Saturday, December 29, 2007

Racing Like A Pro

Busy busy busy! I feel like I haven't been home much at all lately and when I am home, I go to sleep. The holidays have been great so far and Santa was very kind to me. Yes, be jealous of the earrings I got from Tiffany. I was also excited for the gifts I gave to friends and family and I hope they all enjoyed them.

Ali's birthday was a lot of fun, too. We took her to The Big Hunt and Lucky Bar in Dupont on the 21st so if you saw a gorgeous young thing with curly hair being dragged around by an equally (but different) gorgeous girl with long straight dark hair who was yelling, 'IT'S HER BIRTHDAY!" then you saw us and we would like to thank you for being there to celebrate her big Two One.

A lot of people do big 2007 wrap up blogs, but at this point, I can't really remember what all went on this year. I mean, of course I remember, but not well enough to write a succinct post. Maybe later I will try. You know, in 2008.


+Title from The National

Monday, December 24, 2007

Line Up

First lines of 2007....


"That was boring! Do it again! TEN, NINE, EIGHT, SEVEN, SIX, FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE...HAPPY NEW YEAR (again)!""


"Not only will I be flipping the pages on my Dogs and Scotland calendars today, I will also begin the final countdown to the greatest day of the year. 17 February The birthday of yours truly."


Apparently, all chivalrous men were absent from the metro yesterday morning between 7am and 7:50am."


"This is my favorite shot from my first roll on my new fisheye camera."


"It was about a month ago that Brendan and I were lamenting the fact that no one had a birthday come up since that is usually our reason for having a party."


" I'm on a wire to see your star shine. By 1 am last night I thought to myself, "Do they have anything else to play?" Black Rebel Motorcycle Club played a kick-ass* show last night at the 930 Club."


"In preparation for the upcoming 48 Hour Film Festival that myself and some friends are participating in, Serena, Terra, Lisa, and I headed down to Richmond yesterday evening to do some research on locations."


"I hate to use the word fair."


"It's amazing how things can shape up in a matter of days."


"Dear Mother Nature, It is now not only officially Autumn, but it is now October and highs of 86 degrees are not going to work for me."


"Sometimes my mind works like a comedy show."


"I had a mini-realization a moment ago that maybe my inability to blog is because it is reminding me too much of paper writing and writing papers is the last thing I want to be doing right now."

Going back through some old blogs from this year really reminded me of how well this year shaped up. 2007 is ending on some very high notes and I have even higher hopes for '08.

Merry Christmas, to all!!!


+Title from Aerosmith

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hazy Shade Of Winter

I am a hard core Blue Moon fan. I get annoyed when there is no orange. My second choice is usually Yuengling or sometimes Heifewiesen. The only beers I will never drink are Guiness and the Scottish one that tastes like food. However, I tend to get Blue Moon or Yuengling. The other day though, probably while watching The Hills, I saw the commercial for Samuel Adams Winter Lager. I am quite familiar with the Sam Adams beers since those are what my guy boos tend to drink the most...and I, of course, always take a sip or two.

Anyway, this commercial. Is. A. Winner. It totally worked in its efforts to make me want to try this new beer. It describes the beer as if it is an extension of winter and if there's one thing I love, it's winter! Check out this description from their website:

The first thing one notices in a Samuel Adams® Winter Lager is its color: the deep brown of winter. Then comes the magical aroma which promises something special on the tongue. The warm aroma of cinnamon and ginger which blends with the roasty sweetness of the malted barley and hint of citrus from the orange peel. And after that first sip the promise is fulfilled. On the palate Samuel Adams® Winter Lager is rich and full bodied, robust and warming, a wonderful way to enjoy the cold evenings that come with this season.

So I had my first winter lager last night before heading to the bar and I liked it so much I continued drinking it at happy hour. It is some good yum yum!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Simple Gifts

It makes me laugh at this time of year because with everyone running around trying to find gifts for friends and family, I feel like every word uttered is going to be taken as a clue for the perfect gift. My sister and I have a running joke from a year when she said to me during the Holidays, "You like Lenny Kravitz, right?" and I caught myself before I said something negative because I was worried that she had gotten me one of his CDs. So instead I said something like, "Um, he's all right...why?" and she started laughing and told me she was just teasing me and knew I wasn't a fan.

But I always think about that joke when it is Christmastime and tend to watch what I say around friends and family. I bought a movie earlier today because it was on sale and I need it, but I don't want to say what it is in case someone got it for me for Christmas. I notice when I say things like, "I want..." and sometimes, when it's appropriate or just plain funny, I clarify that I don't mean I want that item as a gift. It's not like I expect people to be getting me gifts, but let's face it, I know people are and it makes me giggle when I stop myself before saying something like, "I LOVE Slurpees!" because do I really need someone getting a 'great idea' to get me a years supply of Slurpees??*

I think I am fairly easy to shop for since I have countless interests and tend to either like or love most things. Just stay away from the following**:

1. sour cream
2. pastels
3. college basketball/football
4. alto saxophones
5. Ugly Betty


*Although, if that's what you got me for Christmas, I LOVE SLURPEES!;)
**Unless you already got me something related to this list, but if you have then you may not know me very well;)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Haven't Been This Happy

I had a bad dream last night. The type of dream that was so terrible I ended up waking up in tears. It really shook me since I never have sad or scary dreams and I remember waking up and being in the dark, crying. It can be hard to push things like that out of one's mind, but the spy in me can do it well so after a few moments of fear and sadness, I was back asleep. (With normal dreams.)

Except for the horrible dream, everything else in my life has been going incredibly well. I finished grad school. Like, FINISHED it. Done. Forever. (Well, until I get my Arts Management degree.) I even kicked ass at it. I also sort of have a new job. It's the same and new at the same time, but anything new for the ol' resume is good in my book. My social life is also off the hook right now with so much to do and so many people to see that I don't even have time to get bored. It's great having good people around.

And holy hell, my baby girl is turning 21 in seven days!!!! I can't believe my younger sister is going to be old enough to go to bars now. It's AWESOME, though. She's my favorite.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Give It A Day

Have I really not blogged for almost a week?

Does this really not count as a blog?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

All I Want

The following is the Wish List I will be sending to Sandy Claws. Just to clarify, this is a wish list and I do not expect to receive all of this. Except for Gilmore Girls 7 because it would just be cruel and also because I am Santa's Little Helper* and have already ordered this.

  • Gilmore Girls 7
  • Clothes Steamer
  • The National (CD)
  • Canon DSLR Xti (body only)
  • Dresses
  • Knee high boots
  • Tiffany anything
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Bullet belt
  • Hot Fuzz (Widescreen DVD)
  • OPI
  • MAC gift card or I can go pick out stuff
  • LAMB perfume
  • Puppy

*Not to be confused with The Simpsons' dog, thankyouverymuch.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I Want You To Stay

I had a mini-realization a moment ago that maybe my inability to blog is because it is reminding me too much of paper writing and writing papers is the last thing I want to be doing right now. So, to get away from that feeling, but to still blog, I present you the following: bullets.

  • It was cold and windy today and I think it improved my mood ten fold when I stepped outside into it this afternoon. Although, to be fair, anytime I clock out and leave work my mood improves.
  • I had a "Night With The Guys" last night. It was fun. I told them not to hold back and to talk about chicks and sports all they wanted. I did object when one started talking about the wonders of the thong and how I should wear one Friday when we all go out. Ummmm, no! He was just teasing, though, to be fair.
  • For some reason, many of the photographs I have that involve cigarettes and smoking have more hits than my other photos. Should this be my "thing"? Note: Not ME smoking.
  • I was told today that I "layered perfectly". That's maybe one of the best things a person could ever tell me.
  • I'm actually about to fall asleep. This list is going to be shorter than I thought!


Friday, November 30, 2007

Three Peaches

Describe yourself with three adjectives! GO!

+Title from Neutral Milk Hotel

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2+2=5 (The Lukewarm)

2+2=4 hours of class
1 hour of group meeting time
4 hours (estimate) of work time to finish paper/webpage

4+1+4=9 hours until I am effing done with grad school!

Just another reason to celebrate! December is going to be really good.


Monday, November 26, 2007

For What Reason

I know it's terrible that Sean Taylor was shot and I really hope he recovers, but they just cut into Alicia Keys singing "No One" on the Tyra Banks show to give an update. You mean a running feed on the bottom wouldn't work? Waiting until an actual news show wasn't an option? I'm all about keeping us informed, but a girl needs her "No One"!


***Update*** Holy cow I can't believe he died. Craziness.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Karma Police

I'm not sure if I believe in signs and superstitions and karma. Well, I definitely do not believe in superstitions as those are completely irrational. However, I do always kiss the ceiling when I drive through a yellow light and I always make a wish when I see a shooting star. I like to think that those are just reminders to think positively as opposed to wishing for something to happen. Sometimes I don't want to "jinx" us at work and say something like, "It's not crowded!", but that is such a silly thought-like my saying that will cause the gates to open and the people to flood in.

