Saturday, October 05, 2013


Because I am a glutton for punishment, I have set up a 128 song bracket to figure out the best/my favorite Radiohead song. I'm not sure how long this will take, but I do hope you will stay tuned and definitely comment with your votes!

Check out my bracket:

Radiohead Songs

I pretty much just did each entry randomly with a few unofficial seeds to ensure my favorites wouldn't knock each other out early on. I do promise that I did much of this with squinty eyes so I couldn't cheat. And also, since wikipedia says that Radiohead has 161 songs, I started by deleting anything unreleased, which are mostly the last 10 or so. I also left off "Fitter Happier" since it's a robot 'song' as well as some of the more random ones from random EPs. (I'm already certain I've left off some gem.) I really didn't want to leave off anything from a studio album even if I already knew it wouldn't make it past the first round so they're all there. I forced myself to take off the super early B-sides mostly because it's possible I haven't even heard them..and because I HAD to get the song list down to 128.

So, check it out and start picking your favorites! Any early predictions??

I'll start soon...


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Unknown said...

AHHHHHH! So many good songs! Next you'll have to set up a way for us to pick fantasy bands or casts. This is much better than sports (IMO) ;-)