Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Party Of Special Things To Do

Ali and I went to our cousin's college graduation party yesterday in Sterling. It started at 330pm and when we got there, at about 530ish, one keg was almost floating and they were trying to decide if they'd need a third. Needless to say, it was a pretty awesome party.

What I love about my family (extended, too) is that we know how to have a good time. I think every time I walked into the kitchen another group was doing a tequila shot and they were often being led by an aunt or uncle of mine. I also loved that Ali and I played a round of beer pong and totally followed up our trash talking with an awesomely played game that went into overtime. We almost beat the house champs. We had them worried.

It was also interesting to see and hang out with a totally different set of people. Of course we have known our cousin forever, but we usually only hang out with him on family vacations and stuff. Some of his friends were interesting characters:

-One guy we met, who was really cool, called me "Johanssen" and Ali "McBeal" whenever he saw us.
-One guy was pissed because our cousin cut us in the line for beer pong, haha. I think he was worried once he saw how good we are.
-My favorite was this girl who got really drunk. We noticed she kept showing up where ever the alcohol was. "Shots!" and she would be there..."New keg!" and she would be there. She was really funny, though, especially when she decided it was too dark and brought a lamp in from another room. "I like lamp" she said.
-We thought this one guy was cool until he showed us a picture of someone's bowel movement and then went into the bathroom to take a picture of his own. He also enjoyed passing gas. Ew!

I got some awesome pictures, but, as always, you will have to wait for those until I can get to the fast interent...


Monday, May 19, 2008

My Tennessee Mountain Home

Ali and I went to Dollywood this past week. Like I reported before, Ali is maybe Dolly Parton's biggest (but not most maniacal) fan. Making our pilgrimage to Pigeon Forge, TN was something we had talked about for quite awhile and it seemed like the date we picked came up so quickly. Don't get me wrong, though, we were ready!

We listened to Dolly for much of the 7 hour drive down there, which turned out to be more brutal than we imagined. I think we were both pretty tired and, while the scenery is pretty, I-81 is not. We were very excited to see "Speed Limit 70" once we reached Tennessee. We got to Pigeon Forge in the early afternoon and took note of about 49320432 places we wanted to go to. After getting lunch we went to check into our hotel...

We booked our hotel the night before online and in the comment section I wrote, "WE LOVE DOLLY!" never thinking anyone would see it, but did you know they read that when you check in!? We do now. She read it out loud and kind of giggled. No shame, though, since we do love Dolly.

However, the maintenance man, who was hanging out nearby, took notice and, I guess, took it as an opportunity to talk to us. He was very nice...but very southern. We're still not sure what his impression of us was, but whatever it was, it didn't stop him from using many racial slurs and warning us of certain areas of town. He even offered to hook us up with some construction men in town. (We declined). It's hard for me to properly describe him because he really was a nice man and you could tell he had spent his whole life there and probably even went to school with Dolly herself! It was just a little bit of culture shock coming from PCville of Northern VA.

Once we escaped the front desk area, we settled in and then headed out to Dollywood, which is an amazing park! Not only is it precious and a great tribute to the area and Dolly, but it has some kick-ass rides! That night we mostly just explored and took pictures*, saving our ride-riding for the next day. We also had plans to go to the Brewery that night, which was walking distance from our hotel...and super cheap! It was fun!

Thursday was spent at Dollywood all day. We had so much fun! One thing we noticed about Tennessee is that the majority of the people there walk and talk much slower than we do. We noticed this often, but mostly when driving (left turn yields were brutal) and when we got off the tram from the parking lot to buy our admission tickets. See, we were towards the back of the tram when it stopped so we jumped off in excitement to make our way to the park. We realized, though, as we got closer that no one was in front of us...THEY WERE JUST GETTING OFF OF THE TRAM AND SLOWLY MAKING THEIR WAY TO THE ADMISSION GATES! It was so funny. It happened all day, too. We would get off of a ride, decided to ride it again and make it back to the line before most people had even unhooked their seat harnesses.

We had such a good time and I think we will definitely be going back! The park is fun, the Smoky Mountains are GORGEOUS and the trashiness was just the right amount.


*I haven't put them all up yet, by the way!

+Title from Dolly Parton

Monday, May 12, 2008

All I Need

This past weekend was packed!

Friday night, while getting my things ready for the next day, I somehow pinched a nerve in my back*. I went from being fine to being in excruciating pain in a split second. I could barely make it up the stairs and was crying because it hurt so badly. I was thisclose to going to the ER, but what stopped me was my jam-packed weekend of plans. I knew if I got muscle relaxers or a strong pain medication, I wouldn't be able to drive, which would have ruined everything. So I sucked it up and went to sleep, with the hope that I would wake up back to normal.

Well, I did not wake up back to normal and, in fact, had a lot of trouble taking a shower and getting dressed for my graduation. I warned those in the line up near me that if they saw me grimace or heard me swear, it was because of the pain and not because I was having a bad time.