Signs are what tend to make me stop and furrow my brow in thought. And what do I really mean by "signs" anyway? It's so vague, which is maybe why they work out so well. It's like when you realize you and your best friend both went to the same camp and kids and even though you didn't know each other then, you eventually met. It's like it was meant to be. Or when you're late and running frantically and then cross paths with your crush-helllooo, what a sign! It's just when things work out, or something happens that could be a coincidence, but the circumstances make it more meaningful.

Anyway, after all of that, I think it was a sign.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Those Memories

Things I Will Remember From This Year's Thanksgiving*:

  • Grass stains on my jeans
  • Salsa
  • "I'm 1/3 Chickasaw!"
  • Touch Football in the dark
  • Ye Olde Photo Booth
  • "Indian Land: Do Not Trespass!"
  • Hookah
  • Ye Olde Forbidden Party Fouls
  • Fog machine
  • Middle of the night texts for help
  • Two hashbrowns!
  • "Turkey dinner" "Turkey dinner" "Turkey dinner" "Turkey dinner" "Linguine Tuscadora, Thank you!"
  • Serena tricking me with sour cream. The trust is gone;)
  • Wii
  • "These pants have no give!"

What I Am Thankful For This Year:

  • You
  • You
  • You
  • You
  • You
  • You...and
  • You!
  • Oh, and that.


*Note: The first few are from the party we had the night before.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ooh Ooh Baby

I don't know what to wear. The party starts when people get here, which could be any time really, and I still don't know what to wear. It's way warmer than I expected and so I had to throw out all of my original ideas. Now I have no idea!


Monday, November 19, 2007


I went after work to see No Country For Old Men with B. We first went to the nice theatre to check out the times, but the movie selection was horrible so we headed over to the more ghetto one. They had a much better selection and we debated between No Country For Old Men and American Gangster, but chose the former based on the start time.

Except for knowing that Tommy Lee Jones is in it, I went in not knowing much about the film. It made for an interesting viewing experience. So often now, it seems like the trailers they show for movies tell the entire story so it was cool to watch this one with no preconceived notions about it.

I do recommend this movie. I liked it a lot. It is not for everyone, though, so don't go see it as blindly as I did!

After the movie I saw the Colbert Report for the first time. We also watched Idiocracy and parts of Cutting Class staring the one and only Brad Pitt!

Good afternoon:)


Sunday, November 18, 2007


Top 7.5 Things I Want To Ask For From Sandy Claws, But Won't:
7.5. Kego...
7. Tiffany everything
6. Tinted Windows
5. Puppy
4. XBox
3. The Entire JCrew Catalogue
2. Spinning Dubs For My Car
1. Canon XTi

Top 7.5 Things I Want To Try In Sushi:
7.5. Th...
7. Egg
6. Dragon Sauce
5. Tator Tot
4. French Fry
3. Noodles
2. Brownie
1. Pizza

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Use It

I texted Kristabella earlier to complain about my inability to blog. I've already failed at NaBloPoMo, so am now just trying to post on days when I am home for more than a few hours. I think of funny or entertaining things while at work, but since I can't type them out while there, I lose my motivation by the time I get home.

I also told her that my most entertaining stuff are things I can't really put up here. I mean, I could, since I can do whatever I want. Free speech, blah blah, but they are either private things or things that would just cause trouble elsewhere. Believe me, though, when I tell you they are gooooood. They are better than fiction. You would probably question some of it as fiction, actually. Mostly the crazy. Anyway...

What I will write about instead is Twitter and my obsession with it. Ever since I got unlimited texting I have been twittering a lot. It's fun. It's the blogging I can do while at work...and while driving...and while drinking...and while angry...and while half asleep...and while...well, you get the idea. And now I get the updates of a few of my twittering friends texted to me, which has only added to the fun. (Unlimited texting. I am merely getting my money's worth, people!)

So I ask you...are you on Twitter?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Little Discourage

How many people does it take to change a tire?

Apparently about long as one of them has AAA.

So Sunday night I was leaving our Holiday Work Meeting, with Serena in my car, when something felt funny and I pulled over. Lo and behold, I had a flat tire. Luckily, most of the staff were still around so I had no fewer than 10 people come over to offer assistance.

I have actually never changed a tire, to be honest. I think I am finally to the point where I could change one if I needed to, but so far in my life, I have never really needed to.

Anyway, that's what guy friends, boyfriends, dads, and random strangers are for, which is exactly what happened Sunday night. I had barely yelled out, "I have a flat tire!" before everyone was over there jacking the car up, making inappropriate "That's what she said" jokes, and then...discovering that the tire was stuck. The lug nuts were off, yet the tire was hanging on like no one's business.

It's disconcerting to see your car on a jack and hear people say words like, "stuck" and "corroded." Then they started asking me when I last got tires, which of course, I couldn't remember. I am not smrt when it comes to cars-I just do what I'm told, when I'm told. (Except for this last oil change, which I put off for way too long. Sorry, car.)

Once we couldn't get the tire off, Ben, who has AAA, called to report the problem and we were given a 70 minute ETA. So we spent the next 70 minutes: playing nerf football, getting wet/hiding under umbrellas, making jokes, gossiping, trying to fix the tire by pouring coke on it (Thanks, Serena!), etc.

I appreciated everyone staying, but I also felt bad since I know most of them had better things to do. Serena reminded me, though, that everyone was there on their own accord (Well, almost everyone, haha.)

AAA got there at about 1230am, an hour and a half after we had called them. I was staying positive, but had this little voice in the back of my head that kept saying I would have to get my car towed and wouldn't be going home that night. That, my friends, would have been horrrrible news. Luckily, though, the AAA guy had super quads and after a few kicks, had loosened my tire and had it replaced before I could even offer to kiss him on the mouth in thanks.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Keep On Singin' My Song

Every time I go to an open mic I imagine in my head that somehow I will get mad guitar and singing skills and will step on stage and wow the crowd. That has yet to happen, by the way. It's like my daydream of taking over for some famous techno DJ and wowing the crowd with my spinning. I did threaten last night that I would be bringing my bassoon one week. It's a funny thought on many levels: 1) DORK, 2) "What the hell is she playing?, 3) It's too tall for stage, etc.

Anyway, last night's open mic, dubbed each and every week as "The Greatest Open Mic Of All Time" was pretty good. It was a little disconcerting and hilarious when we first walked in and saw about 20 middle-aged people all crowded around one of the TVs. Turns out Chap, who ran for the State Senate, was having a private party or something at The Firehouse Tap Grill and his friends, family, and supporters were freaking out whenever the results were shown. They did eventually move to the bar area so the open mix could start, but they continued to be loud.

Not as many people played as the last time I went, but I definitely recognized some faces and songs. I got some pictures, which I'll have to post later, but I wish I could describe the two middle-aged guys who got up and sang David Bowie and Eurythmic songs. It was bad-ass in a tambourine kind of way*. Brendan went second to last and was quite successful in his oddly tuned endeavor. All instrumental, it reminded me a little of Mogwai** + Explosions In The Sky** + a sitar. In fact, the tambourine man who sang "Sweet Dreams" was next to me and I thought he was going to go kiss him he liked it so much.

Thinking the night was over, I was gathering my things to leave when we got the surprise of the night..."Senator Elect....CHAP!" Dude! Chap was there and got up and sang a little ACDC. I got pictures and you better believe I'll be using those as blackmail. Uhhh, kidding.


*That's good, by the way.
**Acoustic, though, of course.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I voted!

I even let the people out front try to sway my vote, which was pretty amusing. I think 99% of people vote for the party they affiliate themselves with so it always seems so uncomfortable to see them out front. I would be a terrible campaigner. I would see someone talking to the Democratic person and then not want to bother them with the Republican literature. I don't like to approach people when I seem like I have a mission (unless I'm in a bar...).

Anyway, I voted and I hope you did, too!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Don't Panic

I'm a little worried about some of you.

The temperature barely went below 50 degrees Fahrenheit today and from the looks of your outerwear, I would have guessed we were in the middle of a blizzard. Seeing as how I had been inside since 11am, I figured that in the 8 hours I was at work, a cold front must have come in.

But no. Apparently the amount of North Face I saw today was not a clear indication of the weather. When I saw Serena at 630pm I asked her, with an excited look in my eyes, if it was finally cold out. She burst my winter-loving bubble and told me that she had not even needed a scarf for her walk to work.

I am happier than anyone that it is November. I love this month as it is the true beginning of cold weather and "The Holidays". It puts me in a good mood merely to write "November" as the date. But people, it's not November Cold yet. It's not even close.

I have yet to wear a real coat. I haven't worn a sweater yet and not been too warm at some point in the day. It hasn't even crossed my mind yet to wear gloves. Hats? Not yet.

Which is why I am worried about you guys out there in your huge winter coats. If you are this cold now, you are going to die when it's actually below freezing.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Too Crazy To Care

It's been a quiet, yet action-packed, weekend. Although, I guess my "weekend" starting Wednesday night with Halloween celebrations at Serena's where I accidentally* got very drunk and couldn't drive home. Luckily, I have awesome friends and a spectacular sister, so my evening, while hazy, turned out very well.

Thursday was quiet and I spent it recuperating and finishing homework for class. Class was usual.

