Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Drop It Like It's Hot

Soooo here we are- the first day of summer.

Meteorologically speaking, of course, since it's been disgustingly hot more often than not lately. We had a decent spring this year with not too much humidity and nights with an almost chill in the air. It was actually quite pleasant.

But now? It's gross again. Temps hovering around 90 and the humidity, oh the humidity! The air feels so...impure when it's this humid.

But I don't to be a complainer right now. I'll leave that up to 90% of you guys out there! HA! All I've been hearing lately is that it's "too hot" and "gross" out. And this is coming from those same people who claimed to love summer. Well, THIS IS SUMMER! It's hot! And it sucks!


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+Title from Snoop Dogg


Randi said...

I do love warm weather, but the humidity so far has been unbearable. It's kind of too early in the season for it.

Miss Scarlet said...

But in VA with warmth comes humidity.