Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Haven't Been This Happy

I had a bad dream last night. The type of dream that was so terrible I ended up waking up in tears. It really shook me since I never have sad or scary dreams and I remember waking up and being in the dark, crying. It can be hard to push things like that out of one's mind, but the spy in me can do it well so after a few moments of fear and sadness, I was back asleep. (With normal dreams.)

Except for the horrible dream, everything else in my life has been going incredibly well. I finished grad school. Like, FINISHED it. Done. Forever. (Well, until I get my Arts Management degree.) I even kicked ass at it. I also sort of have a new job. It's the same and new at the same time, but anything new for the ol' resume is good in my book. My social life is also off the hook right now with so much to do and so many people to see that I don't even have time to get bored. It's great having good people around.

And holy hell, my baby girl is turning 21 in seven days!!!! I can't believe my younger sister is going to be old enough to go to bars now. It's AWESOME, though. She's my favorite.


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Ant said...

Glad to hear the good shit is going down for you!

Don't let bad dreams get in the way, they're just dreams...