Friday I worked and then went on a spy mission. Really. Just a spy mission. Friday evening was crappy and good at the same time. I ended up getting home late.

I didn't work Saturday, nor did I have school, which was pretty insane. I had an entire day with absolutely nothing I had to do. That hasn't happened in a long, long time. I spent the day organizing stuff, watching TV, and catching up on some school work. I even stayed home that night! It was strangely nice. I just didn't feel like heading out and driving a lot and also, I think my body was glad for the rest. Ended up getting to sleep way later than I had planned, though, but you don't end good phone conversations too early. You let dead phone batteries end them for you.

Today I worked and then came home for some more rest and relaxation. I am currently watch 90210. It's been a nice weekend.


*Well, I did drink a lot, but there's something about her apartment that makes it affect me hardcore.

Friday, November 02, 2007


When I first moved back from Richmond about four years ago, I changed banks to make it more convenient. This was the last time I ordered checks! I have had the same checks for four years. It's not so weird, really, since I only write, on average, two a month. The time has come, though, to order a new set and I am faced with the question of what to order. For the past four years I have been sending off adorable Peanuts character checks off to Navy Federal Credit Union monthly and, while I know they must enjoy them, it's time for a change. But what do I choose this time!? I refuse to get something boring, but have also not seen the designs I really wish they had:

  • Insects
  • Russian Composers
  • Gilmore Girls (jk. Who would take my money seriously??)
  • Scotland
  • Me

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Sometimes my mind works like a comedy show. I see what would make a situation or moment funny even if it's completely fantastical and crazy. Sometimes I say out loud what I am thinking, but most times I keep it to myself or just let out a little laugh and a "nothing." Yesterday, though, I was super tired and as a result I ended up saying just about everything that was on my mind.

Brendan and I stopped by Safeway on our way to Serena's to pick up some Blue Moon and coke and when we got back out to the parking lot he went to look for the keys to my car, which were in his pocket. First he pulled out his own keys and set them on the roof of my car. Then he took out his wallet and set it on the roof of the car. This is when I kind of chuckled to myself because I imagined him then pulling a chinese star or a large knife or something out of his pocket and setting on the roof of the car. I realize this doesn't sound funny, but at the time, it would have just been one of those classic, random, Monty Python-like moments.

Anyway, I didn't say anything about where my imagination had taken the moment until we got in the car and I remembered that I had promised to relay more of my random thinking. So I told him and he laughed and then stopped the car..."Did I put my stuff back in my pocket?" Turns out he had not and his keys and wallet were still on the roof of the car.

Moral of the story: Random is good. Don't hold it inside.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


For some reason, I decided that today I would rearrange and clean my room. What started as a sort of fun project turned into me being literally stuck in my room, trying to move a shelf over my bed, while my dresser blocked the doorway out.

I got my bed, dresser, and large shelving unit situated and am now to the truly difficult part of this endeavor: the clothes.

I own a lot of clothes.

A lot.

A whole hell of a lot.

I am not sure if I trust you to not judge me if I really get into specifics so for now I will just leave you with the knowledge that this could take awhile. Wish me luck.


Sunday, October 28, 2007


My brain is tired from two weeks of too much school work and not enough sleep. I need help decided what to be for Halloween! Every time I try to brainstorm my mind goes blank. I would like to work with what I have. So, buying a costume is not going to happen. I will not be changing the color of my hair. I will not spend more than about $15.

This is what I have been in past years:

I was trying to brainstorm for an idea by thinking about movies I like, but, like I said, my brain is not so much working right now. Anyone with dark hair and bangs? I am up for suggestions! Help!!!


*I sort of want to be her all day, every day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heavy Metal Machine

I was skeptically ecstatic when the Smashing Pumpkins reformed* and I heard they were working on a new album. Being my all-time favorite band** is an important spot to hold and I worried for a hott second that what they produced would not live up to my expectations.

And then I heard "Tarantula" and I knew things would be okay. Maybe you're not a fan, but I think the song kicks ass and it kept me satisfied until the full album came out. I was disappointed to once again miss the Smashing Pumpkins at the 930 Club. They played there in support of Adore, but for some reason, I was not there and then, once again, for this album my presence was not in the Billy Corgan vicinity.

Luckily, the band announced a ton more dates and Serena and I jumped all over them. Without getting into the crappy existence of reality, Serena ended up not being able to go:( She was with us in spirit, though, and we'll be seeing them again as soon as they're back on the East Coast.

The show was really good. I'm not sure how to compare it to the other two times I have seen them, but it was good. I always hate reviews of the SP's shows because the reviewer inevitably remarks on Billy Corgans voice and complains that it is too "nasily," which is beyond ridiculous. His voice is what makes the band what it is.

Ali and I had a good time in Philadelphia before getting to the venue. We hit up South Street, saw the Rocky steps, and got cheesesteaks from Pat's***. I've been to Philly quite a few times before, but this was Ali's first real time there****. The Tower was nice, although a little weird. It was a real theatre with stadium seating and no jumbo-tron monitors. Getting my mind off the aesthetics, though, was the awesome surprise that was the opening band: Explosions In The Sky! I had been wanting to see them for some time now and was beyond pleasantly surprised when they stepped on staged and introduced themselves. They played a good set and I was proud of the audience for accepting an instrumental band.

At about 9pm the Smashing Pumpkins took the stage and started with one of their newer songs before hitting on many of my older favorites including: Starla, Hummer, To Sheila, and Rocket (Set List To Below). They played something like 20 songs, which really surprised me. It was a long show, and we got a good encore of Heavy Metal Machine, which I have always liked. I also enjoyed the Joan Jett tribute of I Love Rock And Roll even though I realized I don't really know the words to that song.

One of my favorite moments of the show was leaning over to Ali during one of the Siamese Dream songs and remarking on how those songs are over 15 years old. She commented that I am old in response and we went back to enjoying the ancient songs of yore.

It was a good show and well worth the dinero and lack of sleep it took to get there and back. The only thing that would have made it better was if Serena had been able to go, but really, we'll be there front and center the next time they are anywhere close to town.

Anyway, here is the setlist:

Main Set :
Where Boys Fear to Tread
Bleeding the Orchid
Glass + The Ghost Children
Lucky 13
That's the Way (My Love Is)
(w/ Lisa)1979 (acoustic)
To Sheila
Tonight, Tonight
Bring the Light
Cherub Rock
United States

Encore :
Heavy Metal Machine
> On the Road Again [Canned Heat] (tease)
> I Love Rock N' Roll [Joan Jett] (tease)

<3,>*Shut it. Billy Corgan is the Smashing Pumpkins so don't even bring up James Iha or D'Arcy. Yes, he rules (she does not), but the Smashing Pumpkins=Billy Corgan.
**Tied with Muse and Radiohead. Please, let me have a 3-way tie or my head will explode.
***Whiz with-YUM!
****We saw Billy Corgan at the Electric Factory on his solo tour a couple years ago, but that was the time it took seven hours to get there and we didn't have time to do anything else.

Hurry Up And Wait

Things I must update you on asap:

  1. Harper's Ferry/Winchester with Ali.
  2. Smashing Pumpkins in Philly.

It looks very fall-like outside. The rain mixed with the fallen leaves makes it appear colder than it actually is. In addition to complaining about my schedule too much, I am sure you are also sick of me complaining about the weather. But holy hell, 24 October and it's not cold yet? I am actually debating wearing tights with my skirt today because I don't want to be hot. What???!!! That's just wrong.

In other news, I have leftover pizza and that is exciting.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I don't mean to keep posting lists about what I need to do and how stressed I am...but with another week of deadlines upon us, that is what you will get. Deal with it:

To Do:
  1. Research paper due Saturday. This is one of those awesome, "I'm not going to give a length requirement. Just write "enough" to present both sides and "thoroughly" research everything. Help!
  2. Rewrite part of a paper and resubmit for Saturday class. This is a bit lower on the priority list, but I do have to do it. I have to add in some stuff to resubmit it.
  3. Research topic for Thursday night class. There are only seven of us in this class so there is no way I can hide.
  4. Fix annotated bibliography for Thursday night class (on a previous topic).
  5. Complete two peer reviews by Friday of classmates' literature reviews. One motherfucker wrote 17 pages. Are you kidding me?? I almost cried when I saw that.
  6. Presentation for Saturday (on #1 paper topic).
I am fine when in denial, but if I think about the list in relation to my upcoming week, I get a little anxious.


Like Spinning Plates

For awhile I felt like I was getting in a lot of home time. Time to catch up on tv, movies, magazines, and books. Time to kind of lounge around and relax. But now? I feel like I am never home. I come home to sleep. And change. And grab a bottle of water. And then I am out the door again.

It's fun being a busy girl, but tiring...and some times stressful*.


*Like when stuff is due and it can't be completed while out.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

How To Disappear Completely

Things are worse when tired.
Things are worse when tired.
Things are worse when tired.
Things are worse when tired.
Things are worse when tired.
Things are worse when tired.

Things are not that bad. Not in any way, shape, or form. I just need a little freak out moment. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pressure Zone

I considered calling out of work today, but I didn't. I thought about going into work late tomorrow, but I am not going to. Apparently, I am still not feeling the crunch of my due dates. I have a paper due tomorrow night that is about 90% done and then one due Friday by 6pm that is maybe halfway there and that is if I am kind to myself.

