Monday, February 27, 2006

Cool For School

Is it bad that I'm thinking more about having to present my midterm to my classmates than turning it into the professor? Most everyone in there intimidates me because they are all teachers already (I am one of three who is not already but I think I am the only one not even working in a school). I don't really sit there and shake in fear of them or anything but it definitely causes me to not speak up too much in class. They all participate with, "In my classroom..." and all I can come up with is, "When I was in high school..." which doesn't have the same effect (especially when high school was almost 10 years ago!)

So on Wednesday our midterms are due which is a lesson plan based on a webpage we chose. I think my idea is a good one and it uses a reading strategy we've talked about but I'm still a little nervous. One or two of my classmates can be insensitive jerks, or "devil's advocates" as they like to call themselves. NOONE ever likes the devil's advocate. I am glad our presentations are only five minutes long so there shouldn't be too much time for many questions. And it's nice being the only music person in there, less pressure and noone to be compared to. Anyway, I hope I get a good grade. I hate this whole "Bs in Grad School" shit. How can you have "D for Diploma" for 17 years and then just yank it away?? They should at least ween us off of that for awhile.

In more exciting news (doesn't take much), I am woring on two mix CDs. One is one I'm exchanging with Anna and its theme is "Crazy Song Titles"...the other is for Mailtunes 3.0 for the geography theme. I really want to have a unique take on this but for right now I'm just picking out anything and everything having to do with geography.


Going The Distance

(Love that song)

Nascar...I don't get it. But the problem is, I DO get it. Last week at work, everyone was talking about the Daytona 500 because one woman and her husband went down to Florida for it. I realized the following about Nascar:

-I don't mind when someone has a certain driver they cheer for
-I do mind when they only shop at their sponsors
-I don't mind when people talk about the crashes as being more "exciting"
-I do mind when people complain there weren't enough crashes
-I don't mind people saying it's more fun to be AT the race
-I do mind when it's because they go and drink a ton of beer

It also annoys me when (usually) girls get into Nascar because their significant others like it. (Obviously, this isn't a 100% scenario but for the people I'm thinking about its girls and their boyfriends.) They end up sounding really stupid about it and like they are just repeating what they hear people say. It is almost like when someone likes a baseball team just because the pitcher is hott or something. They will go to the games and cheer and wear the jersey, but in the end they don't always "get" the game and (in my opinion) end up looking very stupid.

I was just thinking of this because Nascar season has begun and I'm already sick of people at work talking about their drivers. I always throw in that I love Tony Stewart because he is apparently a jackass and it always starts off a fun debate that I quietly leave before it's over.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another Morning Stoner

Another Morning Stoner by ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead is my #3 all-time favorite song (Yes, I do have a Top 100 list and once I update it, I'll post it). I love it not only because the band is amazing but because I love the lyrics which is a rarity for me. Usually I could not care less about the lyrics for quite awhile and it's the actual music that gets me to love a song. Much later I'll actually listen to the words and then the song is often even better. It's a nice system I've got going on I think:)

Anyway, Another Morning Stoner:

Are you asleep, are you in a dream?
The copper shades of a morning
Distant lights beckon & fade
Unwritten songs of another day
I fear that you would never be
Every song in the world for me
I took your hand, led you astray
You cursed the worlds I longed to save
Is heaven to you a perfect place?
The look of sorrow on a sufferer's face?
A field of lives to sow and reap
That some of us will never see
Why is it I don't feel the same?
Are my longings to be blamed
For not seeing heaven like you would see;
Why is a song a world for me?
What is forgiveness?
It's just a dream.
What is forgiveness?
It's everything.

The reason I'm posting the song and talking about it is because I want other people to be completely obsessive about music, too. I love that line, "Why is a song the world for me"! I'm making "Best of..." mixes and really want you to let me know if you want one! So far I've got:

Death Cab For Cutie
The Decemberists
Hey Mercedes
Elliott Smith
Smashing Pumpkins (2 discs)

I'll be making more today I hope. It's fun! My poor friends are stuck receiving all of my mixes;)


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Made For TV Movie

If my life, at this moment, were made into a TV movie it would be the most awfully, dreadful thing. Right now people would be changing their channels or picking up a book to read. They might not even realize a movie is on because of the severe lack of action playing out on the screen. It would be the womens golf of movies. Something to make you want to scratch your own eyes out just for something to do.

Haha, Ok ok, it's not that bad but let me tell you what I am doing right now: I am sitting in Barnes and Noble, on my laptop, trying to think of how to pass my time.


