Sunday, May 18, 2014

TV Round Up: The Spring Edition

This is actually a weird time to do this since a lot of shows are airing their season finales and some are even being canceled, but somehow, I still find more than enough to watch.

The Constants:

Pretty Little Liars: This show comes back in a couple of weeks and I can NOT wait! I've had to take a pause on my re-watch project because I've been super busy and watching and taking notes takes more time than you'd realize.

Game of Thrones: I started re-watching the series before the current one started to air, but never finished. I figure I'll just keep watching an episode here and there and by the time season three is done, I'll be ready to rewatch that one, too. OMG I am obsessed with this show! Did you see Tyrion's speech at his trial last week? It gave me chills. 

The Ones I Need to Get Back to:

The Returned: As soon as they put this show on Netflix, I stopped watching. Not because I wasn't into it anymore, but I knew I didn't have to be in such a rush to get it off my DVR for other things.

True Detective: I realized a few episodes in that this was a show that required 100% attention and I just haven't had a chance to dedicate my time to it. It's not like I'm constantly busy, but when I get home from work, I want to catch up online and with my magazines and this is not a show for multitasking.

Current Faves:

The Americans: I'm a few behind on this show, but only because I have to make sure I'm alert enough to read the subtitles. Believe me, I'm disappointed I haven't picked up Russian, too.

Mad Men: I hate that they're splitting up the final season. People complain when not much happens on this show and it makes me wonder what people were watching in past seasons. This show is all about style and mood and the slow burn.

Scandal: They just put season three on Netflix yesterday and I've already watching five episodes. I still hate when they call themselves Gladiators and the speeches drive me insane, but this show is so entertaining.

Orphan Black: Tatiana Maslany is so so so so good in this show about clones where she plays about 10 of them. Felix is a standout as her best friend and it's just so awesome to see how well TM plays each different clone.

The Ones I Anxiously Wait to Return:

Parenthood: SO glad they're going to get a proper final season, but boooo, final season!

Pretty Little Liars: See above.

Homeland: Ob.sessed.

Netflix is Calling My Name:

Breaking Bad: I have a theory that this show is better watched with someone. Otherwise, it's just so depressing that I find myself not wanting to get back to it very often.

Friday Night Lights: Part of the reason I always put off watching this is because I don't want it to end. Oh, and I kind hate how into football the whole town is. It's very odd for this Virginian. But I like everything else.

Don't Hate the B in Apt 23: This show rules. I'm still so sad it got canceled. I don't want to finish it now.

Borgias: I haven't watched the last episode because I'm angry it got canceled and I heard it doesn't have a good ending. Boo!

What are you into right now? Any you'd recommend?