Sunday, September 15, 2013

Idea Track

Continuing with my plan to do, see, and hear all things Scottish leading up to my trip at the end of October, I now present you the music portion of this plan!

Top Bands From Scotland:

  • Mogwai- One of my favourite* bands! "Folk Death 95" is an incredible work of art and it moves me-MOVES ME- when I hear it. I love how dark and heavy this band is and 90% of the times, it's done solely instrumentally. 
  • Belle & Sebastian- Voted the top Scottish band of all time awhile back, this band is definitely on my list. They're sometimes a little too cutesy for me, but all the same, great melodies and lyrics. 
  • Franz Ferdinand- This band is FUN. You just can not listen to them and not feel happy. (Sidenote: The band members have incredible accents!)
  • Travis- I first heard this band in college and it was a secret track that I was obsessed with! And how can you top a song titles "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" Depressing!
  • Twilight Sad- I don't have as much experience with this band, but I remember hearing them and I could tell they were Scottish so that wins a lot of points in my book.
  • Arab Strap- Completely obsessed with them. Serena and I saw them awhile back and it was so so so good. You can hear Aidan Moffat's accent in the songs and it's so good. 
  • Mendelssohn- Okay, not Scottish, but his "Hebrides Overture" is, quite possibly, my favorite classical piece of all time.
  • Idlewild
  • Snow Patrol- I saw them live once.
  • Frightened Rabbit
  • We Were Promised Jetpacks
  • Camera Obscura
Any bands or artists you'd recommend?

*Gotta get used to these British spellings.
+ Title from Idlewild

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