Graduation was good, though! I was worried about sitting for 3+ hours, but I made it and even didn't melt in the rain that fell on us for about an hour. It was a nice ceremony, even with the rain, and it's exciting to now have another degree. Afterwards Ali, our dad, and I went out to lunch, which was a lot of fun, even though I hurt so bad I was slurring my words, haha!

After a nap and cake**, I headed north to celebrate with my friends at Hard Times in Fairfax. I was pleasantly surprised with how many people came out...and how many of those people bought me shots! Again, who knew?! It was like my birthday all over again. I had a great time and thanks again to everyone for celebrating with me:)

Sunday, after sleeping way in and getting some much needed rest, I got ready for what was soon to become and awesome evening. I had been looking forward to seeing Radiohead live for months and the crappy weather was not about to stop me. With a last second change in our lineup***, Ali, Amira, Brendan and I arrived at Nissan Pavilion at about 530pm ready face the elements and claim our spot on the lawn.

However, I don't think any of us had any idea how insane the "elements" would get. Umbrellas did nothing so we wrapped our bodies in trash bags. I felt like a dispenser as I kept pulling them out of my (what I thought was) waterproof bag. With a couple hours to wait, we decided to try sitting so we spread out our 8'x10' tarp and formed a fort-like contraption. I'm pretty sure people around us both laughed and were jealous.

At 730pm the Liars took the stage and I'm pretty sure I've seen them before. They were good, but when it's pouring you really just want the main act to go on. I have no idea what time Radiohead took the stage as I didn't wear a watch and wasn't about to take my phone out for fear it would get soaked. I totally took a page from the David Blaine book and tried to go into a zen-like meditative state to not feel the rain and cold, but it didn't really work. What did work was hearing Radiohead when they began their first song, "All I Need" because torrential downpours mean nothing when an amazing band is playing.

We ended up standing for 2+ hours in never-ending rain, soaked to the bone and freezing, but it was all worth it as they put on an amazing show. Just check out the set list:

01 All I Need
02 Jigsaw Falling Into Place
03 Lucky
04 15 Step
05 Nude
06 Pyramid Song
07 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
08 Myxomatosis
09 Idioteque
10 Faust Arp
11 Videotape
12 Paranoid Android
13 Just
14 Reckoner
15 Everything In Its Right Place
16 Bangers + Mash
17 Bodysnatchers

Encore 1:

18 Like Spinning Plates
19 Optimistic
20 Karma Police
21 Go Slowly
22 Planet Telex

Encore 2:

23 Fake Plastic Trees
24 The National Anthem
25 House Of Cards

My favorites were Planet Telex, Paranoid Android, Idioteque, and Everything In It's Right Place. Along with every other song, haha. I think my only complaint would be that I didn't get to see Johnny Greenwood enough, but when that's my only complaint, I think I'm doing okay. Especially since a ton of people, as I read, couldn't even get into the show because of washed out roads and flooded parking lots. Sorry, boos.

Overall the concert was a success, despite being soaking wet and freezing once we finally left and found our car****. I think I am still cold from last night and have worn layers and a scarf all day. No pictures from the show, unfortunately, but really, the rain was that bad because you know if anyone was going to risk it for a good shot, it would be me.


*This was my dad's diagnosis...since he's had the same thing happen.
**And presents! Who knew!? Hellloooo, Tiffany ring!
****A struggle in itself!

Friday, May 09, 2008

One Moment

Here is the entire movie. We premiered last night at AFI in Silver Spring and it went really well! We definitely were in the top films of the evening. Hey-it's nice to not be the worst:) I even had a set of fans yelling my name when we left the theatre...ok, well, they were two friends from college who I hadn't seen in years, but they were yelling my name!

I should also point out that I am the brunette with the line, "Soooo sorry I'm late!"

Enjoy! And please comment.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A-List Actress

Check out the 'trailer' for our 48 Hour Film Project movie. Unfortunately, yours truly is not in this clip, but that just means you need to come to the premiere on Thursday at AFI in Silver Spring!!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Stop Breathing

I know they wouldn't let someone die on national tv, but it is freaking me the eff out to watch David Blaine hold his breath for over a minute while under water, which is the longest I have ever held mine*. Thankfully, I am watching a rerun of Oprah and just checked online to make sure nothing scary happened. Right now he is at 15 minutes with no oxygen and the doctor on set is saying how he is in a lot of pain and his diaphragm is "going crazy".

Holy hell he just came above water after holding his breath for 17 minutes!!!!!!! Dude, and he's just chillin' now. And talking.

I remember years ago when I saw one of his street magic specials on tv and thought he was so cool. I still do...except I am not a fan of his weirder, more random stunts like when he was in a glass box for 2 months or something. I like it when he's super intense and "levitates" or does creepy street magic.

I'm glad he got the record.


*And I thought that was good at the time.