Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Top Films of 2013

Ummm, this list is a bit premature as many buzzed-about movies have yet to come out and I am dreadfully behind on the ones that have come out this fall! I think I shall make a list of alternates, movies that I expect to move into my top list once I finally see them. My list of films to see will be longer than my top list for the year because well, it just is.

Top Films:
  1. The Hunger Games- Catching Fire- I've seen it twice already and was moved and fired up both times! Jennifer Lawrence, man. I just hope she continues to act for a long, long time. 
  2. The Great Gatsby- Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with all things Gatsby. I thought this was an awesome retelling of one of my favorite books.
  3. World War Z- Any year with a Brad Pitt movie is a good year for me! Loved this film and felt like it was a fresh take on the ever popular zombie subject. I liked how it took the problem global. (I wish The Walking Dead would just expand to the states its in, sheesh!)  
  4. Star Trek Into Darkness- These new installments of the Star Trek movies are So Good. JJ Abrams has the golden touch. Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect as Kahn. 
  5. Blue Jasmine- Cate Blanchett is incredible in her role as a woman watching her life unravel and she tries to hang onto it and sanity.
  6. The Spectacular Now- I'm thoroughly obsessed with Shailene Woodley (ever since The Descendants) and thought this movie was so true to adolescent life that it was painful to watch at times.
  7. Side Effects- I'll go see anything Rooney Mara is in and this ended up being awesome! I loved the tone of the movie. 
  8. Iron Man 3- I don't think I ever saw IM2. IM3 is awesome, though! Never a dull moment and Robert Downey Jr delivers the wisecracks as well as ever. 
  9. This Is The End- HILARIOUS. James Franco is awesome. 
  10. The Way Way Back- A fantastic gem of a movie with a fantastic cast and a great story.
  11. The Place Beyond The Pines- Once the kids were introduced in the film, I liked it a bit less, but Ryan Gosling is one of my favorites and I also felt like Bradley Cooper was awesome. He continues to impress me!
  12. The Conjuring- I saw this on the plane ride home from Scotland and really enjoyed it. It was scary, but also well made, which is essential for a horror film to be on a best of the year list.
  13. Oblivion- Tom Cruise is a movie star! This was a fun sci/fi movie that also stared the actress from W.E.!

Alternates That Will Probably Be Contenders For My Final Top Films List Once I Finally See Them:
  1. American Hustle
  2. 12 Years a Slave
  3. Thor 2
  4. Out of the Furnace
  5. The Wolf of Wall Street
  6. All Is Lost- I love Robert Redford.
  7. Dallas Buyers Club
  8. Her
  9. Gravity- But I'm afraid of space!
  10. Captain Phillips
  11. To The Wonder
  12. Homefront
  13. Anchorman 2- You laugh, but well...laughs count for a lot. 
  14. Blue is the Warmest Color
  15. Much Ado About Nothing- I know, I know. No excuse for not having seen this yet. 
  16. Prisoners- I heard a lot of interviews with the stars of this film and it made me want to see it so badly.
  17. Enough Said


Randi said...

World War Z was THE BOMB! I loved that movie... and Brad Pitt is the effin' man.

The Heat was really funny, and so was This Is The End. I'll have to compile a list, too, after I see some more of the films that come out later on this month.

Unknown said...

I've adopted the list of things I've watched over 2013 rather than listing tops. I'm so horrible at picking favorites!