "I wonder
  • Game of Thrones- I actually am up to date with this one, but back when I was trying to binge watch Seasons 1 and 2, I always lamented not having someone watching with me. Partly to keep all of the names and story lines straight, and also because that show is HOTT!
  • The Sopranos- I'm only a few seasons in, but how depressing is it to watch a show many years after it airs and then have no one to talk to about it? Sure, a lot of people have seen the entire series, but they're not going to remember every detail from each show. I love to discuss the little things!
And yeah, one could argue that it doesn't have to be a significant other for tv watching, but how often am I going to be able to watch the same show with just a friend? I mean, I have cool friends, but I'm not going to want to sprawl out on couch and watch hours upon hours of a show with them. (Sorry, y'all.)

What do you think? Valid theory? And, more importantly, anyone wanna be my tv watching buddy?


+ Title from The Talking Heads

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sleeping With The Television On

Remember when we were younger and the summer months were filled with reruns and terrible Saturday afternoon movies? I remember the year 90210 had a summer season, which pretty much made my life at the time. Dylan McKay during the summer? Yes, please. It was such a treat to get home after being at the pool all day and have one of my favorite shows on. During my childhood and even throughout college, it was always such a treat for fall because along with the beautiful cooling of the air, it also meant that new tv shows would soon be on!
But television, like all things, has evolved into a formula where programs premiere throughout the year and there is almost always new material on. This summer I've enjoyed  Pretty Little Liars and Under the Dome and just last night I finished up Dexter, which had its series finale just the other night. I'd like to say that I have three new shows to fill the voids left by my summer shows, but that's just not true. I don't have three new shows to watch, I have about a million.

Tonight I watched the first episode of a couple of new programs and will definitely be coming back to them!

Blacklist: Staring James Spader as a fugitive who surrenders to the FBI, but will only work with one agent, Elizabeth, played by Megan Boone. The premiere was really good and I'm excited for where the season will lead. I love shows that take place in DC and it looks like there might be an espionage element, too, which is my favorite storyline of any show.

Mom: I love Anna Faris! In this show she plays a recovering alcoholic who is trying to get her life back into order, but is dealing with her mother (also a recovering alcoholic), her teenage daughter (quickly following the same path), her young son (adorable), her ex (a hilarious 'loser'), and her married boss she's sleeping with. Allison Janney plays her mom and the dynamic between the two is just great. The show isn't my favorite when it's the "pause for laughter" moments, but my love for Anna Faris cancels that out.

So, watch Blacklist if you're a fan of Covert Affairs or Silence of the Lambs and check out Mom if you watch What's Your Number every time it's on tv just like I do.


+  Title from Billy Joel

Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmy Fashion

Much of the fun of awards shows is the fashion. I had to work last night and missed the pre-show so I'm catching up now!

The Florals:
Julianna Marguiles. I'm not a big fan of florals on dresses (unless an allover print), but because the dress is in black and white, with the flowers matching her hair, I like it. And the fit is a dream.

The Wrong Fabric:

Connie Briton. I love the top of this dress (and even the bottom), but the in between? Not so much. I really don't like the fabric used.

The Perfect Bow:

Zooey Deschanel. I actually really like this! I think the bow is exquisite, the fit is perfect, and the color looks great with her hair! 

The Right Color/Wrong Makeup:

Sarah Hyland. There is something I really love about this dress and I think it's the color. I'm not thrilled with the neckline and the dress combined with her dark makeup just doesn't do it for me. I would have liked it with less severe makeup.

The Asymmetry:

Anna Gunn. Perfect! I love this! I kind of like the runway look more (with the belt/sash), but I think this looks perfect for the occasion.

Black and White Favorite:
Elisabeth Moss. I love everything about this: the dress, the bag, the jewelry, the hair, the makeup, the actress. She rules. I wish she had won!

The Autumn Winner:

Michelle Dockery. Oh she is so lovely. I love that this is in autumnal colors and I feel like the whole look (with her hair) is so different and fresh. I want to wear this every day.