I should have driven the 45 minutes home and back just for something to do. I guess the problem with being bored is that it leads to way too much think-time. Think-time is bad for dear old (ha) Scarlet. Think-time, or TT, causes her to get a contemplative expression on her face while staring out the window...or at other people which I do accidently during TT.

***Hold on, I need to take a break here to say how ADORABLE old couples are:)***

Anyway, TT is bad sometimes. What good is it to overanalyze stupid conversations that obviously have no deeper meaning that it did the fist go around. I wish I could use my TT more productively, like to finish my lesson plan midterm.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Love Is An Arrow

There are 9 grandchildren on my mom's side of the family. I am the 4th oldest and the ages go from about 17 to 34 or something. Last night my mom told me that my cousin just got engaged to be married. Let's see:

Noelle- 34, married for almost 10 years or something

Sara- 32(?), married for 8 years (?), 2 kids

Jesse- 31, my brother, engaged 4 eva, getting married this August maybe

Me- 26*

Joanna- 25, newly engaged

Ali- 19, my sister

Oliver- 19

Sam- 17

* Do you notice how I was skipped there? Not that there is a rule of marrying order among the cousins and I'm definitely not pressed to get married. But you know the Friends episode, The One Where They All Turn 30? I love and hate that episode. I love it because, duh, it's Friends but I hate it because of what Rachel does. She counts backwards and realizes, essentially, that time is flying by! I always said I would never get married before I was 27. It wasn't an "I WILL be married by 27" but the opposite and it always seemed like SO far away. But now I'm 26! In one year I can lift my own rule and head to Vegas for my ceremony. Wait, actually, Vegas negates the rule because that marriage can happen anytime;) I think really, I just have a little paranoia that the entire family collectively thinks I'm going to end up an old, unloved hag. I'm really happy for my cousin though, I think it's awesome and I hope she has a totally hott wedding. And hey, the wedding isn't until next April or someting so I can turn 27 in February and get married before her, hahaah! JUST KIDDING!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lean On Me

My printer apparently needs some V-8 because everything it is printing is coming out crooked!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Will You Smile Again For Me?

I finally remembered to bring my camera cord to work so the birthday pictures are up. Please go check them out and leave comments. I'm a comment whore and it will make me happy.

In other news, I have a presentation tonight and am worried my face will be flushed beet red the entire time. Then, I have to come home and do way too much work. I hate school. Why again am I taking classes?

I promise better posts after tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Turn My Camera On

Just wanted to post this awesome link from the Danish Embassy about the concert I was in on Sunday:)

Oh and I brought the wrong cord with me to work so unless I can figure out how to transfer pictures from my digital camera with my iPod cord, pictures from the weekend will have to wait til tomorrow.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Birthday

I'm not sure what I did to deserve such an awesome, jam-packed birthday. I am definitely appreciative of everyone who participated and especially of those who planned and/or drove.

Top 7.5 Awesome Things About My Birthday:
7.5. Awesome pic...
7. midnight talking in the car;)
6. SUSHI! and Flaming Volcanoes
5. "Qwerstion"
4. Scarlet, The Bar Crawl (even if it was freezing so we sorta change the plan. I still want to go to those bars!)
3. Surprise trip to Raleigh to see Anna!!!!!
2. Getting a LOT of champagne!
1. Getting to wear a tiara all night and be the princess

Check out Serena's blog for a much better description of the night. I am trying to remain only mildly embarassed from the night and I blame most of it on that last shot of Grand Marnier. Before the shot was very different than after the shot.

Pre-Grand Marnier
*Cakelove cupcakes!!!!
*ass grabbing (but it was for the 'scavenger hunt'!
*innocent flirting
*posing for fun pictures
*talking with friends I haven't seen in quite awhile and was super excited to see

Post-Grand Marnier
*Telling strangers on the street I'm a cardiologist with heart surgery in the morning
*Asking "qwerstions" on the car ride home and unknowingly participating in conversation;)
*Missing many of the good parts
*"sleeping" on Steven in the car
*Being taped while singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

Friday was a lot of fun. I didn't go out with the intention of getting drunk (really, I didn't) but somehow I did. Somehow I think I got more drunk than I ever have been. With old age comes lower tolerance? I'm glad I was entertaining for a bit;)