Now, helping my stress levels is that the one due Friday is a rough draft of sorts, but I am not a lame-ass who turns in a mediocre job just because it is not the final draft. 1) I don't do things halfway and 2) If I do a half-assed job now, then that's just more work to do later when the final draft is due. Oh, and also, we have to have these effing papers be peer reviewed and I don't want someone wondering how and why I ever made it to my last semester of grad school.

So here is my schedule pre due date:


430am: First alarm
445am: Second alarm. Get up and get ready.
545am: Leave for work.
600am: Stop at Starbucks even though I don't have the time or money.
700am: Work blah blah blah
330pm: Leave work.
400pm: Sit in traffic.
600pm: Class. Kill me.
900pm: (At the latest, I hope) Home to work on paper #2.
???am: Sleep


700am: Wake up. Curse the world. Send paper to professor because I must wait until the last possible moment.
900am: Work. Sorta.
530pm: Clock out.

Anyway, the point of all of that is I have a lot due quite soon and not enough time to complete it all. And I didn't even procrastinate with this stuff. I did research weeks ago and really, some people do their best work all at once instead of working on it a little bit at a time. With that said, I need to go to sleep. 4am is oh, FOUR HOURS AWAY! GOOD NIGHT.


*What is Fall Fun Celebration you ask? Oh, just wait...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Road Trippin'

Slow Men Working
Originally uploaded by scarls17
I am surprised they advertise this fact. Seen on Rt. 29 in NOVA.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bad Day*

I wore two different shoes to work today.

That about sums it up.

*R.E.M., not that other guy who makes me want to be deaf after hearing his song.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I have been on the quest recently for the scariest movie I can find. When I was little nothing phased me, but as I got older I found myself being more affected by horror movies. The recent ones released in the movie theaters have been scary at the time, but once the lights turn on, I have been unaffected. Last night B and I watched The Descent. While this is a movie I knew would not be in the same realm as a classic horror movie, I did expect to be scared if only because I freak out when seeing people in claustrophobic situations.

I warned B that I would not be able to watch the movie unless my feet were not on the floor. I also told him that seeing people in extremely tight spaces would make me anxious. The intro to the movie is long. So long, in fact, that I started to wonder if they would ever make it to the caves. At the same time, though, I was suspicious that the lack of suspense was a reverse psychology type of thing or something and that all of a sudden something scary would happen and I would be so startled I would bite my tongue or something. Luckily, that did not happen, but there was one moment that caused me to get my feet up off of the floor...and I spent the rest of the movie like that.

The Descent is not one of my favorite movies, but I think my expectations for being scared were too high. Does anyone have any recommendations of super scary films?? Rosemary's Baby is a Top 10 movie of all time for me, but also, Scream had me almost in the fetal position while watching it in the theatre. So, combining those two movies would be ideal. I need suspense, and creepiness, but also just the right amount of startling action.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire

"I wish it was $1!" has come out of my mouth more times than I can count. Recently, when I was in San Francisco, I stumbled upon a sparkly skirt that was....$1! It felt meant to be and so I bought it. On Monday I had another run-in with something that cost $1. Beer. I went to a bar after work with some coworkers for what is maybe the best deal in happy hours that I have ever experienced. Everything was $1! I think I had six. And with no dinner, I am surprised I didn't end up dancing on a table. I also ended up not paying for any of them, which made them taste even sweeter. And now, since I owe someone beer, we get to go back. I love beer so this works out well.


Thursday, October 04, 2007


My new obsession is songs with the word "she".

There is something about voice and guitar and that word that makes up something very special. As was pointed out to and realized by me, "she" is often used in break up songs. Songs that obviously came from pain and emotion and by using just the pronoun, it covers so much. It's like the singer/writer can't bring themselves to say her name, yet, at the same time, referring to someone as "she" is almost more personal. I'm not sure I can explain it, it may just be one of those weird things I like. You know, like clapping in songs, or the use of whistles (Axl Rose, I'm looking at you.)

Some favorites that come to mind...Please suggest any you can think of, I want to make a mix:

"She Says"- Howie Day

"Hang"- Matchbox Twenty

"Say Yes"- Elliott Smith

"Thinking About You"- Radiohead

and maybe my absolute favorite:

"Black" by Pearl Jam


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Am The Killer

I watched the Season 2 premiere of Dexter earlier this evening and I have to say that this show is so awesome. I had actually only previously seen the first four episodes on Netflix and was worried that skipping ahead would cause me to miss too much, but it's so good that it doesn't matter. I love Michael C. Hall in this part. His voice overs are perfection and I find myself laughing at the most inopportune times (you know, like when he kills someone.) I don't even know where to begin with analyzing it so I don't think I will. This season, based on the previews, looks to be effing amazing, though.

Does anyone else watch?


Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Apparently I will do anything in order to not do my annotated bibliography that is due this week. There are many things I loathe doing:
  1. Cleaning out my car.
  2. Doing laundry.
  3. Anything having to do with APA.
So, in order to avoid #3, I did #1 and #2. Repeat: I cleaned out my car and started laundry in order to not have to start writing my annotated bibliography. This disturbs me on a certain level. Especially since it's warm outside and I hate the warm, so to voluntarily go out in it seems just wrong. But now the washer is spinning and my car is clean so the time has come to start this damn assignment.

But first, I noticed a few things while cleaning out my car. You know, like if I pretended to be one of those anthropologists who analyzes people based on their trash and possessions, what would I conclude.

  1. I drink a lot of water. (There were roughly 10 empty water bottles in there!)
  2. I do not like shoes. (There were about six pairs in my backseat. I get in my car after work and the first thing I do is put on flip flops.)
  3. I listen to, and own (and borrow), a lot of CDs. (Radiohead, Foo Fighters, a bag from Amoeba, Kyuss, Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, two small CD cases, etc.)
  4. I read magazines while driving. (Just kidding, I do not, but there are four in my backseat.)
  5. I want it to be cold. (Scarf there, just waiting to be worn.)
*sigh* I really have to go write this damn thing. I HATE YOU, APA!!!!


Asking For It

I like to steal other people's ideas. No, I kid. I'm a kidder. But I am going to steal an idea from Kristabella today (who, I think, borrowed it from someone else). So anyway, people sometimes get to my blog via random google searches, right? Well, until now these keywords were only known by me. Today, though, I am going to share....I can tell you're excited.

  • "You-tell-me-that-you-love-me, but you never wa"- Hmmm? Cake? Now I have that song in my head. Thanks a lot.
  • "dawson's creek quotes art imitates life"- Awesome because I am always saying how my life either is, or I want it to be just like Dawson's Creek. Love me some Pacey!
  • "where's the party techno"- Sounds like you lost your DJ. Might I suggest one?
  • "it's too late to apologize dances"- You should never apologize for how you dance. Work it! Own it!
  • "vanessa crazy cunt"- This one makes sense. She is crazy. In the best possible way.
  • "crowd surf boobs"- This is why I do NOT crowd surf!
  • "witty comebacks innuendos"- Why don't you just email me.
Well, sorta fun. I dunno.


Monday, October 01, 2007


Dear Mother Nature,

It is now not only officially Autumn, but it is now October and highs of 86 degrees are not going to work for me. I demand cooler weather.


Dear October,

Don't be a pansy ass pushover. Stand up for yourself and get cold!!!


Dear Pumpkin Spice Latte,

Stop being so good.


Dear Traffic,

From where did you come? Where are you all going? Weird.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kids Will Be Skeletons

Maybe it came with the recent start of orchestra, or maybe it came with the recent acquisition of some amazing CDs, but I am out-of-control into music right now. (More than usual. I know. Scary.)

So, with that said, I want to create a new October/Fall mix like I did last year. However, I'm tired and busy and just can't focus so I would love to get some suggestions from you guys.

This is last year's mix and I would prefer not to repeat tracks, but take it as a guideline for the type of stuff I like (although really, I'm open to almost anything.)

October Chill 2007:

Oh, I lied. That mix was made pre-harddrive crash and I don't have it on iTunes anymore.

Come Alive

The new Foo Fighters album came out yesterday. It didn't get the best reviews, but since I don't care about other people's opinions I got it anyway. Besides, the earth would stop moving if I didn't buy whatever Dave Grohl put out. I like it so far. I always wish for him to do harder stuff and to scream more, but the man has been screaming for years now and that, along with all those cigs, has probably done crazy stuff to his vocal cords.

I really like "Stranger Things Have Happened" and "The Ballad Of Beaconsfield Miners" so far. The former is just the type of song I would fall in love with and I love his line about loneliness. The latter is a kick-ass instrumental that sounds bluegrass-inspired at times and also has one of my favorite things-when one can hear the fingers on the strings. Mmmm!!!

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Everybody Knows That You Are Insane

I went to a friend's party on Saturday and, while I had a lot of fun, I left the evening being completely sick of the following two questions:

1) Are you two dating?


2) What happened with you and whatsherface?

