Monday, March 19, 2007

Tomorrow Is Already Here

I'm a little stressed. If I wasn't so apathetic about it all, I would say I am beyond stressed, but until I'm giving up sleep, it ain't no thang. Meanwhile, in between frantic researching, writing, and creating*, I am counting down to a couple of things.

1. Wed when my sister and I have hair appointments and will probably go out to lunch. I had to miss my last appointment because my job sucks so not only am I in desperate need of a trim, but I'm ready for a change. Well, a slight change. I briefly entertained the thought of going shoulder length, but for the time being I am staying long. "The time being" will probably last as long as this cool weather. Once it starts to get warm I'll be wanting it shorter.

2. Friday. OH MY GOD, Wine Week is upon us once again. I couldn't go last time because I was busy teaching crazy middle schoolers how to play instruments, but my first experience was amazing so I'm really looking forward to it. This year we're going to work through the exhaustion that comes from being wine drunk by 2 in the afternoon so we can then enjoy happy hour and maybe even regular hour;)

3. This is a longer-term thing to look forward to, but in the end of April my cousin is getting married and Ali and I are going. We're going to have an amazing time on Bald Head Island, NC and I'm so going to hook her up with the booze. (I'm hoping to hook up with some boos...hehe.)

Okay, back to work I go. This damn project is due in just a few days...


*Soon to be glittering. I'm so going to glitter up this project. Seriously


yashuwa said...


Courtney Craig, DC said...

Wine Week?! That sounds awesome.
I would so be there except for the whole not living in the DC area thing...bummer

Drink a glass or two (or three) for me!

Ant said...

There's a place called "Bald Head Island"?



Unknown said...

Wine complete me.

Miss Scarlet said...

Courtney- It's SO much fun. I don't even like wine. Well, I like sparkling wine.

Ant- Har har;)