Saturday was a huge struggle at first. With old age also comes the inability to bounce back from a night of belligerance and debauchery. But Steven and Serena "whisked" me away for Day Two of Birthday Surprising. I had an idea we were headed south and that Anna was involved but I honestly didn't know we were headed to Raleigh, NC. Only when we passed Richmond was I sure. How anticlimatic if they had said, "We're here! Middle of nowhere!" (What, Bealeton?) Car rides with the S Boos are always interesting and on the way down we played Mad Libs (for adults?) and answered questions from Serena's book of "Who would you do?". Seeing Anna was awesome and we spent the day eating out, taking pictures, being tired, buying/playing Apples to Apples, and giving voices to dragons. Oh and I drank a lot of water and we ate cupcakes. Yum! We didn't leave the area until about 930 which I think was a bit frightening to us since we were all beyond exhausted. But the Alphabet Game (a fierce competition won by me), the Movie game (no winner declared), and our "fun" conversations for much of the ride back kept us awake enough. It was pretty painful to pass my exit on 95 in order to get back to where my car was but it was worth it. Oh and MAD PROPS to Steven for driving there!

So yeah, turning 26 has been good so far. I still have tonight (with Ali in Richmond) and tomorrow night (at home with the parents) left to celebrate so I'll update with anything us.


Sunday, February 19, 2006


Birthday Update:

I'm taking today off in my birthday celebrating. I wouldn't want to soil the greatness of my celebrating with the crappiness of today;) I'll be back on with the birthdaying tomorrow and Tuesday. I'll try to give an update on Fri/Sat tomorrow. It was awesome though, I had such a great time. And tomorrow I can post the pictures with it, too:)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Waltz Of Flowers

Birthday Update As Of Noon:

I JUST GOT FLOWERS FROM MY MOM! (I mean, my hott boyfriend)

WOOOHOOOOOOO! Maybe a picture later.

So Sweet

Gift Update As Of 9:13am:

Mom- Scottish CD (my mom is the cutest and gives a "morning present", "afternoon present" (which I brought with me) and then the rest of the presents at "party" (which I'm having with them next Tuesday due to busy schedules and me making my birthday as spread out as possible)

Jenn (boss)- clarinet 'post-its', music paper pad and pen, tulips, and "You can leave early today"

Tommy (coworker)- Starbucks gift card!!!

Kim (higher up boss)- Orbitz gum, Starbucks gift card!!!

I Love Birthdays!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


With birthdays come wishes, and depending on how you celebrate your big day (or for how many days;), you could end up with quite a few wish opportunities.

One my way home from class tonight I saw a shooting star. I haven't seen one for over a year and I know this because the last time I saw one I made a wish and it came true. I know it sounds stupid but ever since then I've been keeping an eye out for another one because they are special. There is something magical about a shooting star.

So when I saw the shooting star earlier tonight I gasped and quickly made my wish. My wish was sort of related to the wish I got to make earlier today at lunch with my mom. She got the Sweetwater Tavern dudes to get me this hella good chocolate dessert and they wrote out "Happy Birthday" in chocolate and put a candle in it.

In non-bithday situations, when I have a wish or prayer-type moment, I tend to make very non-selfish ones. I don't want to come across as a superstitious person, but I always think, "What if this one time, my wish comes true? I need to make it a good one". In these moments I wish for my grandmother to be happy, or for my mom to have a safe day at work. I wish for grand things like cures to cancer and for pedaphiles to implode. I don't want to waste those moments on wishing for me to get a raise or for a date for the weekend.

But birthday wishes? That's a whole other kind of wish. Birthday wishes, by definition, are supposed to be selfish! I can't tell you my wishes of the day (what? me superstitious??) but they are most definitely very, very selfish. And I'm looking forward to making a few more before the Celebration Of Me is over;)

(1.5 hours until my birthday!!!!!!!!!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In Da Club

So as we all know by now, my birthday is FRIDAY. (Collective groan, whatever) Apparently, something will be taking place this weekend but I am being kept in the dark (just how I like it). So since I have no idea how I will be celebrating the big 2-6, let me list how I do NOT want to celebrate it:

- a clown party (There's nothing scarier...than a clown!)

- "We're going to join the nude Polar Bear Club!"

- Partying in Manassas (sorry, Manassas)

- "We're just going to sit around and watch movies and eat pizza. You like Annie Hall*, right?"

- "Oh, we're going hiking...and did I forget to tell you to bring a coat?"

- "How do you feel about gay strip clubs**?"

- Sour Cream Festival!

- "Don't worry, it's warm where we're going."

- "You're still friendly with your old pool coworkers, right?"

- "We're going to see Creed!"

- "We instead volunteered you to work extra shifts at Barnes and Noble!"

- Bitchin' party and a keg of O'Douls!