I guess it's good to set things straight and dispel incorrect rumors, but after telling the same stories over and over, I start to get bored with them. Question #1 is easy. Basically it's no one's business and if anyone knows me at all, they'll know not to ask me in front of a large group. Question #2 is more difficult if only because it is so old and I am done explaining it. Or explaining what I can. I think at this point I might just make stuff up. People want to hear something salacious anyway and I'm here for the people, right? Haha. Or, what also works is letting people fill in the gaps with their own guesses since 9 times out of 10, they're right, and, if they're not, I can always correct them, right?


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I have to get going this morning, but since I haven't written since...Saturday (?), I wanted to check in. Lots going on right now! (None of which is sleep.)


Saturday, September 15, 2007

When You Were Young

I want to meet the Kindergarten me. I'm in this class right now that is about identification of the gifted and talented and I recently acquired the forms used to begin the process of identification for the county where I went to school. I asked my mom the other day what I was like as a 6 year old, but, being the mom she is, she merely said I was "adorable" and "inquisitive". Is it possible for a 27 year old to get a hold of her academic file from 20 years ago? If so, I want it. I want to go back in time and see myself as a little kid new to school.

My memory of elementary school isn't very good, actually. I remember my Kindergarten teacher and aide and various aspects of the year, but much of it is sort of blank. I know I never napped that year and would instead try to stake a spot by the quiet toys so I could entertain myself for that 1/2 hour. I remember staying after on certain days (although for what reason, I don't know) and playing with a robotic-like car thing. I remember the time I took my mom's lipstick to school and put it on in the bathroom, thinking I could emerge without anyone noticing. Bright. Red. Lipstick. I remember the time we were in such a hurry for me to make it to school in time that I forgot to put knickers on (slut). I remember sitting at the little cluster of desks and rewriting on every paper I had that my new name was "Ginny." I didn't want to have the unique name and, even though my mom wouldn't let me be the oh so popular "Jenny" she did allow me to alter my middle name of Virginia. I remember my teacher crushing my spirit by telling me that my name was not Ginny, it was Scarlet.

I am so grateful that happened.

It's weird to be 27 and to think to being 6.

From The Ritz To The Rubble

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but sometimes I get this crazy-weird allergy thing where for like 12 hours I sneeze almost constantly. It is miserable. It hasn't happened for months, but of course, today, when I was wearing liquid black eyeliner, it happened.

I spent the day at work willing myself to stop sneezing and carried around a box of tissues all day. People kept telling me to go home and some would ask if I was sick. "I'm NOT sick! It's allergies!" I got a lot of sympathy, though, and even a mystery Benadryl I questioned as ecstasy.

I made it through the day, though, and then I went to a party with Ali in Arlington. Some of her museum friends were having a shindig and it turned out to be a lot of fun!

Anyway, it's 2:50am and I have to be at class in 6 hours. Awesome.


Thursday, September 13, 2007


Sometimes I think my neighbors must think I am a hooker. I keep weird and random hours.


  • Sunday:
    • 1230pm- Leave with a large purse and a medium-sized suitcase.
  • Thursday:
    • 3pm- Return home* for 20 minutes and leave again with a large bag.
    • 7pm- Return home.
  • Friday:
    • 10am- Leave with large purse and bag (with spare clothes).
    • 830pm- Return home.
  • Saturday:
    • 815am- Leave with laptop bag and large purse.
  • Sunday:
    • 7am- Return home.
    • 1230pm- Leave with large purse.
    • 11pm- Return home.
  • Monday:
    • 10am- Leave home.
    • 830pm- Return home.
  • Tuesday:
    • 530am- Leave home with large purse, bag (spare clothes), laptop bag, and mystery bag (clarinet).
  • Wednesday:
    • 1230am- Return home.
    • 230pm- Leave home
  • Thursday (Today):
    • 1230am- Return home.
    • 9am- Leave home.
    • 915am- Return home with iced coffee.

I just imagine them looking out of their windows and wondering to where I am going and why. "Why does she come and go in the middle of the night?" "Why does she carry so many bags?" "Why does she sometimes leave with more than she comes back with?"

Makes me laugh.


*I was in San Fran...remember? No SVR car in the driveway all week.

Monday, September 10, 2007


I had never been to the West Coast. Hell, I had never been further west than Pittsburgh, PA, so to hop on a plane and head to California was quite exciting for me. I got there Monday afternoon, a day after Serena, who was there for a work conference, and made my way from SFO to meet up with her while she was on a lunch break from sessions and presentations. I'm not sure what I pictured in my mind when I thought of San Francisco, but while I was there, I kept feeling like I was in Philadelphia for some reason. Palm trees and the Pacific Ocean helped me acclimate, though.

A good time was had in San Francisco, the Windy City*. I feel like we hit the appropriate amount of everything we set out to do: shop, touristy things, eat, randomness, and Berkeley.

  • Amoeba in Haight/Ashbury (or "The Haight" as I guess I'm supposed to call it) where I found the most amazing imports and out of print CDs. I had to put blinders on to get to the cash register.
  • KidRobot and Giant Robot (did I get those names correct?) I bought the little "No Smoking" guy.
  • Whatever store that I found Cold War Unicorns for Ali!
  • The vintage store where I bought a skirt for $1!
Toursity Things:
  • Fisherman's Wharf- Cool for the boats and seeing Alcatraz**, but a bit overrated and also mfing hot when there!
  • Cable cars- Yes, we rode one. Almost ran over some guy, too. I kept wanting it to go faster, though.
  • Lombard Street, the most crookedest street- Holy hell do legs burn after walking up this! I felt like jelly on the walk back down.
  • The BEST Italian food and cocktails at a restaurant in North Beach with an incredibly sexay waiter.
  • Mexican in the Mission area.
  • Iced coffee wherever we could find it.
  • Carl Jr.s in the middle of the night (See "Berkeley")
  • Vesuvio
  • Specks- Don't go there. Definitely don't order a Jack and Coke there!
  • Sneaking into a fancy hotel for the restroom and then asking at the front desk how to get to the Bart.
  • The Bart
  • San Fran Barnes & Noble!
  • Bums. A lot of them. Who like to talk to you. And come right up if they think you're a tourist.
  • What happens in Berkeley stays in Berkeley, but I will say that it was a kick-ass time.
  • Oh, and we got stuck there.
  • And had to find a way back to the city.
  • And I found out I like feta!
  • Party People!
All in all a fun trip! Take a look at my pictures.


*Just kidding. I know that's Chicago, but my mom kept calling it that and it cracked me up.

**Cue Mr. T!

Return To Sender

Dear Mother Nature,

Cool the eff off!


Saturday, September 08, 2007

In The Fade

School is kicking my ass. No, let me rephrase: School is trying to kick my ass. I won't let it. I'm working on what is currently a 16 page paper that isn't even near completion. After this I have to write a 3-5 page paper for Thursday, and a presentation for the following week (that I have to meet with my partner for on Wednesday morning). Meanwhile, I need to be thinking about two research, three a few more baby papers and at least three annotated bibliographies.

1) I feel busier than ever and I'm not sure why. I had to email my paper partner my schedule and I apologized for the lack of free time. Now that school and orchestra are back in session, my hours unplanned are severely limited.

2) I loathe group work. With such passion that I can't think of words bad enough to describe it. It's not that I dislike working with others or get bad partners, I just feel like it takes more time than it could if I did it by myself. And I don't like being told when to work. I would rather procrastinate on my own!

3) I think a class that is on a Saturday from 9-430pm is cruel.


OK, #4 really helps. Back to writing this paper because as soon as it's done, I can write about San Francisco! In the meantime, go look at my pictures and comment, please.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Motown Philly

Please check my Twitter for the next few days as I won't be updating here most likely.


P.S. 555-2424
P.P.S. I can do it with my eyes closed.
P.P.P.S. 555-...2424

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Walkin' On The Sidewalks

Last night, as I drove home way too late, I opened my moonroof, turned the AC off, and enjoyed what has turned into an awesome night. The air was crisp and cool and it almost made me giddy. My love for fall runs deep. I had been outside a little earlier, wearing short sleeves and found myself actually shivering. Now, to be fair, I get cold really easily*, but putting on a jacket was beyond exciting for me. I know, I know. I'm crazy about fall. Do you understand the joy I get from stepping on a fallen, crunchy leaf? How happy it makes me to need to carry a scarf with me for chilly evenings?

I plan on spending a lot of time outside this fall. Who is with me!?


*I also get hot really easily.

Turn, Turn, Turn

It's amazing how things can shape up in a matter of days. How plans and situations can change so much. I love it! It's like mini surprise parties going on randomly. I love surprises.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Apologies To Insect Life

After a dangerous combination of more than enough to drink and a string of perfect moments, I realized that my mouth was letting words escape before my guarded mind could stop them. There was this song on the CD player. A song from a CD I had mixed. It was like I created the soundtrack to my own perfect moment. And as fitting as it is for me to provide the music, it comes back to haunt me later when I play the same CD and have the same songs shoved in my face. The types of connections I make with songs are akin to the connection made between bumblebees and pollen. Or hyperactive kids and sugar. The deeply buried scientist in me tries to name this relationship: Parasitic? Mutualistic? These labels make no sense when I try to translate them from living things to a song. I know it sounds crazy. For a non-labeler, I sure do like to know what things are.

