Thursday, February 02, 2017

Book Boos: January 2017

6. A MONSTER CALLS by Patrick Ness. (Audio.) This was actually a spectacular book that made me cry in the end. The only reason it's 6 on my list is because it just wasn't totally a Scarlet book. I read it and appreciated it and yeah, the ending hit hard, but that was it. I'm very curious about the movie now! 

5. THE GLASS MAGICIAN by Charlie N. Holmberg. (Audio.) I really like Holmberg's stories and writing style, but I was a little disappointed the two main characters (or are they just main in my own head??!!!) were separated for much of the story. I loved the ending of THE PAPER MAGICIAN and kind of wanted more of that:)

4. RED RISING by Pierce Brown. (Audio.) This was a tough one. I was SO into the beginning of the story and the premise, but somewhere in the middle I got a little bored...but then, at the end, it grabbed me again! 

3. TRAITOR TO THE THRONE by Alwyn Hamilton. (ARC.) REBEL OF THE SANDS was one of my favorite books of 2016 and I have been telling people to read it since I turned the last page. I am so happy to report that book two in the series is awesome, as well! The sequel is MUCH longer and brings in more characters in new situations. Amani continues to be a super badass main character. I am here for of her adventures.

2. WINDWITCH by Susan Dennard. (Audio and Print.) The only reason this ranked above #3 is because I got really into the build up to its release by Susan and the Witchlanders community. I looooooooove this series! Iseult and Safi are so so so cool. I love that everything is about them being threadsisters and, while book two does separate them, it works so well! Dennard has created a world and a cast of characters that are so fantastic. 

1. DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING by Tricia Levenseller. (ARC.) And the only reason DotPK ranked higher than 2 and 3 is because it read so dynamically and quickly and made me laugh and swoon and cheer for the action. Alosa is a really awesome main character and I look forward to more adventures with her. (And hopefully with you know who!!!)