Other than one of those options, we should be cool. As long as I'm the princess, er Queen, I'll be happy!

*I loathe the movie.
**I am not gay.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm Broken

Does anyone know how I can get my archives back on my old, college blog??


Monday, February 13, 2006

Underneath It All

MAC serves very strong drinks.

My mom and I went tonight to the debut party for their new spring line of cosmetics. We had The Best time and I got some new makeup which is always exciting.

-Studio Fix Foundation (C3)

-Pro Longlash (Pitchblack)

-Eyeshadow (Overgrown, Spring Up)

-Sheertone Blush (Sincere)

-Lustreglass (Flowerosophy)

It was so much fun in there, having the store closed to the "public" and being served drinks and appetizers. The man said, "...and this one has a little bit of tangerine vodka." I didn't realize "little bit" is the new "holy hell this is strong!"

Anyway, it was an awesome kick-off to my birthday week:) We also went to Coastal Flatts which was soooo good and then by BN to say hi to Serena and Vanessa:) Also to check on my W-2 which is turning out to be quite the ordeal. A certain store manager seems to have lied about when they were mailed out. Hmmm!

Tomorrow is Valentines Day but more importantly, 3 Days Til My Birthday!!!!

Excuse Me, Miss

Here in my office there is an unspoken rule that "lights on" means someone is in the bathroom. So you can understand my confusion when I went to vist the ol' WC and the light was on but the door was ajar.


Thank GOODNESS I was not in a hurry and had time to observe my surroundings because oh yes, "lights on" still means "someone is in the bathroom." Our Safety Director, who is a 65 or so year old man, was in the closet of the women's bathroom checking the fire alarm.

Do you realize what I narrowly missed?

Scenario A:

I go in, lock the door behind me and then see him in the closet. EMBARASSING!

Scenario B:

I go in, um, answer nature's call and then realize he's been in the closet. EMBARASSING, LIKE WHOA!

Scenario C:

I go in, and um, am answering nature's call or something else equally embarassing and then he walks out of the closet. EMBARASSING TO THE MAX!!!

Thank God it was Scenario D:

I peered in, realizing something was off and then he walked out of closet ("closet" that has heater, fire alarm, etc. Not sure why it's in bathroom). I covered it up with, "Oh, haha, figured someone was in here" and then went on my way. And don't misread what I wrote, he's not a creepy old man who would hide in a closet or anything. But what would you do if you were checking on something in the closet and someone came in to use the bathroom? If you realize what's about to happen you have a very narrow time frame for outting yourself and avoiding what could potentially be a horrifyingly embarassing situation!


February Stars

Today marks the REAL start to my birthday celebrating. It would have started Friday had Steven told Olive Garden it was my birthday (just kidding) or even on Saturday had the snow not messed up plans to party in Fredericksburg. So instead, today is the real kick off to the birthday week!!!!

Week's plan:

Monday- Work (ew) then my mom and I are going to the MAC new colors debut in Fairfax and maybe out to dinner with some family

Tuesday- Work (ew) and a day full of beating off the boys with a stick. Oh, and orchestra (semi-ew) but I'm leaving early!

Wednesday- Work (ew) and class (ew)

Thursday- NO WORK and going to Sweetwater with my mom and maybe some shopping, might get a new cell phone, dentist (ew) and then class but it's the computer one (yay!)

Friday- MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea what's going on for it.

Saturday- NOT going to Dress Rehearsal but unsure what I'm doing.

I'll try to write a better post later...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Friends 'Til The End


Last night was a waste. Not The Olive Garden part with SCD, that part was good (especially my Italian Margarita that I did NOT lick the salt off of). But for the past year or so it has been rare for me to have an entire weekend of not having to get up early for anything.

"But wait, Scarlet don't you have an orchestra dress rehearsal and concert this weekend?"

Ahhh yes, the rehearsal and concert that I came home to find an email about its cancellation because of the predicted snow storm. Now, I totally understand cancelling the thing because it's a big deal and we need a full house but I was more than a little bummed about it.

1. I was home at 10pm on a Friday night. This was okay when I thought I had orchestra the next morning but upon finding out I, in fact, did not I felt like my night was a waste.
2. We now have rehearsal on Tuesday, the 14th. I was MORE than looking forward to not having it this week. And I bet it's going to be a very sparse rehearsal. I might leave early. I have Gilmore Girls to watch. Crap, I mean I have a hott date.
3. Now our rehearsal and concert is on my birthday weekend. I figure by 1pm on Sunday I can manage to give a few hours for a concert but I am NOT getting up to go to a morning rehearsal the day after my birthday. No no no!