So back to my logorrhea. I can't remember what song was on*, but for some reason it was good enough for me to start spurting out sentences about how much I loved it and how can some songs be "that good". If it is possible for lyrics so perfect to just be made up. Does anyone really care, though, about my obsessive mindset when it comes to music? I guess I hope so.



Grand Theft Autumn

Not that I will ever pick up and read a copy of The Secret, but if you are one of the masses keeping this ridiculous book on the bestseller list, then I'll start this campaign in a way you will understand it:

If we think fall starts on Friday, then it will!

Right? Right. I can't even remember how this fabulous idea started, but I think it was when I was talking to Brendan about his birthday (which is Friday, lucky him!) and he declared the day to be Brensday. Not one to argue over newly formed holidays, I went with his idea and started to declare what would make the day special and how it could be celebrated. So, even though it's his day, I started to name my own favorite things including alcohol (check!) and cold weather...and that is when I had my grand idea: Fall will commence on Friday.

People keep asking me why. Why not? If we want summer to be over, it will be. Mother Nature may be late with the action plan, but why let that cunt stop us? I, for one, am ready for fall and it will be starting on Friday.

So, spread the word! FALL STARTS ON FRIDAY! Refer to the following if you have any questions:

  1. Pack away your white bags, too, biatches. Those mofos are out of style.
  2. I expect to see no more pastels (not that we ever should have seen them. Seriously, pastels are the work of the devil.)
  3. More browns, blacks, and other dark, saturated colors.
  4. Let's also all go out and get OPI's Russian Navy, my new love.
  5. Flip flops are still allowed.
  6. No tank tops/sleeveless shirts is advisable. We don't want Mother Nature to think we like the hott-ass weather.
  7. Keep an eye on the sky. You can tell fall is coming by the sky. It gets clearer and crisper. Believe me. I watch for it.
  8. No. More. Shorts.
  9. And, most importantly, if you think it's cooler out, it will be.
So, with that, I wish you a Happy HAPPY start to fall. I hope your Friday is wonderful and cool.


Monday, August 27, 2007


I usually have a very good memory. I remember things like what I was wearing five years ago on a Friday or what Ross said to Rachel in Season 2, Episode 8. My memory fails me when it comes to getting petrol or taking a test, but at most other times, even through alcohol hazes, I remember quite a lot.

So last night when I was talking with a friend about an evening that occurred just a few weeks ago and I could barely remember it, it freaked me out. It didn't help that the evening was spent at Fridays, a location I frequent quite often because of its close proximity to my job. I kept blurring together three separate nights and while I could clearly see the end of the evening, I was having trouble seeing us sitting in the restaurant in my memory. And it's not like I was drunk that night. I later remembered that was the night I wussed out and just got a short Blue Moon as my second instead of another tall.

There really isn't much to this story except that for about an hour I felt like I had lost a night of my life and, from what I was being told, it was a good evening. All of a sudden though the memory rushed back and I could see it clear as day. It had been a good evening.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Plug In Baby

This is my recent obsession. A mix CD of songs I keep on repeat:

  1. Plug In Baby- Muse
  2. Quicksand- Travis
  3. You Never Wash Up After Yourself- Radiohead
  4. And I'm Aching- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  5. In Your World- Muse
  6. I've Never Understood- The Reindeer Section
  7. Not A Job- Elbow
  8. We Looked Like Giants- Death Cab For Cutie
  9. Hard To Beat- Hard-Fi
  10. Four Winds- Bright Eyes
  11. Art Of Dying- George Harrison
  12. You Can't Quit Me Baby- Queens Of The Stone Age
  13. Not Quite A Yes- Arab Strap
  14. Here- Pavement
  15. I Got The Blues- The Rolling Stones
  16. Killian's Red- Nada Surf
  17. Glasgow Mega-Snake- Mogwai
Have a good weekend, loves.


Thursday, August 23, 2007


Serena recently moved into a phat new pad, which, according to others, has a "kick-ass kitchen." Yeah, the kitchen is nice, but I was drawn more to the balcony, which is going to be perfection on a crisp fall afternoon. Anyway, because of this kick-ass kitchen, her friends took it upon themselves to teach her how to make various meals. (I think they just wanted to use her kitchen.)

First up was Allie who, I think, made spaghetti and then Ravena who made meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I was invited to stick around for the second evening, but had to get home. I heard it was a success, though, and at this time I realized it was my turn. But for someone who doesn't even like to cook, what was the plan? I instantly knew how I would make my lesson different: I would include alcohol.

Mojitos and Fajitas quickly became the plan and after what felt like way too long of a wait, it was finally time for the "lesson." (I told Serena I'm no Ravena in the kitchen. I don't get all into it or anything. To each their own, right? Personally, I hate cleaning up so much that I never want to cook.)

After an amusing trip to Wegman's, we got our evening making mojitos and eating chips and salsa. Why rush the boring part of the evening, right? Serena had picked up the ultimate in rum and even though I forgot to put limes on the grocery list, we had some pretty good (and potent) mojitos. After declaring I wasn't feeling them, I got really giggly and talkative and quickly rescinded my statement.

It was time to cook.

Boring boring boring. Cooking is boring. I won't bore you with the details, but I did refuse to get the sour cream out of the fridge. I won't touch that nast. We also had a funny discussion about when chicken is done. I told them my practice of cutting each piece to make sure there's no pink and then ending up with tiny pieces of chicken. And I got angry at Steven for saying that they were really soft tacos since we didn't put peppers and onions in them. Tsk tsk. Details Shmetails. We used "Fajita Seasoning," so who is to argue with that?

We ate on robot plates (I have pics, but no fast internet so just use your imagination) and I guess they were a success since we all had two even though our appetites were satiated by the chips and salsa. With satisfied tum tums, we headed to my favorite part of the apartment (the balcony-how quickly you forget!) for interesting conversation and after dinner drinks. And after that...we had sundaes! What an evening! I told Serena that for the next lesson we would have margaritas and make one of my other specialties:

  • omelettes (but she doesn't like eggs)
  • chicken parmigiana
  • Ramen
  • grilled cheese
Like I said, I'm not a big fan of cooking. Drinks, though, I can do!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

100 Million

I just bought a lottery ticket. This is what I will do if when I win:

  1. Scream
  2. Call Ali.
  3. Call everyone else.
  4. Pick out my outfit for when the news will want to interview me. Something inspired by my recent fashion magazine reading.
  5. Try to decide if I will quit my job immediately.
  6. Decide that even though I am a millionaire, I will still want the discount at least for awhile.
  7. Go to sleep? I'll want to be rested for a big Wednesday.
  8. Once it's Wednesday, I'll get Starbucks and not worry about it being a $5 cup of joe. (quad venti, biatch.)
  9. I'm a little unsure about when I'll actually get the money. Can I start ordering from JCrew immediately?
  10. I will start to plan the trip to Scotland that Ali and I will be taking asap.
  11. I'll go buy a new XM player since someone (grr) broke the cord on my current one.
  12. I'll buy a ticket to San Fran for when Serena's there just because I can. It'll be like, "Hey, Serena. I'm in CA. Let's do lunch!"
  13. I think I'll buy a ticket to Toronto;) Hey, why not? I've always wanted to go there.
  14. I'll probably then have to do lots of interviews and stuff. It's tough being so popular.
So yeah, what fun! I can't wait to win.


Sunday, August 19, 2007


I remember the day during my sophomore year of college when I went to the Blue Dog* with the intention of buying some new CDs for my drive to Richmond later in the day. I was heading down to meet up with my brother and Jobeth for some random techno show and knew that I would need some kickin' tunes to stay awake on the ride back. I bought:

Queens of the Stone Age "Rated R"
Caroline Spine
Muse "Showbiz"

I bought all three used and on a whim. I probably listened to QOTSA first and was immediately happy with my purchase. I would go on to buy all of their albums and see them live a few years ago.

Next up I put on Caroline Spine, a band I tried based on a recommendation from a fellow Foo Fighters fan. was okay. I'm not sure I listened to the whole thing then...or ever.

Then I opened the bright blue** case of this band I hadn't heard much about and popped it into my CD player. Even as I listen now, I can remember being in my car and hearing the piano and wondering what the hell I was listening to and how it was possible to instantly love something so much. I was on my way to hear some jungle DJ and there I was, listening to Rachmaninov-inspired rock music in the car.

To say I was enamored would be an understatement. I went on to buy their next releases and have loved each and every song. I honestly don't think there is a Muse song that I have ever felt "eh" about. So here was this band I absolutely loved and yet I had never seen them live. It seemed as though they were never going to come back to the US until one day I was looking online and saw it: Muse touring with My Chemical Romance. I think I was on the phone with Ali immediately and she, being the amazing sister that she is, bought tickets for us as a birthday gift to me.

Fast forward to the show and holy hell were we two excited girls. I think we were the only two in the crowd there solely for Muse and it was obvious when we realized we were the only two standing in our section for the start of their set. But Muse wouldn't be the awesome band they are without gaining some fans and just a few songs in and more and more people were standing up to catch a better view of the show that was before us.