The WTF:

Zosia Mamet: Ugh. This is so bad.

The Charlize Lookalike:

January Jones. Doesn't she look a little like Charlize Theron? Maybe you need to see the other pics (Go look!). I love her. This isn't my favorite dress (mostly bc of the bottom part), but her hair is awesome and I kind of really like the blush color.

The Princess:
Kerry Washington. I LOVE the wrap around part at her torso. Love love love. And I think the dress photographs better than it looks in video because I did NOT like this on the show. I think this would've been kick ass in black. In white it's too princessy.

The Plunging Neckline:

Claire Danes. I like the bottom, but the top must go. It just feels awkward. And the lack of color along with her shorter hair doesn't do it for me. Thank goodness she wore red lipstick!

The Shiny Hair Award:

Julia Louis-Dryfus. With so little color at the Emmys, it was nice to see a brunette in a silvery dress finally. Her hair was so shiny that it seemed magical. I thought she looked great!

The "Didn't Jennifer Garner Wear This To The Oscars Last Year?":
Linda Cardellini. Love the color. Am okay with the folds. Dislike the hair 80% of the time.

The What:

Lena Dunham. Fire the person who let you wear this. Fire the person obviously hiding in the skirt. This is so wrong.

The Wowza!:

Christina Hendricks. This is amazing! The best she has ever looked! I love the dress! I love the hair! I love everything about it!!!!!!

And you!? What are YOUR thoughts?


P.S. All image links from Tom and Lorenzo.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Emmy Awards

The 65th annual Emmy Awards air this Sunday, 21 October on CBS and I will definitely be watching! I love award season because it is both a chance to celebrate really good work in television and film and to see gorgeous fashion on the red carpets!

So, let's go through the categories!

Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Hugh Bonneville, Downton Abbey
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom
Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Kevin Spacey, House of Cards
Damian Lewis, Homeland

I feel like Brian Cranston is going to win, especially because this is the last year of Breaking Bad, but I don't watch that show. (I watched season one, but haven't gotten back to it yet. I will, though.) I love Jon Hamm and he better win before Mad Men ends, but this year won't be it. I would actually not be surprised or disappointed if Kevin Spacey wins for House of Cards. It's a great show, he is a big name, and he is so good in the show that I spend half the time thinking he is actually Tommy Lee Jones.

Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Connie Britton, Nashville
Claire Danes, Homeland
Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men
Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey
Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel
Kerry Washington, Scandal
Robin Wright, House of Cards

Everyone is saying Kerry Washington is going to get it, but I haven't watched Scandal yet so, while her dress will probably be amazing, I can't get too excited about a KW win. I love Elisabeth Moss, but after seeing her in Top of the Lake, which was incredible, I kind of can't watch her as Peggy anymore. I would be happy with a Claire Danes win because she is great and I love Homeland. Same with Michelle Dockery and Downton Abbey. I think Robin Wright has a really good chance of winning, but out of this list, I'd be happiest to see Michelle Dockery win. 

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie
Benedict Cumberbatch, Parade's End
Michael Douglas, Behind The Candelabra
Matt Damon, Behind The Candelabra
Toby Jones, The Girl
Al Pacino, Phil Spector

Matt Damon and his banana hammock would be a great win, but I think for that movie, Michael Douglas has a bigger chance of winning. I didn't see the other miniseries/movies, but it could be fun for Benedict Cumberbatch to win because he is on fire right now. 

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie
Jessica Lange, American Horror Story: Asylum
Laura Linney, The Big C: Hereafter
Helen Mirren, Phil Spector
Elisabeth Moss, Top of the Lake
Sigourney Weaver, Political Animals

Elisabeth Moss needs to win!!!!! She was SO good in Top of the Lake!!! 

Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program
Ryan Seacrest, American Idol
Betty White, Betty White's Off Their Rockers
Tom Bergeron, Dancing With The Stars
Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, Project Runway
Cat Deeley, So You Think You Can Dance
Anthony Bourdain, The Taste

Listen, if Betty White wins, I'm going to be pissed. You don't have to vote for her just because she is old! Cat Deeley deserves this win because she is effervescent, funny, and gorgeous. 

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
Jason Bateman, Arrested Development
Louis C.K., Louie
Don Cheadle, House of Lies
Matt LeBlanc, Episodes
Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Word on the street is that Loius C.K. is (and should) win. I'd be fine with that. I'm only a couple of episodes into his show, so my opinion doesn't count too much, but I can say that I do NOT want Alec Baldwin or Jim Parsons to win. BORING. 

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
Laura Dern, Enlightened
Lena Dunham, Girls
Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
Tina Fey, 30 Rock
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

This is a tough category for me. Let's start with people I don't want to win: Lena Dunham- season two of Girls made me want to cry solely because of the horrific outfits Hannah wore. I hated almost every moment she was on screen, Edie Falco- I dont' know why, but I've never been a big fan, Tina Fey- 30 Rock has won enough and this would be a boring win. So, leaving Laura Dern, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Amy Poehler I'm gonna cheer for...Amy Poehler! 

Drama Series
Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Mad Men

TOUGH CATEGORY! I bet Breaking Bad wins because it's ending this year (and I don't doubt it's good). I would love to see Game of Thrones win because I am completely ob.sessed with it. I actually would be happy with a win from any of these shows, but since I don't watch Breaking Bad, I will be hoping Game of Thrones somehow gets it. 

Comedy Series
30 Rock
The Big Bang
Modern Family

Can none of them win? I do NOT want 30 Rock to win, I do NOT want Big Bang Theory to win, I do NOT want Girls to win, and I really do NOT want Modern Family to win. Veep or Louie for me!

Miniseries or Movie
American Horror Story
Behind the Candelabra
The Bible
Phil Spector
Political Animals
Top of the Lake

Really hoping for Top of the Lake! I'd be happy with Behind the Candelabra, too. 

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Bobby Cannavale, Boardwalk Empire
Jonathan Banks, Breaking Bad
Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad
Jim Carter, Downton Abbey
Peter Dinklage, Game Of Thrones
Mandy Patinkin, Homeland

My love for Mandy Patinkon versus my love for Tyrion Lannister. This is a tough call! But Peter Dinklage won before, so I'm all in for Mandy Patinkon! Oh and I hope he has a beard!

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad
Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey
Emilia Clarke, Game Of Thrones
Christine Baranski, The Good Wife
Morena Baccarin, Homeland
Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones is the only win that will make me happy. 

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series
Adam Driver, Girls
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family
Ed O'Neill, Modern Family
Ty Burrell, Modern Family
Bill Hader, Saturday Night Live
Tony Hale, Veep

Adam Driver is actually one of the few things I liked about Girls last season. And seeing how I'll scream if Modern Family wins again (unless it's Ed O'Neill because hi, Married with Children), I'm for him, Bill Hader, or Tony Hale. 

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series
Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory
Jane Lynch, Glee
Julie Bowen, Modern Family
Merritt Wever, Nurse Jackie
Sofia Vergara, Modern Family
Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock
Anna Chlumsky, Veep

No to Jane Lynch, Mayim Bialik, Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara (times a million), and Merritt Wever (just because I don't watch Nurse Jackie). From who is left, I'm totes hoping for Anna Chlumsky to get it because My Girl makes me cry every single time she asks where Thomas J's glasses are. 

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie
James Cromwell, American Horror Story: Asylum
Zachary Quinto, American Horror Story: Asylum
Scott Bakula, Behind The Candelabra
John Benjamin, The Big C: Hereafter
Peter Mullan, Top Of The Lake
Top of the Lake! 
Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie
Sarah Paulson, American Horror Story: Asylum
Imelda Staunton, The Girl
Ellen Burstyn, Political Animals
Charlotte Rampling, Restless
Alfre Woodard, Steel Magnolias
I didn't see any of these so um....Ellen Burstyn!
Now, the pre-show part! (Which is ironically coming after my award predictions.) 
Who I'm Excited To See/I Love Fashion!:
Kerry Washington
Claire Danes
Michelle Dockery
Emilia Clarke
Jon Hamm
What do you think? What are your predictions??