It's really not as big a deal as I'm making it but I was already feeling a little "weird"* about things and this concert change crap annoyed me quite a bit. OH and I forgot to mention that now Anna isn't coming up so we don't get to hang out and I'm worried this snow is going to mess up tonight's Fredericksburg plans. But at least if I get there and can't leave I now don't have a concert I have to get back to.

I'm going back to sleep.

*I'm not sure why I put weird in quotation marks. Now you're going to think things like, "Was she drunk?" "high?" "What else happened?" Well I was not drunk nor high (ew), but I didn't want to put something negative like "upset" or "contemplative" because I know it would be misread. It's just that long-ass ride home that gets me everytime. It's too much time to think. And coupled with this, which you could probably throw a dart at any song for it could be my theme music.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I realized that if (when) I am a teacher I will have to make sure noone tries to give me apples...
1. I hate that cliche teacher crap
2. I'm allergic to apples

My spanish 3 teacher in 10th grade was allergic to chalk (ha!) so when she was annoying and/or mean people would put chalk into her drinks. It's so mean and potentially dangerous but also kind of funny. I never did that. I think she liked me.

Anyway, ideas for alternatives to apples:
1. chocolate
2. mix CDs
3. iTunes gift cards
4. tomatoes
5. earrings


I was looking for an answer about "How To Dismantle..." but found this which I guess answers my question. I think that's wack. One album=One Grammy Awards.

I had class last night but had TiVo tape what parts of the Grammys were on when Lost was not. I just fast forwarded to see the performances. I think Madonna is awesome. Mary J. Blige needs to be stopped and I was pissed she sang on that song. Coldplay was good and his hair was fun. I think that's all I saw. I missed Mariah Carey but I just wanted to see if I could hit that high note with her.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Heart In A Cage

I don't want what you want
I don't feel what you feel
See I'm stuck in a city
But I belong in a field

The next mix CD I make is going to be of songs I can't get off of repeat. I popped in The Strokes' latest album on my way to orchestra tonight and couldn't stop listening to "Heart In A Cage".

I went to the concert and I fought through the crowd
Guess I got too excited when I thought you were around

I got bummed* in orchestra tonight because our ringers for the concert were there. I got frustrated because I was struggling at transposing my part while the bassoon girl from Baltimore played her part perfectly.
1) she plays the bassoon
2) she made no mistakes

I miss junior year of high school. I was so good then, I could play anything you set in front of me. I miss senior year of college. I was a good musician then and worked so hard for my senior recital. Not just on the technical parts but musical parts, too. The last piece on my program was gorgeous and started out with the faintest of notes that got louder and louder and continued on to what was a lesson on dynamics and feeling. And the second part of that piece...a page of music where that dorky saying, "the ink bottle spilled" was finally appropriate. I want to be really good again=/ I know what will get me back there-practice. But along with not being able to put CDs back in their cases, I just can't practice. Except for my first few years when I practiced hours a day, I've never been a big practicer. I, instead, joined every group I could to stay in (musician) "shape". I also "forget" I wanted to practice until it's too late and I either need to get to sleep or not be loud. Do me a favor, remind me to practice.


*not bummed in a "Feel better way" just bummed in a "oh man!" kind of way:)

Monday, February 06, 2006

Robots In The Garden

I know I'm hypocritical in my complaints sometimes. Often, I think something in my head about someone and immediately nullify it by realizing it's something I do, too. The other day I went to say about someone, "I wish they'd get a clue" but couldn't make an immediate decision whether or not that was something I needed to do as well. So now I'm left in this odd limbo stage of not knowing what 'clues' I might possibly need to 'get' and whether or not I can complain about other people and their 'clues'.

In other news, I saw Nanny McPhee this weekend and liked it, a lot. Those crazy Brits and their good movies/acting!

11 days until my birthday:)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Here We Are (Again)


Can't think of a regular blog...but tonight is Richmond so I hope to come back with stories. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Where's The Party?

Looking for something to do this Friday night? Are you anywhere near Richmond, VA? Then do yourself, and music, a favor and go to WRIR's One Year Anniversary Party!

WRIR is Richmond's non-profit, indie radio station and my brother just so happens to be a big part of it. It's a great radio station and amazing how far they've come since their start a year ago. My brother's show is Saturdays and is all techno...Check it out.

Anyway, this Friday is going to be a lot of fun and also coincides with First Friday and the Art Walk which happens up and down Broad Street. There are going to be bands and DJs and art and food and ME!