Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hot Like Fire

I had a meltdown at work today. Literally.

About an hour and a half into my shift, I was helping a line of people in a row when all of a sudden I realized how warm I was. I had already put my hair back to try to cool off, but when I realized I was sweating on my forehead, I knew it was bad. Standing next to the computers was just awful.

A lot of times at work, I am warm, but I am very aware that it is not all about me* so I wait until others complain about it being hot and then it is like I am their union representative and I make it my mission to make sure everyone knows it is not a comfortable work environment.

I couldn't take it today, though. It hit me and all of a sudden it was like I was claustrophobic and had to get out of there. I felt like I was suffocating. I raised my voice to a coworker friend and then went in the break room to cool down (in more ways than one). That's when I almost cried. Yes...I almost cried.

I don't like to be hot. My appearance means a lot to me and if I am hot and sweaty, then my hair won't look good. I don't want my eyeliner to run because it's melting. I don't want to have to push up my long sleeves for relief. I want to look nice and feel comfortable. Why is that so much to ask??



+Title from Jessica Simpson

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