My only complaint about the show was that it was too short, but with that said, I would have the same complaint even if they had played every song they had ever written and even thrown in a few covers. They aren't called one of the best live bands in the world for nothing. Their show is stellar. At one point Ali looked at me and said, "Is this really happening?" It was impeccable, yet raw*** and had that indescribable "live show" feeling.

I think I was most impressed with Chris Wolstenholme's bass playing and Matthew Bellamy's falsetto and piano playing. But even as I write that I can't not mention the drumming and guitar playing. It literally was all amazing. It was just what I wanted and expected. We didn't even stay for all of My Chemical Romance's set as we didn't want to soil our ears. We mocked their fans and their cries of "MCR" while we wondered how anyone could like them over Muse.

Muse is Top 5 All Time for me. I love them, like whoa. And the next time I see them, it's going to be in the UK, bitches!


*RIP. Such an adorable used CD store in Fredericksburg, VA.

**Promo copy!

***It is my own pet peeve to describe music as "raw," but sometimes it's the only word that works.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


This is my current jam. My current summer song that is total cheese, yet I can't help but love. It was performed on So You Think You Can Dance and then played again on The Hills the other night...*heart*.

I'm holding on a rope
Got me 10 feet off the ground
I'm hearin' what you say but I just can't make a sound
You tell me that you need me then you go and cut me down
But wait
You tell me that you're sorry didn't think I'd turn around and say:

That it's too late to apologize
Too late
Said it's too late to apologize
Too late

I'd take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you
I need you like a heart needs a beat, it's nothing new
I loved you with a fire red now it's turning blue
And you say
Sorry lord, the angel heaven let me think was you
But I'm afraid

It's too late to apologize
Too late
Said it's too late to apologize
Too late

I'm holding on a rope
Got me 10 feet off the ground

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Have It All

So much to cover!

1) So You Think You Can Dance? ends tonight. This makes me sad. How is this show now on all year long? After last night, I think I want Lacey to win. She's kind of edgy and slutty and I give her props for dancing to Daft Punk last night in her solo. Her only negative is that she's Benji's sister and I don't want to see him being all goofy tonight if she were to in. I also like Neil and can see him winning if every teeny bopper with a crush on him voted. Danny would be a good winner bc he is so technically good. Sabra deserves to win, also, but I don't want her to.

2) The beach was awesome. Leaving at 4am and getting there at 720am was hilarious, but also left us with oodles of time to just lay (sleep) on the beach which is just what we wanted. Jaguar Paw had a good time, too. I'll post pictures this afternoon.

3) Muse. I still haven't written about the Muse show I went to months ago-hahahaha. day. I promise.

4) Ali and Bearthaniel left for Florida last night. I'm going to miss that boo this week.

5) Still can't stop talking about Apocolypto.

6) The Hills Season 3 rules! The showdown between Heidi and Lauren was awesome. "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!" Dang, girl! Ew, and Audrina's beau is nast.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Apocalypse Please


Ummmmmm, HOLY HELL THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING! Ali was so right when she said it's awesome. It's her favorite (tied with Rocky) and is so Top 10 with me now, too. I kind of want to watch it again right now, but we have set our alarms for 330am and I think midnight might be a good time to think about going to sleep.

Jaguar Paw, please come visit my sister. She has a major crush on you.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Pueblo (Beach Boys)

I spoke too soon yesterday-Ali may work Tuesday, but she does not work on Wednesday! So, if you're looking for a Rose Girl on Wednesday, then check The OC, bitches. The thing about Ali/Scarlet trips is that no matter where we go or what we do, we have tons of fun. We're going to leave at 330am (4am), lament the fact that we get to Sonic before it opens, hang out on the beach, eat Thrasher's fries, ride some rides, swim, gossip, make lists, and crack up...a lot.

Random memory: I took Ali and her friend, Molly, to the The OC one year and while laying on the sand we saw these guys totally checking out this girl. She kept going into the water only up to her knees and then would splash water on herself. The guys ate this up so I, on a sort of dare (?), mocked her, in view of the guys, and with big movements started to splash water up on myself. She wasn't there anymore, so I wasn't making fun of her. It was more like we were testing the guys...and they failed. Ha, hilarious!

Oh, I am so excited!


Thursday, August 09, 2007


I kind of want to get out of town. Not in a lame, "Woe is me, I need to escape" way, but more in an "Elsewhere would be nice, too." Notice the "too." Nothing is wrong, I'm just itching to go somewhere. Hit the open road. Make some mix CDs and just go. I asked Ali if she wanted to go to the beach on Tuesday, but unfortunately, she works.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wake Me Up When September Ends

For as long as I can remember, I have loved magazines. Before I made my own money. I would beg my mom and dad to let me buy the latest issues of Seventeen and YM when I would tag along to the grocery store with them. I would then go home and read it from cover to cover and be in absolute heaven.

I guess it was when I went to college that I started subscribing to a lot of my favorites. I know that at one time at UMW, I got about 12 in the mail. I think my mailbox mates hated me.

But really? 12 was nothing compared to a few years after that when I'm pretty sure I was subscribed to almost 20 different publications. It's sick, I know. And I think the only reason I don't get more in the mail now, is because a lot of my old favorites (Mademoiselle, I miss you!) either stopped being published or merged into other titles.

Except for maybe anniversary issues, my favorites have always been the September issue of the fashion magazines. These are the ones the post office hates because they are larger than life and I have this on good authority since my own mother works there. She called today and said, "The big Elle is out today!" I just got back from my own mailbox and now have the massive issue in my hands. I love it! It makes me so excited for the fall with its cooler weather and more attractive fashion*. Opening the September issue is like stepping forward in time. I can't wait until fall, but at least I can be there vicariously through the September issues.


*In my opinion.

Monday, August 06, 2007

(Come On) Let's Go!

I'm pretty sure I was high for much of last night and not from the massive amounts of weed that were obviously around, but perhaps partly from the two Frequent Fliers* I quickly drank on an empty stomach soon after I arrived at the Virgin Festival. Yeah, that's right, at 6pm I was leaving work and by 7:30pm I was looking for parking in Baltimore. It was a crazy turn of events!

Turns out my brother's friend, who is the tour manager of Crystal Method, hooked Jesse up with three (3!) tickets and VIP passes and as soon as Jesse and Jobeth realized this, they called me. Have I mentioned they are the coolest? So that's why you may have seen the blur of a blue Elantra speeding along 95 towards the music last night around 630pm or so.

I wouldn't let myself feel confident about the evening until I was actually there and inside the fence speed-walking with Jesse and Jobeth towards the artist area where the free drinks were. I kept expecting there to be traffic, or for me not to find parking. Or for the hydroplaning/skidding I did at a stoplight to have effed up my car. Then, as the sky darkened and the rain drops started falling, I imagined them announcing that the Smashing Pumpkins would not be playing after all. I was a tense, yet optimistically excited girl from the time I heard about the extra ticket until I heard Billy Corgan's voice from the stage.

The show was hella good. They played a lot of older stuff, which actually surprised me: 1979, Tonight, Tonight, To Sheila**, Starla, etc. I think my favorite moment of the evening was when Jobeth and I heard the beginning guitar part of Today and just started running through the crowd to the area where we were going to watch. I almost lost a shoe and had a few people push me when we tried to find the opening in the gate to get to the grassy area we could get into. I haven't read any official reviews of the show, but anything negative would be a lie. They kicked ass. I can't wait to see them again in October with Ali and Serena!

The Smashing Pumpkins closed the festival, but that wasn't when our night ended. First I talked up a roadie wearing a hard hat and asked him if all it took was said hard hat to get wherever he wanted. He pretty much confirmed that fact, but even though I actually have a hard hat in my trunk, I didn't think my skirt and button up shirt*** would help with the disguise. I texted Serena and told her I had a moment. A moment where I probably could have been a super slut in the effort to try to get even further backstage, but homey don't play dat. Mostly because I am not delusional enough to think that some random guy waiting by the porta-pottys can get me any farther backstage than I can get myself. It does make me laugh to think that there are girls out there, though, who probably believe that.

From there we met up with Jesse/Jobeth's friend and he took us to the Crystal Method trailer where we hung out until about midnight. Hilarity ensued in there, my friends. Scott, from TCM, is a funny, animated, random guy who kept telling me to stop texting and then talked with me about recorders after J+J told him I'd played at Carnegie****. He also taught me how to open a bottle of beer with a lighter, but I didn't pick up the skill as easily as he would have liked. The beer was good, though. I asked him if it had roofies in it.

We didn't leave until midnight or so, but before leaving I ran around to the last few remaining trailers and stole the Explosions In The Sky and Smashing Pumpkins signs. Just a lil' souvenir:) I don't even know what time I got home. Thank the heavens Serena was up and texting me as I sped home because without that, I'm not sure I could have made it without a little driving shut eye.

So a 1000 thanks to Jesse and Jobeth and their quick thinking to call me. I love the Smashing Pumpkins!


