Saturday, September 08, 2007

In The Fade

School is kicking my ass. No, let me rephrase: School is trying to kick my ass. I won't let it. I'm working on what is currently a 16 page paper that isn't even near completion. After this I have to write a 3-5 page paper for Thursday, and a presentation for the following week (that I have to meet with my partner for on Wednesday morning). Meanwhile, I need to be thinking about two research, three a few more baby papers and at least three annotated bibliographies.

1) I feel busier than ever and I'm not sure why. I had to email my paper partner my schedule and I apologized for the lack of free time. Now that school and orchestra are back in session, my hours unplanned are severely limited.

2) I loathe group work. With such passion that I can't think of words bad enough to describe it. It's not that I dislike working with others or get bad partners, I just feel like it takes more time than it could if I did it by myself. And I don't like being told when to work. I would rather procrastinate on my own!

3) I think a class that is on a Saturday from 9-430pm is cruel.


OK, #4 really helps. Back to writing this paper because as soon as it's done, I can write about San Francisco! In the meantime, go look at my pictures and comment, please.



Cheryl said...

Yeah, you don't let it kick your ass. Especially so close to the end. Good luck!

Courtney Craig, DC said...

Saturday 9-4.30?! That is cruel and unusual punishment.