Sunday, April 16, 2006

Rites Of Spring

I am placing a moratorium on CD purchases. After, of course, my four CDs I ordered this week come in and I have picked them up (as well as the two from Scotland). New Releases are also not included. Oh and CDs purchased at any upcoming shows are allowed because it is directly supporting a band and they are often cheaper than from a store.

It's just that buying new music is never ending. The process is always the same:

1. I like a band
2. I listen to that band endlessly until I just can't get enough and have to find something else of theirs
3. I buy all of their older CDs
4. I buy any side projects, solo projects, comps the band might be on
5. I find a similar artist to the band in Step 1
6. Lather, Rinse, REPEAT!

Over and over. I mean, think about it: Death Cab For Cutie-American Analog Set- Postal Service, etc.; Belle and Sebastian-Arab Strap-Snow Patrol-Sons and Daughters, etc. Just on and on, these incestuous bands working by themselves, with their bands, with other bands, and just creating so many albums and I have to have them all!

So I need to put a little stop to it for awhile. Part of this has been brought upon by my recent acceptance that I need to buy a new iPod. What good are 10,000 songs if I don't have them with me always? Able to listen to anything, whenever I want. So, since I will most likely be shelling out $400+ in the near future (17th? I forget), I need to reel it in somewhere else.

I'm not sure how long this will last but remind me, ok? And in the meantime I'm going to try something. Starting at "A" I'm going to listen to every CD I own* (mostly while at work). This will probably last for a shorter time than the moratorium though so don't expect to hear much about Zwan.

*Not soundtracks or classical...those aren't in the same alphabetical order.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought of coming over to the darkside and downloading your music?

Miss Scarlet said...

Not really. I used to download All The Time from Napster when it wasn't illegal and from my college's network. But once I got my new computer and people started getting sued, I stopped. Plus, I'd rather buy/support the artists anyway.

Unknown said...

Will do what we can to support you in this endeavor ; )