Saturday, May 13, 2017


My mom will most likely never read this, but I wanted to list why she's so awesome in honor of Mother's Day:

  • She never ever told me what I could and could not read. I am so grateful for this both because it meant she never embarrassed me by being "that mom" who questioned my teacher's curricula, but also because I experienced new things when I wanted to. YA lit didn't really exist when I was a teenager and I'm glad she never stopped me from reading my sexy Danielle Steel novels or stupid Sweet Valley University books. (Just kidding, SVU is awesome!)
  • She made me a country/city mouse. I grew up in a pretty rural area. When I was really little we had goats and pigs as animals. It was country, y'all. But my mom grew up in McLean and always took us to the "big city" to see family, go shopping, and to see stuff! I had A LOT of friends growing up who hadn't been past a 30 mile radius of our little non-town. I always felt more worldly than someone who grew up in a more rural area. I am so so grateful for that! 
  • She is a professional silver-lining finder! It's why when I travel and it rains, I don't really care. Find the silver lining! You're having a bad day? Find something positive to focus on. Not to say we're all just sunshine and rainbows, but, she often influences finding the positive.
  • She is a lover of fine things and oh boy has this passed on to me! Sure, we both like the simpler things in life, but put either of us in front of a rack of black shirts and we can pick out the most expensive one first. She used to get this Erno Lazlo soap that was fairly expensive, but she loved it and I totally get it now- Treat yoself! Especially when it comes to face products and handbags. 
  • She loves a theme.
  • She makes birthdays incredibly special.
  • She loves coffee more than almost anyone I know. 
  • She watches and loves Pretty Little Liars with me.
  • She makes a mean pot roast.