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Idea Track

Continuing with my plan to do, see, and hear all things Scottish leading up to my trip at the end of October, I now present you the music portion of this plan!

Top Bands From Scotland:

  • Mogwai- One of my favourite* bands! "Folk Death 95" is an incredible work of art and it moves me-MOVES ME- when I hear it. I love how dark and heavy this band is and 90% of the times, it's done solely instrumentally. 
  • Belle & Sebastian- Voted the top Scottish band of all time awhile back, this band is definitely on my list. They're sometimes a little too cutesy for me, but all the same, great melodies and lyrics. 
  • Franz Ferdinand- This band is FUN. You just can not listen to them and not feel happy. (Sidenote: The band members have incredible accents!)
  • Travis- I first heard this band in college and it was a secret track that I was obsessed with! And how can you top a song titles "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" Depressing!
  • Twilight Sad- I don't have as much experience with this band, but I remember hearing them and I could tell they were Scottish so that wins a lot of points in my book.
  • Arab Strap- Completely obsessed with them. Serena and I saw them awhile back and it was so so so good. You can hear Aidan Moffat's accent in the songs and it's so good. 
  • Mendelssohn- Okay, not Scottish, but his "Hebrides Overture" is, quite possibly, my favorite classical piece of all time.
  • Idlewild
  • Snow Patrol- I saw them live once.
  • Frightened Rabbit
  • We Were Promised Jetpacks
  • Camera Obscura
Any bands or artists you'd recommend?

*Gotta get used to these British spellings.
+ Title from Idlewild

Monday, September 09, 2013


“You must be on crack, Jessica!” I yelled into my phone.
                There was a pause on the other end as my best friend took a deep breath. I felt bad being so angry, but she knew I was dreading this weekend.
                “You know I wouldn’t ask if I had any other option,” Jessica said in a much softer tone.
                I fell onto my bed, which was covered in jeans and t-shirts. I had planned on spending my morning organizing my closet and had just pulled out every article of clothing I had in there when my phone rang.
                Jessica was the only person I knew who would rather call than text so I had immediately known it was her. She had left for work while I was still asleep so I hadn’t expected to hear from her until she got back to our dorm room later that afternoon.
                “I know,” I said, my voice muffled as I fell onto my bed and buried my head into a pillow. “Are you sure there isn’t anyone else who can do it? What about Jacob?”
                Jessica snorted. “Yeah right, Jacob’s the one who called out!” she said.
 I groaned. Jacob was always calling out and I said as much to Jessica. It had gotten ridiculous lately with the call outs at work. It was like no one needed to make money anymore.
“I know,” she said. “Unfortunately, everyone else who usually works on weekends requested the day off, as you know. I only called you because I’m desperate and knew your Friday class was canceled today. And because you love me and want to help me out.”
I could hear the sounds of the coffee shop through the phone. The churning of the coffee bean grinder, the steaming of the milk wand, and the clattering of plates as Jessica patiently waited for my decision on the other end of the line. She was anything but patient, though, so her lack of nagging meant that she really must need me.
“Fine,” I said, “but I’m not working the register and I’m leaving the second the afternoon shift gets there.”
My demands seemed reasonable, but I blinked back tears as I realized what I was about to do. At least if I just made drinks the whole time my chances of having to talk to anyone were low. Of course, hiding in my room all weekend would have been better, but I couldn’t leave Jessica hanging like that. She would never have asked me to come into work if she wasn’t desperate.
“You’re the best!” Jessica exclaimed. “Thank you so so so so much! Okay, I have to get back to work.” The phone clicked as she hung up.
I took a deep breath and blew it out slowly, trying to stop my stomach from expunging itself.
“You’re welcome,” I whispered, but of course, the line was dead and she couldn’t hear me, which was for the best. If Jessica was still on the phone I probably would have changed my mind.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