*Red Bull, Vodka, Cranberry.
**One of my favorites!
***Seriously came straight from work.
****I told him I play the clarinet, but that made him think of playing the recorder in 4th grade. I told him TCM should use the clarinet in their music.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fame Throwa

GO WATCH OUR VIDEO! Please comment and leave it a good rating. Share it with everyone you know. I want this to become the next hottest video on YouTube...even bigger than those weird guys humping an ottoman.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Only Ones Who Know

Someone at work the other day told me that I'm there to get people back into good moods. It's an activity I enjoy, but now I feel a sort of pressure to make sure I keep people smiling whenever they are in my vicinity. Sometimes I wonder if people know how to get me to smile. Steven does-he mentions Brad Pitt and puppies and I'm smiling like it's my birthday or something. With other people, there tend to be a few different ways to reach a smile:

1) Tell a joke. Usually bad.

2) Comment on someone's appearance in a positive way. Usually a new haircut or article or clothing.

3) Do something goofy. Usually a funny expression/face.

4) Use my feminine wiles. Usually just flirting if in the workplace. Also, only with males.

With these four tactics in my arsenal, who can get away from me still in a bad/sad mood?


Friday, August 03, 2007

Letter To Memphis

I've never done this open letter thing*, but why not, eh?

Dear People Who Have Forgotten The Meaning Of "Excuse Me,"

Say you are standing in a narrow aisle. If someone comes up and says, "Excuse me," you are supposed to get the eff out of the way. You do not own the aisle. I can not, for the life of me, understand why people ignore a polite request to take a step forward or back. I say "Excuse me" if I even walk in front of someone. Get some manners and stop being so rude!


Dear Mother Nature,

My outside correspondent has reported in that it is 99 degrees outside. That is entirely unacceptable. Cool the eff off. I do understand that is is August and you are supposed to be hotter than hell, but if you are going to make me melt now, then please promise me we can have a real Fall this year. You know, actually starting to cool off in September, chilly in October and getting downright cold in November. Thank you.


Dear Corporate Companies,

Numbers do not fall on one person. Grow a backbone and fire the correct people.


Dear So You Think You Can Dance?,

Please please please please be a regular, year-round show. That is all.


Dear Petrol,

If you are cheaper, my life is a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.


Dear UK,

Contact me with an awesome music job. One where I do something like, music history research or even teach clarinet to young children. A music magazine would be hott, too. Email me!


*I don't think.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Push It

The Top Eight Dance!

Sara and Danny:

I think their first dance was smokin'. The Argentine Tango is sexay and hott merely by definition and add in those boots and it ends up being one super cool dance. I do get sick of seeing Danny do turns in every single dance. YES, We know he can do them well. The human pretzel thing was awesome.

I love love loved that they used Salt-N-Pepa for their hip hop. And I don't care what anyone says, those costumes were perfect for the dance. I found some of their moves just too cheesy, though, and I'm not sure if that was the 90s feel or just cheesy moves. I think they should get bonus points for air brushed shirts!

Dominic and Lauren:

In the Krump routine I was excited that they danced to 50 cent! Or 25 Pence as Nigel called him. I loved how the choreography picked out all of those bass beats in the music. Very cool! And I do think Lauren did an awesome job covering up that fall.

I do have to agree that I still don't know what the Rumba is. The dance is really good, but it does seem to be a lot of poses. I don't mind, though, I loved it! Minus the costuming, it reminded me of what could have been an extra scene from Dirty Dancing. And after hours dance, of course. And HOLY HELL they totally kissed at the end of that. That got my vote. Wow!

Lacey and Neil:

Didn't see their first dance bc of the breaking news report. I do think it's important to break in with important news, but they showed it for way too long.

Okay, yes this piece was sentimental and pretty, but the dancing did not catch me. It got me because of seeing the people afterwards who were crying. It seemed as though the judges couldn't have critiqued had they wanted to since it was so special to Mia Michaels.

Sabra and Pasha:

I don't like the Broadway dances. Maybe because I'm not a big fan of musicals with lame dances*. I am also getting sick of Sabra. Yes, she's good, but she's not God's gift and I find myself hoping she gets poor critiques. I like Pasha, but he still doesn't stand out for me.

Sick.of.Sabra. I am glad this Quick Step isn't boring, though. The costumes were great! I think they did a good job with this dance. I never ever ever want to dance a Quick Step.

So who will be sent home tonight? I have NO idea, but my guesses are:

Pasha and Sara (Although I can totally see any of the guys going home, to be honest.)

*I like the ones like Cabaret and Chicago. The more gritty ones.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dance Macabre

I am finally on the last few chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I've been tackling it since buying it the night it came out, but have not had the time to sit down and really get through it. It's an easy read, but when it's just 15 minutes here and there, it can be tough to really make progress.

But today I actually had the time at home to sit there and read. And read I did. A couple hundred pages and I'm nearing the end too quickly. Yes! Too quickly! I don't want this to be over. Finally a book that had conquered what I dislike so much about stories-they end. This was a series that got longer and more complex as it went on and the books were never a bore for me. Even Sweet Valley University got to be a little much as they went on. Yes, we know they're identical twins with differing personalities so stop insulting our intelligence by telling us the same things over and over. And then books I love that are not a series just break mah heart. Summer Sisters, why must you end?!

I will still refrain from talking about anything specific from HP7 as many people have not yet read it, but I will say that I got to read about something that I really like:)

I guess I should go finish it...


I hate to use the word fair. I think as an argument it crumbles faster than a poorly-built sandcastle. Maybe it can be blamed on the many episodes of The Practice, LA Law, and Law & Order I've watched, but there's a small part of me that thinks like a lawyer who is trying to create a solid case. I am deliberate in what I say and do 99% of the time so for me to utter the word "fair" when trying to make a case in my favor would be childish.

Sometimes, though, I really want to scream like a five year old, "THAT IS NOT FAIR!" because there are times when really, it's just not. These times usually coincide when I have other things on my mind and can't be bothered to think rationally or am tired and can't find the energy to create a sentence much more complex than, "That is not fair."

I was talking with someone yesterday about a situation that is just...not fair and as we cited the reasons why, we kept coming back to "It's just not fair." It was like the emotional exclamation about the situation. Fair Schmair.


P.S. I <3 Pavement

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Having to get up at 430am yesterday after a weekend of minimal sleep was beyond difficult. After a blurred work day, I got home at about 430pm and proceeded to pass out until 8. Now, I rarely take naps so this was completely foreign to me. And to then be able to fall asleep again later for a full night's sleep? Wow. This was one tired girl.

So yes, the weekend was a success. I entered it cautiously optimistic, but a little apprehensive about how we would all work together. We had a majority rule set in place to cut down on opinionated fights, but we didn't need to use it very many times and even then it wasn't a big deal. My biggest moment of needing to take a deep breath occurred Friday night/Saturday morning at about 5am when I was the only one trying to sleep and everyone else was laughing at what felt like cruel levels to my exhausted ears. I didn't say anything, though, since I was in the minority for wanting to sleep. And it worked out since the next night everyone was so tired they slept completely soundly, which allowed for everyone to get some much needed rest.

I'm proud and excited for the mini film we created! It cracks me up everytime I see it and I just hope it has the same effect on Saturday when it is screened at the Byrd Theatre on Cary St. in Richmond, VA. That said, I hope anyone in the area, or not in the area, comes at 330pm to see:

Heroic Solutions: A Superhero Training Module, Level 1

more info to come...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Exit Music (For A Film)

It's 11:42 on Saturday night and I'm sitting in The Village in Richmond with Serena while she alternates editing with drinking mass amounts of delicious iced coffee. On two hours sleep (not even), the six of us (Me, Serena, Allie, Terra, Tice, and Ben) set out to create our 4-7 minute superhero masterpiece.

Last night, at The Camel, which served as the starting spot for the 48 Hour Film Festival, we drew our genre fate and left at 7pm with the following information:

1. We had 48 hours to make a Superhero film.
2. A pencil had to be in it.
3. The required character was named Cliff/Claudia Foust and is a historian*.
4. Somewhere in the film the following line had to be said, uttered, shouted, or whatevered, "I was thinking the same thing."

We spent all day in the disgusting 90+ degree heat running back and forth between shoot locations and the hotel. At one point three of us were wearing superhero capes made out of astro-turf while Serena filmed and later on in the day you could have found Ben as our villian mugging Allie the victim.

It was a long, effing day. I am beyond exhausted and earlier, after a super-filling dinner at Sticky Rice, I couldn't keep my eyes open and actually took a nap in the hotel room...with everyone else there. Anyone who knows me will realize how tired I was if I actually slept in front of people. Waking up with burning, watering eyes was awesome and I'm pretty sure I look as though I've just come off a week long stint of uppers.

But we're at Iced Coffee Mecca now and we're not leaving before 2am (when they close) so Serena can get as much editing done as she can. Tomorrow is hopefully a less-filled day, but will be a tad stressful as we need to complete our film and turn it in by 7pm.

If we ever get it on youtube or something, I will be sure to post the link. Otherwise, you should come to the screening of our film to be held 4 August 2007 at the Byrd Theatre on Cary Street in Richmond, VA.


*First text was to Ali, our resident Historian.