Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Soon Is Now

Again, it has been too long. In the past few weeks I've slept, drank, parties, not slept, worked, etc.

We celebrated Ravena's birthday on the 7th and had a Hello Kitty themed party for to celebrate her turning 30. I made dessert sushi for the party and it was a raging success. The party was a lot of fun and it turned into the next morning before I shut my eyes to sleep. The things I'll remember from the party: cakes, dancing, Soundgarden, and vomit (not my own).

On the 13th a bunch of us went to DC for Wine Week. Twice a year we head to Smith & Wollensky and pay $10 for a wine tasting...where "tasting" equals full-size glasses and we all get trashed. After lunch a few of us continued the partying by heading to Lucky Bar in Dupon where we stayed until we were all exhausted. What I'll remember from Wine Week are: photos, the kid vs adult table, never-have-i-ever, phone calls, and dancing.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick

My birthday was over two weeks ago and my last blog was even farther back. I've been up to a lot, and nothing, at the same time. My birthday was awesome. I spent the actual day (17th) hanging out, drinking mimosas and relaxing before heading to get my hair did. After that, I had party with my parents and then headed out to meet friends for beer and good times. The following Saturday we all went out for Thai food and then to Hard Times where I had about 43892 shots. If it sounds like how I celebrated last year, then you are correct. Why mess with a good thing, right? I had an awesome time. 29 is great so far.

Well, except that I got sick right after my birthday weekend. I went to sleep on Sunday night perfectly healthy (just exhausted) and woke up Monday morning with swollen eyes. Swollen eyes? I know, I know...I thought the same thing. I didn't sleep well that night so I thought they were just irritated from lack of rest and that after awhile they would look normal again. Well, they didn't. They actually got worse. Ali said they looked worse than I had described and my boss said, "oh my God!" when she saw me. About an hour later, once I scared another friend, I was sent home.

Well, even though I just turned 29, my body apparently regressed to preschool because my hott doctor informed me I had eye. OMG, it's mortifying to even admit. I preferred to call it The Devil Eye since my eyes were the color of Satan until Thursday or so. They never itched (praise Allah), but they were swollen for a couple of days and, like I said, completely red for much of the week while I was home from work sick. I hope I'm not grossing you out. I'm refraining from giving you the good details.

In addition to having The Devil Eye, I also had a horrible sore throat. What the hell, right? I never get sick. I figured this was my once every three or so years sickness. I even told the hott doctor that when I went for the second day in a row. I told him that I didn't know if my sore throat was bad because I so rarely feel under the weather that I didn't know on what level the pain was. All I know is that I didn't have strep (never have!*) and he gave me some gnarly mouthwash that numbed everything it touched. It didn't work as well as I would have hoped, though, because I kept waking up during the night from the pain in my throat. Oh it was horrible. I didn't have my first complete night's sleep until this most recent Sunday night when I stayed at Ali's and took Nyquil. And I think today is the first day that my throat hasn't hurt. I'm still not wearing makeup. I'm already upset I have to throw out some of my stuff, but it's a good excuse to buy new Hello Kitty Mac stuff.

The snow was fun. That's why I stayed at Ali's apartment on Sunday night. I had already missed almost a week of work and knew I couldn't call out again so I stayed there. We drove in together early Monday morning in all of that snowy goodness since her car weighs more than mine. Mine is kinda like a bobsled on snow/ice. We joked I could have saved gasoline by just sliding the whole way home later that night. Work on Monday was fun. We listened to The Smiths and even though we still did work, we were pretty much alone all day. It was great.

That brings us to today. I'll write about today later, but it involves my love of tartan.


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