All Of Me

I have a new song obsession. I get these every so often. A song I just have to listen to multiple times in a row, multiple times a day. Recently it was "Stay" by Rihanna and sometime before that it was (like 99% of the world) "Someone Like You" by Adele. Right now, it's "All of Me" by John Legend. Take a listen and, if you're not tearing up by the end, read on:

I've always been aware of John Legend. I mean, how could I not be as he has a spectacular voice and his songs have consistently been on radio play since their releases. In the past couple of years, I've actually been more interested because of my admitted obsession with his fiance Chrissy Teigen's twitter! She is my favorite to see pop up on my timeline and she kind of reminds me of myself: gorgeous and funny. (I kid.) (But seriously, she is hilarious and I highly recommend following her there!) So, in addition to cracking up at what she writes, I also couldn't help but become more interested in John Legend. He's attractive, intelligent, and a legit musician*.

It was when he sang "All of Me" on Oprah's show and Chrissy, his self-described muse, was standing there, I just melted. How could I not with lines like these:
  • "Love your curves and all your edges
    All your perfect imperfections"
  • "How many times do I have to tell you
    Even when you're crying you're beautiful too
    The world is beating you down, I'm around through every mood
    You're my downfall, you're my muse."
  So, YOU go buy his new album, "Love in the Future" and John Legend, you go thank Chrissy Teigen for one of what I am sure will be a lot of sales of your latest album.


* As opposed to an entertainer, which is what a lot of singers are nowadays.

+ Title from John Legend

Sunday, September 01, 2013

American Boy

I read an entire book yesterday. And as much as I read, I typically don't do that as I have so many other things I want to do. But yesterday I started "Letters From Skye" by Jessica Brockmole and literally could not put it down.

I had first eyed this special gem of a book while perusing NetGalley for new ARCs to request and my eye totally caught the word Skye, which I immediately recognized as an island off the western coast of Scotland. "Could it be?" I wondered. A book that takes place in Scotland? If you know me even just a little bit you know that I am all about Scotland and with my upcoming trip there quickly approaching, I've been seeking out things that are Scottish-themed.

So yesterday, after finishing The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater*, I picked my nook back up with the plan to get the first few pages in before I dedicated the rest of my day to watching the US Open**. Next thing I knew, I was 60 pages in with no desire to take a break!

You know that feeling you get when you check the mail and you spot a cute little envelope with the handwriting of one of your favorite people on the front? Or when you open your mailbox and a beautiful postcard is sitting in there, waiting to be read? I love that feeling. Snail mail is awesome and this book was an entire story told in letters! I loved how the plot was moved, first by one character, and then continued by another. The only dialogue was that which was transcribed into a letter, making it a very different type of storytelling.

"Letters From Skye" is the story of a young American boy who, with a fan letter to his favorite poet in the 1910s, begins a many year relationship with a woman who has never stepped off the island where she lives. I found it so special to fall in love with these characters as they both did with each other. Both had such a way with words and I loved to imagine them written on pieces of gritty paper and then traveling across the Atlantic from Scotland to America and vice versa.

The  other part of the story takes place many years later and is told through the letters of another young woman and the man she plans to marry. Her mother disappears after a World War II bombing in Edinburgh, prompting the daughter to investigate the early part of her mom's life that had never been shared. While different kinds of letters, I enjoyed this part of the story, as well, and felt like the flow between the two time periods worked perfectly.

I finished this book late last night and my heart was just filled with loving thoughts towards love, life, and this story. I hope you read it, too...and then maybe you should write me a letter and tell me what you thought.


* Also really good!
** Super obsessed with tennis, y'all. 

+ Title from Kanye West